August 8, 2016

Shero South Africa Jewelry – Extraordinary, Unique, Beautiful!

DSC_7020There are few things that I love more than having the chance to reconnect with old friends!  And I recently got to do just that with a very dear friend and fellow George Washington University graduate, Aggie Nteta. Of course there were lots of exciting things to catch up on, considering the last time I saw Aggie was about 4 years ago.  But one of the most exciting is something I’d like to share with you!

Aside from being my friend, Aggie is also CEO of Shero South Africa, a company which features extraordinary designs by artist Anne Mangwanatala, including unique jewelry made from exquisite beaded gems, crafts and clothing all made in South Africa.  These are just a few of the beautiful items that are available:

Watch the interview to learn more:
[vimeo 177931516 w=640 h=360]

Shero South Africa offers the following to adorn your body or give as unforgettable gifts:

*Beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings or jewelry sets
*Safety Pin Bracelets & Earrings
*Zulu Bracelets & Earrings
*Beaded spiral bracelets (great for kids)

Clothing & Crafts
*Custom made beaded bra (special order)
*Beaded Belt
*South African items covered in beads (vuvuzela)
*almost anything (wall hanging, scarf, cellphone bag)

You can own your very own piece of handcrafted art by visiting Shero South Africa on Facebook!

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  1. Karla Taylor says:

    This looks awesome…Congratulations Aggie!!

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