July 25, 2016

Salon styled hair, thanks to Centrix Heat Boss Brush


Salon styled hair, thanks to Centrix Heat Boss Brush Collection!  This brush is available in two different sizes, 1.50″ and 1.75″. In using the 1.50″ brush for myself, I have taken note of a drastic change in my hair texture after blow drying my hair with this round brush. Because this brush contains a chrome plated barrel, it makes it super easy to brush through tangly hair effortlessly and seamlessly resulting in perfectly smooth hair. The great thing about his brush is how customized you can make it. The heat can be monitored depending on the thickness of your hair type! If you are someone with fine hair, than leaving the dial open is a great option to create the best results. If you are someone like me, with medium to thick hair, leaving the dial closed will lock in the heat just by pressing the dryers barrel downwards. Even down to the handle bar, this brush is top notch. It is perfectly fitted to comfortably style and perfect your hair. I love it! It’s my secret weapon when I can’t get to the hairdresser and I need a “do it yourself” blowout!

9a2ec186-5163-4fbc-8800-ff922e629ba1Vanessa and Natalia Altongy

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