February 23, 2017

Elegant and aromatic soaps with a message from Senteurs d’orient


I love beauty products with a message and Senteurs d’Orient is one of those products*. Their line consists of the most beautiful hand crafted soaps, all  formulated with natural ingredients. The invigorating aromas of greens, herbs, florals  and mints are made by artisans at their Beirut atelier.

The Mint Tea Soap Leaves (shown above) are hand crafted with a unique blend of essential oils, aromatic fragrances, vitamin E, shea butter and glycerin for a skin softening experience. The Mint Tea Soap Leaves are perfect in a soap dish especially in a guest bathroom, as they are perfectly cut for individual use. These delicate soap leafs are  perfect for travel if you are space conscience.  30 individual soap leafs are beautifully packaged. They smell amazing and make fabulous gifts, maybe Mother’s Day perhaps?

FYI: One soap leaf is just the right size for your shower so they are the perfect size if you have overnight guests. Individual soap leafs are such a great idea for this reason alone!

*About Senteurs d’orient: This is a company by women, for women. “Driven by our shared entrepreneurial spirit, we set off to make empowering women at the heart of our brand DNA. We employ women in every tier of our company – from the founder to our chemists to the artisans -, which is why we’ve teamed up with the United Nations Development Program to support women’s education in Lebanon. 10% of our sales go to support this initiative.”


At usa.senteursdorient.com you will find Ma’amoul Soaps and one of my favorites, Hamman Soap on a Rope (shown above) in scents like Orange Blossom, Amber, Jasmine of Arabia, Tuberose and Rose of Damascus.

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