July 24, 2016

Abba Pure Performance Hair Care Styles your Curly hair to perfection


If you have curly hair that is unmanageable at times (especially on hot and humid days) you need to add ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care to your beauty cabinet.  

ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care offers products catering to all  hair types. Abba Pure Perfection for color treated hair; Pure Moisture for damaged dry and brittle hair; Pure Volume for Lifeless and fine hair; Pure Gentle, gentle enough for children and Pure Recovery designed for decreasing heavy build-up and removes impurities. Last but not least, I am loving Pure Style specially formulated for curly hair.

What makes Abba Pure Performance Hair Care so unique?  As stated by ABBA, “for over 25 years ABBA® Pure Performance Hair Care has been a leader in product formulation. We were the first brand to make 100% Vegan hair care products and our Gluten-Free ProQuinoa Complex™ delivers performance, protein and purity like no other professional salon brand on the market.”

There are several products in the Pure Style line,  ABBA Texturizing Cream, Curl Prep Spray and Curl Finish Spray.  They are exactly what my curly hair needs to keep in in control. After washing your hair, apply a small amount of the texturizing cream. I prefer to air dry and the texture cream creates curls with definition without the volume and frizz. The combination of Olive butter, Sunflower extract andProQuinoa Complex™ repair and moisturizes my hair beautifully. You will feel the difference after your first application. ABBA’s Tip for the Texture Cream: Layer on throughout the day for increased separation.

ABBA Curl Prep Spray hydrates your curly hair while allowing you to style your hair either by air drying or blow drying. ABBA’s tip for Curl Prep Spray: Use on all hair types for texture. Curl Prep Spray is formulated with Lemongrass, Orange Peel Oil, ProQuinoa Complex™.

Abba Curl Finish Spray works to perfection. Apply the spray after you have finished styling and your hair will stay in place for hours.  Curl Prep Spray will give you a firm hold without stiff, sticky buildup. Curl Prep Spray is formulated with  Avocado, Grapefruit and ProQuinoa Complexand is perfect for all hair types. ABBA’s TIP for Curl Prep Spray: For a wet look, use ABBA® Volume Gel, comb into style and finish with spray.

ABBA has a commitment to purity. Their products are never tested on animals. They are 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free and made without Parabens*, DEA*, Phathalates, Synthetic Color Additives, Sulfates and Sodium Chlorides.

You can find the ABBA Pure Performance product line at Ulta.com. Learn more about ABBA at www.pureabba.com





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