January 22, 2017

Help Lebanese Women with a purchase from Senteurs d’Orient


In celebration of the Women’s March held this weekend, we want to highlight Senteurs d’Orient—a company developed by women in support of women. Handmade in Lebanon, Senteurs d’Orient is line of beautiful bath and personal care products, created to capture the warmth and sensuality of bathing rituals in the Easts. With 90% of their employees being female, Senteurs d’Orient has an ongoing social commitment for the empowerment of women around the world. Currently, they are a member of the United Nations Development Program for Women’s Education and 10% of proceeds from every product are donated to help Lebanese women. For more information please see the link below to their website.


Additionally, please visit the brand on Instagram to see some the beautiful line and some of the women who help build it: https://www.instagram.com/senteursdorient/

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