November 26, 2016

Eyelash Beauty: What you need to Know about Eyelash Extensions


In this day and age, almost 90% of women use artificial means to enhance the appearance of their eyes. To mention but a few, eyeliners, mascara, eyelash extension, eye shadow are some of the beauty enhancers that a great majority of women have embraced.

Basically, eye lash extensions are added on the existing or rather natural eye lashes. The extensions are normally organic and synthetic and the procedure of placing the on your natural lashes will be painless. The main reason why women put on eyelash extensions is to make their lashes appear thicker and longer. Not to worry, these extensions are lightweight and comfortable to have on. Needless to say, eyelash extensions will make your eyes more appealing and your overall look more sophisticated and fresh.

However, before you do eyelash extension near me search, here is everything you need to know about eyelash extensions. So, for some exciting eyelash beauty tips, (please) read on.

Applying lash extensions

The most common question that almost every woman pops is, how long does it take to apply eyelash extensions? Well, according to most beauticians, it takes at least two hours to apply a full set of eyelash extensions. The lash experts have also made it known that since the procedure is painless, it has become a ‘dream come true’ for the modern woman.

The other concern that most women raise is when and how to have the lashes removed. According to lash experts, eyelash extensions can last up to 8 weeks but since this depends on the rate at which your hair grows, it is important that you have an eyelash maintenance procedure every three to four weeks.

To remove your lash extensions, please go to a ‘lashtician’ or an eye lash expert. The process of removing them without damaging your natural eyelashes can be tiring and time consuming.Brooke Jones,

How to Care for your Lash Extensions

When you decide to have those lash extensions, you better know how to care for them and make them last longer. After all, the reason for having them in the first place was to enhance the allure in your eyes. So, here is how you ensure that those eyelash extensions last long;

  • For the first night, sleep on your back – the glue that is used to fix these eyelash extensions can take like a day to dry up. So, to ensure that you do not get some funny kinks, sleep on your back for the first night or two. After that you can resume your normal sleeping position.
  • Avoid contact with water – it is important that you allow the glue to dry up. Therefore in addition to sleeping on your back, keep your eyes away from water.
  • Comb your eyelashes – using an eyelash brush, close your eyes and comb your lashes out. This will ensure that the lashes do not entangle and leaves them looking fresh and defined.
  • Oil them up – do not keep the eyelashes dry. Every once in a while, lube them up. The best remedy for dry eyelashes is baby oil. Gently rub a little baby oil on the eyelash extensions with your fingers.


Brooke Jones is a hair and beauty make-up artist. He has been in this field for 17 years now. You can visit his blog here for some more information on beauty. Just Google “eyelash extension near me” and you will land in her website.

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