January 4, 2017



Tamara Duarte is one of Hollywood’s upcoming big names – not just for her on-screen abilities, but her fashion tastes while walking red carpets. With a starring role in the new film Badsville, while also starring on hit shows such as the Netflix series Longmire, Hard Rock Medical and Degrassi: The Next Generation, Tamara knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight and always looking her very best!

It’s A Glam Thing caught-up with Tamara at her new home in Las Vegas to dish about how she is keeping it fabulous now that 2017 is here, as well as what her favorite Instagram filter is…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

TD: At home my style depends on how I feel and what I’m doing that day. On a workout writing day I’m in yoga paints and sports bra ready to take on the world. If I’m running earns it depends on the weather! I have these really comfortable silk goddess attire created with love in Goa. They are sexy, colorful, flowly and comfortable! Made by Sun.Child. On the carpet I try to change it up but my Boho Chic style really does bleed into the spot light. I love prints on the carpet!

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

TD: I love using the Carlene K shine Bronzer body glow bombshell bronze. I don’t like tanning and put SPF on even in the winter months. So the Body Glow give a nice sun kissed look on the carpet without the gross self tanner smell and stains. I’m really loving Becca right now. There bronzers are unreal!

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

TD: I really love Lidija Kolovrat. I love her bright colors and prints. What I also like about her is that she isn’t just a fashion designer she’s an artist that creates sculptures, and interior design. Giuseppe Zanotti is such an incredible shoe designer. I went to his opening and dinner in Berverly Hills when I first moved to LA. It was such a surreal experience and introduction into the Hollywood Fashion world. I sat and had dinner with the likes of Kayne West and talked fashion which I truly didn’t know much about at the time. Giuseppe was the most lovely man. He sketched me a shoe on a piece of paper and signed it as we chatted during dinner.

NN: Do you hate it when the paparazzi catch you in certain outfits?

TD: No. I don’t mind because I think clothing is a representation of you…all of you. And I’m not amazingly fantastic everyday. I don’t ever want to be. And I’m cool with people seeing the not so put together side of me. Like walking out of a hot yoga class. Perfect people who are always done up are boring. I like a little grift and un-doneness. I think there is beauty in that.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

TD: I love all the insta filters! Depending on the lighting of the photo and my mood. If I HAD to choose it would be lo-fi!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

TD: I’m loving the denim! Rocking a high wasted denim skirt with booties and a cute sweater is definitely a fall fav. Over the knee suede boots. They can make any outfit look sexy. The Stewart Weizmann’s fit like a glove! Plush Pink. I love that color in almost anything!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you HATE right now?

TD: Clurb Dresses!! Even if you are doing a surprise trip to Vegas please stop yourself from wearing it! These dresses show too much skin and body and scream no style. But maybe they are still in?! I don’t think the round toe and tapered heel and hidden platform is in anymore but man do some girls still rock it. The modern take on the 70’s platform. But I’m starting to get used to them!

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

TD: Confidence. That Glam thing that people talk about is only possible when an individual is poised, classy and simple. You can have two women wearing the SAME outfit but one will have the Hollywood Glam and the other wont. It’s this innate sparkle of life, love, happiness and self-assurance. Its magnetic and undeniable. Its not for sale.


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