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June 22, 2016

Features that make an Apartment standout as luxurious


When wanting to move into an apartment, you will come across various models that you can choose from. One such model is the luxurious apartment. This apartment stands our boldly from others as it has additional features that make living in this unit worthwhile. It is from these features that you enjoy more convenience and a host of other benefits.

Luxury apartments are on the higher end of the price tag when it comes to renting or purchasing them. They are however worth every extra cent as they give you real value for money. So what are these features that make these units stand out? Here are the main features of a luxurious apartment:

Great Location

The apartment is usually in the good sections of any given location. For example, downtown Chicago apartments are some of the best in the city. The locations of the apartments are usually more secure with easy access to various amenities such as shopping areas, restaurants and such. You should expect that you will find available transport systems within easy reach. If you rely on road transport, the roads are usually good and smooth to ride on.

Spacious interior

The apartments themselves are spacious with adequate space for comfortable living. You will have high ceilings as well as great lighting for an airy feel and look. It will most probably have impressive storage facilities with spacious closets in the bedrooms. The kitchen will also have adequately sized cabinets. You can be sure you will not feel crammed in the space as you will have room to move around. Even if you live with others, the apartment will accommodate you well.

Outstanding finishing

You can be sure that the finishing that is done on the space will be outstanding. It will mostly have high-end fixtures and fittings that are of good quality and that will last a long time. You can expect floor and wall tiles to have seamless installation. The kitchen and bathroom countertops will most likely have granite or other stone slabs. Most likely, the fixtures will not just be functional but also decorative, such as beautiful chandeliers, decorative curtain rods and even cabinet knobs.

Available facilities

The apartment building will house other amenities that will make your life easier. It will most likely have a pool or a hot water tub. You can also access gym facilities within the building. It can also offer laundry facilities by having on site washing machines and dryers. These facilities allow you to remain within the building as they are conveniently within reach. You also get to save money as you do not have to get gym memberships to workout. In addition, you do not have to carry your clothes to a laundromat, saving you a fair share of challenges.

Enhanced security

The apartments have secure access with either use of a doorman or card access. The access to the building is restrictive to outsiders. The parking areas are also secure and you will feel more at ease living in these units.


Caroline Mark is a property agent with access to downtown Chicago apartments. She advises tenants to go for apartments that give real value for money. To learn more about property management, visit this website.






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June 22, 2016

The Winner of March’s “It’s a Glam Thing” Surprise Beauty Box is…….


Congratulations Danielle from Buena Park, CA, you are the winner of our Surprise Beauty Box. We hope you enjoy your beauty products from:


PURA D’OR Scalp Therapy

Out of Africa Shea Body Oil and Hand Lotion

LAQA & Co.

Tahe Magic Hair Mask can be found on

Nail Lacquer

Lighted Lip Gloss from

The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Gridiron

Crabtree & Evelyn

Elf eye liner (2) and  lip gloss

Refreshed Rose Water from Younique

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June 22, 2016

“The Gussy” Is a raincoat for my purse and I love it!


This year I made an investment that needs to last a long time. I purchased my first really expensive designer purse. The only problem is that I feel terrible when I wear it in the rain, snow or any kind of inclement weather.  I’ve had to plan when I’m wearing it according to the weather!


I recently found the perfect solution “The Gussy”  it’s a raincoat for my purse. It’s a water-repellent purse cover that protects my bag at the first sign of a sprinkle. “The Gussy” is small and compact to keep folded and tucked away in my purse. When it starts raining I simply pull it out and easily put it right over the purse it literally takes two seconds. If I need to reach into my purse for any reason there’s three Velcro flaps that lift and the inside of the purse is easily accessible. When I’m indoors, this accessory easily air drys or wipes clean. “The Gussy” is the answer to preserving purses in bad weather. It comes in several different patterns that are simply adorable and easy to match with any outfit. The weather no longer dictates when I can wear my purse. I absolutely love it!
Visit The Gussy and view their line of assorted hand bag covers and choose yours today!
ade7cd6d-610a-4b5c-b755-e465f5e99b97It’s a Glam Thing’s Vanessa and Natalia
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June 22, 2016

Katy Perry’s Mad Potion and ‘New’ Mad Love

The newest fragrance from Katy Perry is Katy Perry’s Mad Love and “I want“!!

I believe that I am becoming a Katy Perry fragrance addict now that I have tried and love Katy’s Perry Mad Potion, plus I sneak a spritz or two or three of Katy Perry Killer Queen (I love the look of that bottle) when I visit my niece.

Katy collaborated with Coty in 2015 to create Mad Potion and Mad Love.

Since I have just the Mad Potion, I can not comment on Mad Love but I am surely going to track Mad Love down at one of my favorite shopping destinations, KOHLS, when  I purchase some summer wardrobe items while out shopping this weekend.

