April 19, 2017

Reverse signs of aging with ISDIN


Flavo-C serum from ISDIN is a powerful antioxidant serum with vitamin C and ginkgo biloba.  The combo of ingredients works to combat and reverse signs of aging such as wrinkles and dark spots. After a few weeks of use, my skin definitely looked brighter and felt freshly hydrated. It also didn’t overly dry out my skin or make it irritated at all, although I did slowly work it into my skin care routine, at first using it two times per week, then working up to every other day.

The serum has a very faint coffee type of smell and was easy to apply- not overly greasy or intense feeling. I love the super sleek packaging it comes in as well, and the color block bottle helps to keep sunlight out and not damage the product. It definitely feels like a great addition to any preventative aging skin routines.

K-Ox Eyes ISDIN eye cream helps prevent dark circles and puffiness with vitamin K oxide formula. I felt my eye area feel almost instantly hydrated and more away after applying the cream. I loved the pump bottle the cream came in so it did not dry out the lotion with a jar type of packaging that other eye creams usually come in, and is more sanitary than putting hands into the lotion each time you use it. The cream is very light and I’ve used it both at night before bed, and in the morning under my regular make up for a quick eye de-puff!

ISDN Complete line of skincare can be found at www.isdin.com






Guest blog by Antonia Rutter

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