March 27, 2017

You can have bolder darker brows with Osmosis Colour Brow Gel

“Mom! What did you do to your eyebrows? They look really nice. “There is one thing I can tell you about my kids, especially my daughters, they are very honest with me. They will never say something looks good on me if it doesn’t. When my daughter noticed my eyebrows, I knew Osmosis Colour Brow gel was a great choice for me. My eyebrows have become a little sparse with age and Osmosis Colour Brow Gel filled them in easily and quickly. With a little practice (just a few times), I darkened and defined both brows in as little as 1 minute.

I like the gel better than brow pencils because the gel goes on with the attached angled brush and the results look very natural. The brush allows you much control when filling in the spaces or adding a bit of length. The gel is also very blendable.  Osmosis Colour Brow Gel Collection is available in 4 shades.

I like the following features: The brow gel is water-resistant and  smudge-proof. There is no flaking and no fading. My brows looked just as bold at 10 pm as they did at 8 am, therefore, the gel lasts all day. Osmosis Colour Brow Gel is Gluten-Free and Oncology Friendly.

Osmosis Colour Brow Gel is formulated with emollient beeswax, and this unique gel formula dries quickly while mimicking actual hairs to give you full arches in a flash.

I don’t have gray eyebrows but according to Osmosis: “To cover  grey hairs, simply dip a clean mascara wand into your brow color, painting each side the desired color. Mix and match tones to coordinate with hair color.”

Here are my actual before and after photos

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