Being in my mid fifties, I often wonder if should I be wearing a fragrance created and collaborated on  by  a 31 year old. I heard from a fragrance expert once that after age fifty women should opt for a calming and relaxing yet powerful and sexy scent. Well, after taking huge chunks of my time perfume buying and trying, I still can’t figure out what a calming and relaxing, powerful and sexy scent is anyway. So if I like a scent, I buy it, wear it and when my 70ish Mom says she likes it. It’s a go! She is classy, dresses well and always looks and smells great and has for the 55 years she has been my Mom. So I take her cues and guidance often.  She commented fondly on Katy Perry’s Mad Potion as did my 19 year old niece, so that age thing, doesn’t mean a thing.

About Mad Potion:

Katy Perry's MAD POTION

When I enjoy a scent, I pay little mind to the palette, notes and perfumers vocabulary, although I do notice that vanilla and musk seem to be found in many pefumes that I wear when I do research them on occasion. For those who like to explore the top, middle and base notes and more, here goes the description of Mad Potion…

“This sexy vanilla – musky composition opens with accords of vanilla orchid, peony and apple musk. The heart includes a mixture of Borbon vanilla, jasmine petals and delicate, soft musk, while the base captures oriental flavors of vanilla, amber and sexy musk.”

katy perry

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June 20, 2016

“Be HairWorks” Beautifully


It’s amazing what these 3 bottles of Be HairWorks will do for your hair.  I know what you are thinking. UGH! I have to use 3 different hair products each time I shampoo?  No, you don’t. Be HairWorks is a once a week treatment that is well worth the few extra minutes when washing your hair. I have been using Be HairWorks for 2 months now and I love the “Be HairWorks day.

Shannon Tackett, celebrity stylist and founder of BeHairWorks, developed this revolutionary 3-step system. She developed the system to deal with Client’s dull and brassy hair which developes through the years. What causes the brassiness?  Mineral build up…. zinc, copper and magnesium. Shannon realized the problem and tackled it by creating “Be HairWorks” Hair Care.

The Hair treastment consists of 3 products.

Step 1 Be True – Mineral Magnet which is formulated to remove mineral build-up and get your hair’s original shine, luster and volume back. I noticed the difference in my hair after the first use. It was soft and my curls were as bouncy as ever. I would imagine the mineral buildup was pretty great in my hair. My hair felt like weight was lifted off it. I kid you not!

Step 2 Be Kind – Luxurious Moisture Shampoo
Step 3 Be Generous – Ultimate Moisture Mask


Using BeHairWork’s simple 3-step system, mineral build-up is removed from the hair, and it’s restored back to it’s original shine, luster and volume…. and it’s COMPLETELY COLOR SAFE!

Step 1 Be True – Mineral Magnet
Step 2 Be Kind – Luxurious Moisture Shampoo throughly cleanses  and moisturizes your hair and has a delightful fragrance.
Step 3 Be Generous – Ultimate Moisture Mask

Having just been included in OK! Magazine, worked with reality star Brandi Glanville, and considered for a show on the Lifetime Network; BeHairWorks is on the rise and we would love to be considered for possible inclusion on your blog!

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June 19, 2016

Home Decor- Why Home Storage Units are Essential



The key principals of home decor play an important role in showcasing your style. Various home accessories are used to create the framework and unique appearance of your home. From simple to elaborate additions, there are numerous options to choose from. Decor pieces effectively enhance the warmth and comfort of different spaces while accommodating your lifestyle and personality.

Home decor also makes it possible to recreate your style during different seasons by adjusting different décor pieces. While choosing decorations for your home, it is important to use a general theme as well as colors that will form the basis of your decor project. This makes it easier for you to select pieces according to aspects such as texture, shape, design and size. Pieces can be combined and contrasted to create a cohesive impact.

Storage Solutions

Along with ensuring that your home is beautiful and comfortable, you need to incorporate the important factor of proper storage. One of the most essential aspects of good home decor is storage. During the process of decorating your home, you need to make sure that storage units are included because they enhance the quality of life in any home.

Whenever you want to decorate or design a home, you should always consider storage. Although storage space may not be a prominent feature on the list of priorities for some homeowners, the reality is that lack of proper storage can lower the value of your home. Lack of additional storage through innovations such as storage units has an adverse effect on overall home design.

Why you need Storage Units

Adequate storage space is vital for maintaining an organized home, avoiding clutter and maximizing on the amount of space available. Find out more about Closetbox Locations here. A storage unit enables you to gain access to your items when you need them.

You can safely keep away extra items in your storage unit and find them with ease. Several homeowners deal with the challenge of clutter. Aside from preventing the problem of having nowhere to place your extra items, there are other reasons why people invest in storage units.

