May 2, 2017

15 Ways to Look Glamorous on the Cheap

How can you look glamorous when all you have in your closet are cheap clothes? Is it even possible? Many people try to avoid high-end occasions when they have nothing expensive to wear. You do not need to skip any event or occasion. You just need to know how to work with what you have in your wardrobe to look elegant. When you are going through a tough financial season, you cannot afford to buy expensive clothes. However, you can add a few pieces that will give any cheap outfit an expensive look. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Buy Heavy Jewelry

One classic way to look expensive in any outfit is accessorizing it with jewelry. If you are living on a budget, you may not be able to afford expensive jewelry either. The trick here is to choose the right earrings, necklaces, charm lockets, and bangles. Even cheap accessories can look glamorous if you pick the right pieces. Choose heavy and darker metals over light metals. Vintage metals never go out of fashion and look good with most outfits. Shiny metals will make your outfit look even cheaper. You can also add a classic leather watch to your look.

2. Invest in a Steamer

You may have heard that hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you take a hot steamy shower removes the wrinkles. If you have tried this before, you know it does not work. Ironing your clothes will take much of your time. You also risk damaging some fabrics. Buy a good steamer and always steam your clothes the night before. Wrinkled clothes look cheap and old. Never give an excuse for wearing a wrinkled outfit.

3. Tailor Your Outfit

Buying an expensive outfit does not automatically make you look glamorous. You can look cheap in an expensive outfit that does not fit you perfectly. The truth is that you will not always get clothes that fit your curves perfectly. Most of the expensive designs have cheaper alternatives. If you buy the cheaper design, take it to your tailor to have it customized for body shape. No one will be able to tell the difference between a cheap and expensive dress if it fits you perfectly. Never wear oversized clothes. If you lose some weight or notice the size is slightly bigger after ordering, take the outfit to a tailor immediately.

4. Invest in a Quality Handbag

You carry your handbag wherever you go. A classic, sturdy handbag is a must-have even when you are shopping on a budget. Save some money and buy your dream handbag. Go for a color that matches most of your outfits and shoes. Matching your shoes and handbag makes you look fabulous. Take good care of your signature handbags. Re-stuff structured handbags before storing them to maintain their shape. You can use your body lotion to keep your leather bag looking shiny as long as it is unscented.

5. Buy Fabulous Classic Coats

A quality classic jacket will make any outfit glamorous instantly. Buy several of such jackets and play around with the dresses in your wardrobe. One good thing about classic jackets is that they do not go out of fashion. You can wear them in any season, especially for an evening occasion and stand out. Some of the classic looks that will never go out style include belted trench coats, denim jackets, black pea coats, and black leather jackets among others. Buy as many of these as you can. You will always have a new look every day.

6. Pay Attention to the Details

Inspect your outfit carefully before wearing it. Check for loose threads, stains, hanging hems and loose buttons. Replace any missing buttons and trim loose threads. If you find stains, take the outfit to a dry cleaner if you cannot remove the stain at home without damaging the fabric. Throw away torn outfits and those with holes, however tiny they may be. Do not be fooled. Even the tiniest holes and stains will make you look cheap. Another great tip is to replace simple buttons with expensive looking buttons. For instance, you can replace plastic buttons with metal, pearl, or bone buttons.

7. Avoid Excess Makeup

You do not need too much makeup to look glam. Keep your makeup minimal and choose neutral colors for nail polish. Chipped nail polish is simply unacceptable. A touch of concealer, berry lips, well-done eyebrows, and rosy cheeks will do the trick. Ensure that you pick the right tone and hue of makeup for your skin color. Ask for help if you are unsure or just to confirm that you have the right products.

8. Avoid Washing Your Fabrics When Possible

Keeping outfits clean is necessary, but washing them every other day weakens the fabric. Excess washing makes the fabrics look cheap and old. The color will fade as well. One way to keep your outfit clean is to spot clean them with a toothbrush or sponge. Most of the marks on them will disappear after a few touches. If you do not like the smell, place the outfit in the freezer overnight. The smell will be gone by morning.

9. Tuck Your Shirt

A quality shirt with a matching trouser or skirt is a classic look for the office or a formal meeting. If you like this look, try tucking in your shirt instead of leaving it loose. Tucking a shirt gives you a polished look no matter the price of the shirt. You can go for matching colors or the classic monochrome look. The best colors for the monochrome look are navy, black, and white. You probably have all these items in your wardrobe. Try wearing them differently for a classy look.

10. Pick the Right Colors

Did you know that some colors can make you look dated and cheap? If you are trying to pick a few outstanding outfits, stay away from earthy colors. Earth tones give you a dated look even if the fabric is of high quality. Choose pastels and jewel tones over earthy tones to give your wardrobe a vibrant and glamorous look. Go for black in place of brown outfits. If you prefer prints and patterns for a different look, go for leopard spots. This print never goes out of fashion.

11. Buy a Fresh Fragrance

Your scent or fragrance should make your outfit. You do not buy a new perfume every other day and hence it is advisable to invest in a good scent. Apply your perfume directly on your skin and not on your clothes or hair. Start applying the perfume on the lower part of the body because heat rises up your body. You can also spray some on your wrist, neck or elbows. Use unscented body lotion and moisturizers to avoid a mixture of fragrances.

12. Keep Your Style Simple

Whether you are choosing clothes, charm lockets, bracelets, or earrings, keep your style simple. You may end looking cheap if you try too hard to impress. Cheap embellishes or detailed clothes will not give you the desired glamorous look. Instead, such cheap designs will make you look dated and cheap. Choose vintage or classic designs that suit your body shape. When choosing your jewelry, do not combine several cheap pieces. Instead, buy one outstanding piece. It may be inexpensive, but it is better than several cheap accessories put together.

13. Wear the Right Undergarments

Cheap clothes are often flimsy and sometimes ill-fitting. Panty and bra lines will make your cheap outfit look worse. The lines become the focus of your outfit instead of your dress or pants. Give every outfit a smooth silhouette beneath to make it look better and elegant. Pick the right size and material for your undergarments to avoid the distracting bra and panty lines.

14. Avoid Distressed Pieces

Sometimes distressed fabrics look dated and worn out, especially if they are extremely cheap. Stay away from such fabrics as much as possible. However, you can still wear some distressed fabrics without looking cheap. For instance, ripped jeans look trendy while distressed denim often looks cheap. A well-distressed design takes time and is expensive in most cases.

15. Buy Natural Fabrics

Manmade fabrics are cheaper than natural fabrics. Most cheap clothes are made of synthetic fabrics, but you can find a few good pieces in natural fabrics. Wearing natural fabrics gives you a more polished look. The fabrics are also more comfortable on your skin than synthetic fabrics. However, you need to take good care of natural fabrics to maintain their polished look.


Any cheap outfit in your closet can look expensive if you wear it with the right accessories, jacket, shoe, and hair. Your choice of color, fabric, and fragrance makes you look either expensive or cheap. The good news is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to look glamorous. You may have all the items you need lying in your wardrobe.

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