February 15, 2017

My Skin & Co. Exfoliating Scrub is a definite “must add” product for your skin



If you’re heading out on Spring Break in the next few weeks, the My Skin & Co. Exfoliating Scrub is a definite must add product for your skin and shaving prep routine. The scrub comes out as a white, shave- cream like formula infused with fine, granular exfoliating beads so that it is gentle enough to use on your face or sensitive skin, but can also be used on legs and other areas as well. The formula is not as coarse as most typical salt scrub exfoliators, but it’s one of the most effective exfoliators I’ve used.

The application is effortless, clean, and a little can go a long way. Infused with organic tea tree oil and white and black willow bark extract, the scrub invigorates the skin as it deep cleans pores, polishes away dullness, and helps eradicate ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and inflammation. This is a great all- around product for both girls and guys, and can be used on the face or body (bikini, under arms, legs, etc).

The results are amazingly smooth and fresh feeling, and it preps skin for an incredibly close shave. The first time I used the Exfoliating Scrub before shaving, I could not believe how smooth my legs were- they almost felt like they had been waxed (minus the pain, price, and effort)!


The Exfoliating Scrub is $18.95 and available online via www.gomyskin.com.


Guest post by Antonia Rutter

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