Short and Long-term Storage

Storage units can be used as temporary storage solutions for people who want to move to a new home or location. They are also popular among people who need a place to store items of sentimental value or keep their family members’ belongings temporarily while they settle down.

If you are planning to sell your home, a storage unit is the best option for storing various items such as fixtures or furnishings on a short or long-term basis. A storage unit is an affordable alternative to commercial storage solutions such as warehouses.



Storage not only provides a worthwhile solution to the problem of clutter, but it also helps people manage their lives more effectively. Storage units are associated with organization and they are necessary inclusions in people’s daily lives as they redecorate their homes, move or place their homes on the market for sale. A storage unit makes it easier to handle different aspects of home ownership.




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June 15, 2016

Anyone else want thicker, fuller, darker, more voluminous, and lengthier lashes? Well I know I did!


Anyone else want thicker, fuller, darker, more voluminous, and lengthier lashes? Well, I know I did!! After searching month after month, over and over for the best fiber applicable mascara, I have finally found my favorite. Younique has the most amazing mascara called Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes! After finding this product, I won’t wanted anything else. I love making my eyelashes look their best! Younique’s mascara and fiber lashes are the way to do it! I would never switch back to anything else I have tried. Younique’s  product contains a black fiber, which is such a bonus to use as opposed to using products containing  white fibers, because one must make sure they cover all of the added fibers with mascara after applying it and it is honestly such a hassle.

With this latest mascara, putting on your everyday makeup just got a whole lot easier girls! No more clumps, less time spent on trying to perfect those lashes, and more to brag about! How can it get any better than this. Let me fill you in on some details you’ll be overjoyed to hear. This 3D fiber lash enhancer includes a refreshing brush with a new look and style. This mascara stick is hypoallergenic which is amazing since I am very sensitive to certain things commonly used in mascara. This formula enhances your tired lashes to bring them from drab to fab! It’s been observed in independent laboratory testing that there is a 384.5% increase after the first application. This means there is a 2,000% increase or more after the first three applications! I am so happy I found this product, my lashes have never ever looked any better than this it’s really a Younique Experience!


9a2ec186-5163-4fbc-8800-ff922e629ba1Vanessa and Natalia, It’s a Glam Thing’s  newest mother and daughter team


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June 15, 2016



If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you’ve probably heard a lot about water and weight loss. Can drinking more water really help you lose weight? The short answer is yes — and no. If you’re already well hydrated and getting plenty of water, getting more water into your diet probably won’t make a lot of difference. But if you’re going through your days a little — or a lot dehydrated, as many people are, getting enough water could help. Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is a Manhattan Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He states that, “There is always the case of too much of a good thing. Some people are such water drinking devotees that they are aquaholics, resulting in overhydration.”   As a result, experts now fear we’ve become so focused on staying hydrated that we’re guzzling water to life-threatening extremes.

Dr. Calapai points out that, “There are two types of overhydration: Increased water intake and retaining water. Increased water intake—or drinking more water than the kidneys can get rid of in the urine—can cause too much water to collect in the body.”

When the body is unable to get rid of excess water, it is said to be retaining water. This happens with several medical conditions, for instance. It can be dangerous because it throws off the balance between water and sodium in the blood.

Overhydration caused by drinking too much water can occur both consciously and unconsciously. Dr. Calapai says that, “A person may drink too much water during exercise. Some medications can also cause dry mouth and cause an increase in thirst. Increased thirst can also be caused by uncontrolled diabetes. Psychiatric conditions such as schizophrenia (primary polydipsia or psychogenic polydipsia) can also cause compulsive water drinking.” 

What Are the Symptoms of Overhydration?

Symptoms of overhydration may not be recognized in the early stages but can include:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache
  • Changes in mental state (confusion or disorientation)

If left untreated, overhydration can lead to dangerously low levels of sodium in the blood (hyponatremia). This can cause more-severe symptoms, such as:

  • Muscle weakness, spasms or cramps
  • Seizures
  • Unconsciousness
  • Coma

How Can Overhydration Be Prevented?

Endurance athletes can reduce the risk of overhydration by weighing themselves before and after a race to determine how much water they have lost and need to replenish.

Dr. Calapai emphasizes that, ”Individuals should avoid drinking more than one liter per hour of fluid. Drinking more fluids before and during a race or anintensive athletic exertion can also help you avoid the need to drink too much water afterwards. Sports beverages that contain the electrolytes sodium and potassium are also recommended, as both are lost in sweat.”

So how do you know how much water you need?

