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November 19, 2016

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals from Orly, OSEA Malibu & Gallany


1. ORLY – Shop Like a PRO

Black Friday (through the end of the weekend): Up to 40% off Colors – Lacquer / Epix / Breathable

Cyber Monday: Up to 40% off Treatments

Free shipping over $35, as always, on


2. OSEA Malibu

Black Friday through midnight Sunday (27th) : Free Full Size Atmosphere Protection Cream + Travel Size Sea Minerals with purchase of $135 or more

Free shipping over $75, as always, on


3. Gallany

12am PST, Nov. 21st through 11:59pm, Nov. 28th (Monday to Monday)

Everything on the site is 40% off

Free shipping over $30, as always, on

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November 19, 2016

Amazing Black Friday Deals and Beyond


Weekend Sale (11/25-11/28)

·         For a limited time, PHYTO will be offering 40% OFF your entire purchase on 



Ariana Grande Fragrances

Black Friday – Laptop Bag Gift with Ulta Purchase

Stay connected in sweet style with this must-have plush lap-top bag! Your gift with any fragrance purchase of $49.00 or more at Ulta Beauty, from the ARIANA GRANDE fragrance collection.

·         Cyber Monday – Cozy Socks Gift with Ulta Purchase

Play footsy and get tickled pink in these must-have, cozy pom-pom socks! Your gift with any fragrance purchase of $49.00 or more at, from the ARIANA GRANDE fragrance collection.


 11/28-12/6 Cyber Week promotion
· Tiered offer:
· Save $10 off $50
· Save $30 off $100


  40% off Black Friday and 50% off Cyber Monday      


·         Black Friday: Buy 1 get 1 for $1       Holiday Promotion: Ageless Beauty Set for $47.99 (Originally: $69) 

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November 18, 2016

It’s a Glam Thing’s September Surprise Beauty Box Winner is….

Congratulations Patricia E. of Asheboro, NC. You are the lucky winner of It’s a Glam Thing’s August Surprise Beauty Box. Your gifts will be arriving shortly and we hope you enjoy your beauty products from the following companies:


Dove Deodorant

Bando Desk Accessory Set valued at $100 
pura’dor Scalp Therapy Shampoo              
purador hair loss prevention conditioner 
Ahava Dead Sea Scrub                                  
Gerard Cosmetics  Lipstick                          
Miss Spa Oxegenating Bubble Mask          
Ulta Lavender woods lotion                        
Out of Africa Hand Lotion                           
Maybelline “up in smoke” eye shadow      

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November 18, 2016

Glow for a Cause has Black Friday Deals


GLOW for a cause is a company that creates amazing body products that gives back to charities with every purchase! This Black Friday they are offering 50% off their entire site from 12 midnight on Thursday through 5am and 25% off through the rest of the weekend! Use promo codes blackfriday50 and blackfriday25 to get perfumes, body butters and more this Black Friday!

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November 18, 2016

Two is Better than one when you have butterLondon


Pair these two lip products from Butter London together for a super pink statement lip or wear separately for a more subtle lip look. Both products also have major staying power, and lasted me through several hours of drinking and eating without needing to reapply.

Plush Rush “Flash Mob”- The bright pink color of this gloss may be intimidating at first, but true to gloss form, it goes on much more sheer than you may think and just gives a hint of bright pink at first swipe. However, if you want a more intense lip, you can add more for additional, brighter, stronger color. The gloss goes on smooth and has a very shiny, vibrant sheen to it. It also gives a slight tingle or cooling feeling as it plumps the look of your lips.
Lip Liner Plush Rush “Sizzle Pink”- I am very fair and have lips on the smaller side, so I tend to avoid lip liners so as not to look like a cartoon who is trying to hard when I go out. However I really liked how manageable the “Sizzle Pink” lip liner from Butter London was. With a few light strokes I could get a nice pop of pink without it being too much, and could get a more rich color by layering on a bit more. The lip liner could be worn on its own with just a little clear gloss (I used Vaseline), or layered with the Plush Rush gloss for a more bold effect.  visit choose your favorite shades.
Guest post by Antonia Rutter
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November 18, 2016

What to Wear as a Mature Student


Going to college as a mature student is a strange experience. You are probably excited at the thought of learning new things and enjoying life out of the rat race for a while, but being thrust into a sea of teenagers who are away from home for the first time is truly nerve wracking. You are probably desperate to fit in, so the last thing you want to do is dress like their mom, or worse, a tutor.

Wearing inappropriate clothing sends out the wrong vibe. First impressions count in any social situation, so you need to wear the right outfit for your first day in class. You are likely to be in a minority, with most of your fellow students in their teens or early 20s. You may not end up being best friends with any of them, but why set yourself apart unnecessarily? Here is a quick guide to rocking the college look, even if you are a 40-something mature student.

Be True to Yourself

It is important to be true to yourself. Now is not the time to start experimenting with a radical new look. You might have gotten away with it in your teens, but you are way too old for that now. This is not to say you need to be boring. No, far from it. It’s OK to wear skinny jeans and some leather boots if that’s the look you are comfortable with, but don’t feel you have to follow the herd.

Hopefully, as a mature woman you are blessed with plenty of self-confidence. If you enjoy wearing colorful ethnic scarves or statement jewelry, then go for it. Jazz up a plain pair of trousers with a funky necklace and a colorful scarf. You won’t look out of place.

Corporate Fashion

Are you used to dressing up for corporate meetings and your work closet is full of pantsuits and blouses? If so, you need to shake it up a little, otherwise people will mistake you for Hillary Clinton or a tutor. Most people dress down for college. Jeans and sneakers are the order of the day, with casual sweaters and hoodies for cooler days. If you show up wearing a smart pantsuit with heels, you will look and feel out of place. By all means, wear a silk shirt or heels, but dress down the look with jeans or a long Bo-Ho maxi skirt.

