December 23, 2016

Holiday Fit Tip

happy-holidaysThis is the last month of 2016 and we have so much to do! Decorate the house, shop for that just right gift for everyone, make sure we have everything we need to cook that special holiday dinner, all while continuing with our day to day lives. We get so consumed with many things that we tend to forget about ourself. Not this year! The best way to serve others is to make sure you put yourself as a priority.

The best tip I can share with you for this holiday season is to schedule time to exercise. I know it seem strange but trust me it works. Set aside at least 30 minutes to get that heart rate up and get that stress level down! Here are a few simple exercise you can do right from the comfort of your living room, no excuses. Jumping jacks, do at least 3 – 5 sets 10 to 20 reps. Jump rope (real or imaginary rope) do at least 5 rounds: jump 30 seconds rest 10 seconds. March in place, make sure you get those knee above those hips to really get that heart rate up.

You don’t want to skip on that resistance training. It’s easy to work that whole body with a few simple workouts. Get on the floor and do Push ups 3 sets 5-15, Planks, hold for at 30 seconds and work up to 1 minute.  Squats 3 sets 5-15. You have done your cardio, worked up a sweat building some muscles and releasing stress.

Look at you, you got your workout on and still got this holiday time handled! Happy Holiday!

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