July 25, 2016

3 skincare rules you probably don’t know



Advice from the pros at SKIN TYPE SOLUTIONS: You know you shouldn’t be going to bed with makeup on and (hopefully) that you should be using an antioxidant each morning, but there are quite a few skincare rules that most people just don’t know. From the real reason why you shouldn’t use expired drugs to combining two of summer’s most commonly used products, CLICK HERE for three essential skincare rules to follow (and keep an eye out for more in the months to come)!


The Skin Type Solutions System evaluates four facial skin attributes to scientifically determine your Baumann Skin Type.

Skin Type.® Dry (D) vs. Oily (O) Your skin’s oil production and ability to hold onto water determine your skin’s hydration status and tendency toward enlarged or clogged pores.

Sensitive (S) vs. Resistant (R) Sensitive skin types experience acne, redness, burning, stinging or frequent rashes. Resistant skin types rarely suffer from inflammation, and need stronger ingredients.

Pigmented (P) vs. Non-pigmented (N) Pigmented skin types experience discoloration, while Nonpigmented skin types are even in color. This parameter is independent of ethnicity.

Wrinkle prone (W) vs. Tight (T) Wrinkle-prone skin types require anti-aging ingredients, while Tight skin types are teenagers and others who are not yet ready for aging prevention.

Skin Type Solutions will customize and prescribe the proper skincare regime for you today.

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