May 17, 2017

Use These Four Tips to Experience Luxury Hotel in Dubai for Less

Luxury hotels in Dubai are world-renowned for their lavishness and extravagance, but that’s not to say that you need to be an oil magnate to enjoy the facilities. With well over 800 luxury hotels, Dubai probably has more luxury hotels than any other city in the world.

You can certainly experience the amazing facilities without injuring your wallet with a bit of planning and these useful tips.

Timing is everything

From June to September summer period in Dubai, when it’s hot and humid, is the most reasonably priced time to visit the city. With high humidity and daily temperatures of well above 40 degrees Celsius, it might not seem like a great idea to visit the city.

However, with well air-conditioned facilities and chilled pools everywhere, there is no reason for not enjoying a luxury trip during this summer period. You can certainly experience an excellent holiday, provided you plan your activities beforehand. You could go for a desert safari, for example, since the desert is less humid than the city, and therefore more comfortable.

Rates during this period are slashed, with the most cost-effective time being the holy month of Ramadan.

Picking the right location

To save money on the top luxury hotels in the world, you might want to steer clear of beach of hotels because they are typically pricier than city hotels in Dubai. Rather than go for a hotel with a private beach, you’re better off opting for a hotel that has a nice swimming pool. This is especially useful if you plan to explore the city. You can use the hotel rate savings you make to do some shopping in the city.

Or, go for two hotels rather than one

Another useful cost-saving strategy that also capitalizes on convenience is dividing your trip between a relaxing beach hotel and a city hotel for the days when you want to do some exploring around the city.

It is however important to note that during the summer months in Dubai, swimming in the sea might feel like taking a hot bath. You’re likely much better off swimming in the hotel’s delightfully chilled pool instead of plunging into the Gulf Sea’s salty water.

Don’t pay for the first and last night

With flights coming in and leaving 24/7, Dubai airport is among the busiest in the world. In case your flight to the city arrives in the wee morning hours, check into one of the perfectly fine chains hotels by the airport and save on 5-star hotel expenses for those first few hours. Get some sleep for a few hours then check into the luxury hotel the next morning all fresh.

Conversely, if your flight leaves in wee hours or late at night, you need not pay for an additional day and night at your luxury hotel. Just check out at the required time, have your luggage stored at the hotel and use the other facilities of the hotel for the rest of the time. Or you could have a day out in the city.


Maggie Thomas is a travel lover and blogger who is constantly looking for an exhilarating and breathtaking adventure. Among the travel advice she provides her readers with are tips on choosing the best duffel luxury hotels and resorts.


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