For starters, don’t rely solely on thirst, says Calapai. “As soon as you put water on your tongue, you kill your thirst mechanism.” Instead, he suggests the following:

  1. Weigh yourself daily for a week, to check hydration. “Your body weight shouldn’t fluctuate too much,” Calapai says.
  1. Notice how much you pee—and its color—in the morning. It should be a copious amount and pale or clear.
  1. Aim to wake feeling hydrated. If you’re thirsty when you get out of bed in the morning, you may not be consuming enough fluids.
  1. When choosing sports drinks, search for labels with low sugar. Dr. Calapai recommends about 5 grams per 8-ounce serving. “Even natural drinks like coconut water have too much sugar and potassium to hydrate.”
  1. Coffee, tea, and watery fruits and vegetables count toward fluid intake. “Also, caffeine is not a diuretic,” Dr. Calapai says. “It’s about volume, so if you drink five cups, you’ll pee more.”
  1. Start slowly. “Sleep is a six- to eight-hour fast, so if you drink three cups of juice or water right away, you’ll trigger the volume response. Sip instead.”

If you have an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, or kidney problems, talk to your doctor about the best treatments for those conditions. If you experience excessive thirst or an overly strong urge to drink water, contact your doctor before you develop symptoms—it could indicate a medical problem that requires treatment

 Dr. Christopher Calapai D.O.   Anti-Aging Physician and “The Stem Cell Guru”

Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O. is an Osteopathic Physician board certified in family medicine, and anti-aging medicine. Proclaimed as the “The Stem Cell Guru” by the New York Daily News, Dr. Calapai is a leader in the field of stem cell therapy in the U.S.

His stem cell treatments have achieved remarkable results in clinical trials on patients with conditions as varied as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, erectile dysfunction, frailty syndrome, heart, kidney and liver failure, lupus, MS and Parkinson’s.

Dr. Calapai started his practice in New York City in 1986 and for over 25 years he has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows, including his two weekly call-in shows on WABC 770-AM, where he offers health and medical advice. He has a show on Saturday morning 8-9am and Sunday evening from 6-7pm. He has consulted with numerous high-profile individuals including Mike Tyson, Mickey Rourke, Steven Seagal, and Fox series Gotham’s, Donal Logue and worked as a medical consultant for the New York Rangers hockey team as well as various modeling agencies.

Dr. Calapai received his medical degree from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and he consults in Manhattan with practices on Long Island, in East Meadow and Plainview. He has appeared on News12 and in the pages of25A Magazine and Social Life Magazine.

He is the author of E-books Heavy Metals and Chronic Disease, Reverse Diabetes Forever! Seven Steps to Healthy Blood Sugar, Top Ten Supplements You Can’t Live Without, and Glorious Glutathione. Learn more about Dr. Calapai on his website:

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June 15, 2016

Out of Africa will get you ready for flip flop season


Since summer is here, I want my feet to look good for this ​ sandal ​& flip flop ​season. I have started using Out of Africa Vanilla Pure Shea Butter. It’s 100% pure unrefined shea butter from West Africa. Every night before bed I use this moisturiz​ing product​. The vanilla scent smells really great, and is only ​$​ 9.99 on their website. I’ve noticed a

​big​ difference in the smoothness of the soles of my feet, and they’re no longer cracked and dry. The shea butter absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy film ​a​​t all​. So far I’ve only used it on my feet and I rub any extra on my hands​, but it can be used for lips, elbows, and ​body. Out of Africa also has so many other products, that are worth checking out, and I hope to do so, like body oils, washes and lotions plus more.​​Another​ great thing about ​this​ is that a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to help provide education and medical care to children in West Africa.

Out of Africa does have a specific product for feet, the Shea Butter Foot Cream but right now, I am going to keep using the Pure Shea Butter in the jar. I works for me and I love it.



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June 14, 2016

Balance is Key


Life is complex, isn’t it? In the old days, most people got one job and stuck with it through retirement. Today, however, it’s not unusual for people to have multiple sources of income. For example, I might be working on a music project while also doing other things to make money, and that’s okay. It’s not a bad thing to have more than one job or more than one passion.

What are you passionate about? For me, I love singing and performing. If you can find things you’re passionate about, pursue them!

When life gets intense, try multitasking. It’s when you juggle a bunch of things “to do” at once. Make lists so you can cross things off as you do them. For instance, a typical day might include doing laundry, paying bills, catching a favorite TV show and exercising for an hour. It’s good to have multitasking lists each day. Accomplishing goals makes people feel good. Of course you will need to remember that balance is key. You don’t want to get too busy such that you’re overwhelmed and literally just shut down.

Time management is something I give serious thought and consideration to on a daily basis. I “take stock” of what I have to do, and then figure out how to work my schedule so I can get things done. I make sure to leave time for rest and relaxation, too.

Keep this mind and be aware XO,

IMG_4381 IMG_8235 (1) FullSizeRender-1

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