Online College Courses

The great thing about enrolling in an online college course is that you can wear whatever you like. If you are studying for an online MSN nursing administration at Bradley University, nobody will know what you are wearing for lectures, since they all take place online. You can rock up to a tutorial with your MSN administration tutor and he won’t know you are still in your old pajamas. How cool is that?

Whatever your personal style is, dress accordingly when you start college. As long as you keep it casual, you should fit right in.

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November 17, 2016

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep will keep your skin looking perfect



If you have the opportunity to test Hynt Beauty’s Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum you really should. If you want to see how quickly this serum works, test a small amount on the top of one of your hands. I noticed immediately, after applying a small amount how velvety soft and slightly firm my skin became. The scent of it was quite unique as it had a refreshing light botanical scent.

Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum worked just as well on my face. I have been using serums for a few years now and this one I highly rate. Less than one pump is all I needed for  full coverage on my neck and face. I use Skin Prep Serum daily after cleansing my face. The serum dries quicky and smells delightful.  It’s the perfect serum to use before applying your make up as Skin Prep Serum is also a primer. I never experienced a heavy or oily feeling and loved how my skin felt throughout the day which was dry and smooth.

What makes Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum so unique? It is a “seawater based that is formulated only with multiple types of organic algae extracts and selectively handpicked organic plant and flower extracts known to resurface, firm and rewind the skin to its original perfection.” according to  Hynt Beauty.

Some of the organic plant and flower extracts found in the serum are Organic Grapefruit Seed, Organic Rosemary Leaf, Organic Clary Sage Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Tea Tree Leaf Oil and  more.

Other qualities that make Skin Prep Serum so appealing is that it is, Vegan, Organics-based, PETA Approved, Gluten-free and Non-Comedogenic and perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.  Skin Prep Serum is also free of Toxins, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Nano-particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Silicones, Mineral Oil, GMO’s, FD&C dyes, Carmine and Phthalates. Find Skin Prep Serum as well as an array of cosmetics, accessories and skincare at

Check out the Skin Rejuvenating Ingriedents below:

  • ORGANIC GRAPEFRUIT SEED : Balances the pH of the skin and speeds up digestion of proteins that helps cleanse skin by removing old skin cell layers.
  • ORGANIC ROSEMARY LEAF : Increases the skin’s elasticity while phytonutrients help protect skin cells from free radicals and the sun. A natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • ORGANIC CLARY SAGE OIL : Warms and regulates the natural rhythm of the skin. A natural antimicrobial.
  • ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL : Calms and soothes inflamed skin and acts as a natural disinfectant. Known to be one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne.
  • ORGANIC TEA TREE LEAF OIL : Distilled from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree, its antimicrobial properties are effective in combatting acne.


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November 15, 2016

Diane’s Flex Twist Rods curled my hair to perfection


I’ve been using Diane 10″ Twist Flex Rods from Fromm Beauty on my hair and I am super impressed with my results. I have been trying not to apply any heat to my hair and these curlers are the answer to my problem. They curl my hair to perfection and I love it! I used these in my hair when it was a little damp. I put them in and I went to sleep. Sleeping with traditional rollers is a hassle and extremely uncomfortable. However Diane’s Twist Flex Rods are super comfortable to sleep in. I was amazed that I was able to get a good nights sleep! In the morning I had the perfect curly wave.  I’ve also tried these with damp hair and waited for my hair to air dry before removing them. The results were great.

There are 30 Flex rods in the case and come in different widths, 6 each of 7/8″ , 11/16″ , 5/8″ , 9/16″ , 1/2″


Diane’s Twist Flex Rod also come in a plastic carrying case for easy storage. These are great and I am beyond happy with Diane’s Twist Flex Rods! I found then at

Guest Post by Natalia Altongy



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November 15, 2016

Tis the season for some Tooletries


Make traveling a little easier, make your life a little easier with a few Tooletries.  Tooletries are 100% silicone bathroom accessories. The Tooletries Mighty collection offers a variety of  items such as toothbrush holders, razor holders and more, that feature Aussie Grip Technology (click here).

My Tooletries Razor Holder has been in my shower now for a month and hasn’t fallen off once. It easily repositions and if you have to travel, just peel it off the tile and take it with you. The silicone is easy to clean and is perfect for bathroom sinks, showers, hotels and dorm rooms.

What I love about Tooletries, is that no adhesives, suction cups or mounts are required. Its Aussie Grip technology allows the accessories to easily stick to shiny surfaces, such as glass, mirrors, and tile.

What I didn’t get to use is the Koby Pink Cosmetics Bag. why? As soon as one of my daughter saw it, she loved it so I gave it to her. She said she loves the 100% Silicone feature. She travels periodically and hates leaving her makeup bag on the bathroom sink because when it gets wet it is a pain to clean. The silicone bag is perfect for traveling. If it gets wet, just wipe it dry.  You don’t have to worry about the contents getting damaged from moisture either. It is made of  100% silicone, is leak resistant and has a heavy duty zip & zipper head. She is thrilled to have and is enjoying it very much.




  • Mighty Razor Holder shown above is quite an affordable price at $8.99
  • Tooletries are perfect stocking stuffers and will make great holiday gifts.
  • The following is information I found at their website: Founded by two brothers, Tooletries is an Australian company based out of LA that specializes in innovative bathroom and travel accessories that all globetrotters, jet-setters and the highly organized have found beneficial to their lifestyles. This nifty technology allows Tooletries products to be sturdy, non-slip, and reusable so you can peel and stick at anywhere you go. 
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November 15, 2016

Thanks for watching today!

Good Day Charlotte “A Cornucopia of Beauty products” –

Good Day Charlotte

Good Day Charlotte

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