May 6, 2017

Introducing RARE 24K Therapy Crème for non-toxic pain relief form arthritis, muscle strains ,and joint pain.



               RARE 24K
  Skincare-Therapy Crème


Over the years, I’ve tried various pain patches, creams, and lotions for my neck and back discomfort, but never achieved the relief that I desired.

If you’re like me, and not too keen on taking over the counter pain pills, or toxic painkillers for muscle aches and pains,  arthritis, or joint pain,  the new innovative RARE 24K Gold Therapy Crème has arrived and is ready to help ease your pain!  You may also add RARE 24K Gold Therapy Creme to your doctor’s prescribed regime.

Here is the secret behind  the outstanding RARE 24K Gold Therapy Crème:

RARE was created by using a synergistic approach with the new, compatible, and recently patented Auregen gold particles Partnered with organic blue algae, this combination of proven to be ‘non-toxic antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements are not only innovative,  cutting edge, and state -of-the-art technology, but offer the next generation of non-invasive therapy’ that works quickly to provide relief to your sore joints, muscles, and body aches.

Along with finding RARE’s ‘patented gold particles to be non-toxic’.  The University of Colorado School of Pharmacy proclaimed it to have “Excellent Cellular absorption.”  ‘Scientifically proven, RARE’s patented non-toxic Auregen® gold particles are absorbed into our bodies then bind with the free radicals and pass through the body, helping to eliminate the excessive oxidation.  Free radicles are the result of oxidative stress, the loss of electrons in our bodies, which cause an imbalance and break down our cells.’

Auregen” navigates through the body donating electrons where needed without becoming a free radicle itself. A 10mg dose contains 50quadrillion atoms. Each with an electron to donate.”~ TL Roberts, inventor of Auregen®

RARE’S well structured Therapy Crème is NOT a drug!  ‘It’s natural, non-toxic compounds, actually nourish the skin as it penetrates with bioactive compounds that provide a natural, homeopathic clinical formula that comes with  proven results to deliver effective relief.’

Blue Algae is an emollient that’s abundant with ‘amino acidsanti-oxidants, and bio-active compounds’. It’s often known for its anti-aging properties, but this ‘chlorophyll rich anti-inflammatory’ also assists the collagen in our bodies by helping to prevent the breakdown of the ‘collagen cushion‘  around our joints!

Oats are naturally full of amino acids, and have been known and used for centuries to help the healing process! The amino is a result of their chemical structure, amino acids derived from Oats create a natural barrier on the top layer of skin that provides anti-inflammatory benefits as it reduces the appearance of redness and irritation.’

I’ve  experienced very positive results using RARE 24K Gold Therapy Crème. It’s very lightweight, easy to apply, and penetrates quickly. After using RARE, I realized that throughout the day I was no longer constantly bothered with my pain and discomforts.  I personally use RARE in the morning, and just before I go to bed, and I’m very thrilled that it’s a natural product without drugs.

RARE 24K Gold Therapy Crème  gets a 5-⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️   review!  Congratulations and ongoing success with RARE!!



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(Any ‘quoted’ or paraphrased information used in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet, and the website:   Any personal commentary about my success using  RAVE is my own opinion from using this product, that was provided to me .)

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