March 8, 2017

Get a “Tied & Tight” at home workout with Elizabeth, Jack & Megan

Tied & Tight workout

1. Place the band around ankles and tie make sure it is nice and taunt. Keep legs apart and

step to the left keeping band taunt. Repeat for a count of 5 on the the fourth step lift left leg and

pulse for count of 5. Take step to right keeping band taunt. Repeat for a count of 5 and on the

5th step rise your right leg and pulse for 5.

2. Place band in the arch of right foot and press back for a count of ten. Switch legs and


3. Place band just above the knees. Squat and step left for a count of 5. Stand tall. Get back in

squat position and step to right for a count of 5, stand tall.

Do each exercise once through. Repeat for 3 – 5 sets.

Jack and Megan your carolina

Jack and Megan

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