July 13, 2017

Body Glide will correct your fashion discomfort issues

I had no idea how much I would use Body Glide- Anti Chafe & Moisturizing bar until I tried it out. I had never used one before, so I didn’t think I’d have much use for it. All the blisters from painful shoes, tight dress straps that rub in the wrong spot, and clingy shorts, were all filed under “style over comfort,” and accepted for it. Body Glide stops these problems before they start. The product is similar in consistency to a solid deodorant stick that goes on completely clear and light, almost dry to the touch after, not greasy or slippery feeling. The protective barrier is moisturizing to the skin and is virtually undetectable once applied (so it does not give the appearance of dried glue residue that some products have).

My first use of Body Glide was with a pair of bronze peep-toe flats that I love (pictured). I have had these shoes for YEARS and worn them many times, always in hopes that they would break-in, but they’d pinch the skin below my big toe nail, eventually creating a very painful blister every time. Using Band-Aids looked junky and they always fell off after an hour or two. Breaking the shoes out again this summer, I quickly swiped the stick across the tops of my toes and popped the shoes on- the difference was night and day! Before, the shoes (which again, are flats) would hurt so much just walking around at work I’d want to take them off by noon. Now, I don’t think twice about wearing them.

This product is about as simple and easy as it gets for a fix to those fashion discomfort issues. Body Glide comes in a variety of sizes so it’s easy to have one at home, and keep a travel size in your bag. While this could work for any problem item year round, I’ve found it especially helpful for the summer with less layers between fabrics and skin, and hot and humid weather.

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