December 19, 2016

New Year, New You: The Glamorous Emotional Makeover!


A new year is upon us, and with it comes an inner desire for change. Whether its setting goals for a new job or simply just wanting to change-up a minor thing or two in your life / cut a bad habit, resolutions are happening all around us currently!

One change that has become a trending item in today’s society is the subject of being a better person. Now while some people change their hair color or try out a whole new look, hoping it gives them a new sense of confidence or change, those things may only work in the short term. That is why there is now something called The Emotional Makeover, which are sessions that help guide you on a spiritual healing cleanse and help you see your inner beauty, so that you can change your day-to-day attitude in the real world.

The founder and creator of The Emotional Makeover, Tony Uberoi, spoke exclusively to It’s A Glam Thing about his sessions and how Hollywood stars are coming to him to make 2017 the best year ever! Oh, and Tony is also psychic with over 30 years experience in predicting correct things, so we obviously asked him about what 2017 will be bringing our way!


Nick Northstar: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things……What is it’s
definition to you?

Tony Uberoi: When I see the word “Glamorous” I drop the first two letters. Glamorous is “Amorous” to me. Something personal, snug and lovable.

NN: With your Emotional Makeover sessions people can learn to feel “Glamorous” internally correct? How do you help them see their inner beauty?

TU: Glamorous is Amorous. Lovable. A large percentage of the clients I serve are secretly suppressing something painful, shameful causing hurt and pain.Sadly this pain makes them wrongly doubt that they are deserving of receiving love. After an Emotional Makeover session has released their pain, my clients reconnect with their true inner power. This transforms their perception of themselves. Clients now feel lovable, amorous…Glamorous. Clients are able to see themselves with clear lenses. They see their own beauty again. Beauty lies in their own eyes.

NN: You have worked with a lot of Hollywood stars….What emotion do they usually feel prior to coming to see someone like you?

TU: Stars are special. They work hard, travel and are constantly in the public eye. It has been stated….A favourite most time has no friends they can trust with their feelings. Once these sensitive stars feel they can trust me, they are simple, friendly and very humane. Usually feelings of loneliness and a feeling that they are not understood hurts the stars emotionally when they arrive to see me.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to make a change in their lifestyle.

TU: Change is inevitable. Why not make a change in lifestyle fashionable, yet fun. My advice is: Be guided by your true inner self to bring yourself more harmony and balance. Mantra…Flow with your feelings.

NN: With the holidays here, do you find a lot of people come to you after feeling down over holiday shopping money issues?

TU: The obvious money issues are with people who go overboard and over spend. Strangely the reverse is also true. People who had the money but were unable to shop due to various reasons. Lack of time, nursing a sick family member or travel are to mention a few. Yes, the holiday blues bring all sorts of people for the Emotional Makeover. The important thing to learn is that happiness should come from a feeling of enjoyment and festivity, not the feeling that a good deal or exchange of gifts are the key to happiness.

NN: As you are also a psychic….What do you see coming up, prediction wise for the New Year?

TU: 2017 begins a new 6 year beautiful astrological cycle of growth and change. We will have to begin and be the change! The more mature will have to learn the lesson of readjusting to the even more fast pace of changes. The younger folks will have to be creative with change and also help the older folk to readjust. The magic word will have to be BLEND!


For more on Tony and to book a session visit: http://www.tonyuberoi.com

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