July 31, 2017



Mother’s milk is a best for a newborn baby because it gives the baby all the nutrients necessary and also build up the baby’s immune system strong. A feeding mother may worry if she is making enough milk to feed her baby. It is very important to understand and follow a few tips by lactating mothers in order to boost her milk supply.


  • Feed more


The making of milk in the breast is a natural process. The more a little one feeds on mother’s milk the more milk is produced. So we can say that the breasts work on demand. As the baby is growing you may feel that you are not able to feed him enough and the baby keeps hungry. Do not worry. You need to understand that your breasts make enough milk to feed your baby however big he’s growing. It is a very wrong thing to supplement the baby with other formula milk during the first 6 months of his life. Feeding your baby is the best thing a baby could get from a mother. It may be time taking but go ahead and do it.


     2) Pump after nursing

If you are a working mum you need to establish a pumping routine early. This will make it easy for the child as well as you. The milk should be pumped out properly and stored safely so that it can be used for the baby when you are not around. Even if you are at home pumping out milk after nursing will increase the production and will be helpful if you want to take a break or a nap.


    3) Switch sides

A lactating mother should feed the baby from both the breasts while every nursing session. When the baby loses interest and has a problem sucking are falling asleep change the side. This will help both the breasts to make more milk and as a mum, you can be sure that your baby is not hungry.


   4) Pump the right way.

The right kind of breast pumps needs to be used. The electric ones give you better results. Pumps that are operated by hand or battery do not serve your purpose in the long run. Using a double pump can also be a very good option as it will save a lot of time and energy.

It is very important to use the pump correctly. This can be done by following the instructions given in the manual or consulting your lactating doctor.

All the parts of the pump should be kept very clean and sterilized at all times. This would ensure the good health of your baby. While using the pump it is very important to see that the pump shields fully covers your breasts and nipples.


   5) Relax and take it easy

You need to make your body relaxed and comfortable before feeding or pumping milk out of your breast. It is very important for a mother to be emotionally and physically relaxed so that it loses her up and calms down her reflexes which help the milk to flow out and increases its quantity. Quite often while breastfeeding you may get hungry or thirsty. Keep a glass of water, juice and some healthy food handy so that it is easy for you to grab a snack and sip a drink without disturbing the nursing child. It is also very important for a lactating mother to have nutritious and healthy food which encourages the production of milk. Spicy and preserved foods have their side effects and harm the child while they are nursing on you.


     6) Keep your child in skin contact with you

Researches show that when the baby is in direct contact with your skin it increases the motherly feelings resulting in an increase in the amount of breast milk. This is called Kangaroo care. If for any reason the baby is in the hospital and cannot be breastfed you can consult your lactating physician who could allow you for Kangaroo care.


     7) Keep your breasts warm

Before you start feeding your baby or pumping it is advisable to apply warm moist cloth on the breast. This helps you relax the muscles of the area and help a better flow of breast milk. It is also advisable to wear the right size of bra that keeps you comfortable.


      8) Take care of yourself 

You are a new mother and you are busy taking care of your little one which is not an easy job but at the same time, it is very important for you to take care of yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself keep stressed and tensed it will affect the amount of milk produced for your baby. A balanced diet with calories and lots of fluids and rest will help you nurse your baby better.


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