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May 20, 2016

Julee Ireland Con-GRAD-ULates the Graduate

Good Things Utaj


This morning on Good Things Utah, Julee Ireland, Con-Grad-ulates the Graduate with these fun finds:

1. Yogibo-Although it’s exciting to go off to college a dorm room bed isn’t the same as your comfortable bed back home.

I have just the solution! Yogibo Max. It’s furniture that conforms to your body using special microbeads. The MAX
stretches out to 7 feet and becomes a chair, recliner, sofa or bed. You can stand it up in the corner so it is out of the way or use it as a gamer chair, a couch for two, and a comfy place to study or just hang out with your friends. And as if that’s enough, there’s also the Traybo. It’s the ultimate lap top tray made of the same special hi-grade beads and stretchy fabric used in the big Yogibo’s, with a bio-friendly bamboo top creating the perfect carry and go solution to study comfortably virtually anywhere. These are both practical and useful gifts for the graduate on your list. Yogibo Max is available in fifteen fabulous colors to choose from. Price $239.00 The Traybo is available in three colors to choose from for $39.00.

2. WeMontage-What is WeMontage? WeMontage is a large photo collage on removable wallpaper. The wallpaper is
a premium, fabric-based material that adheres to textured and non-textured surfaces. Now you can create the perfect removable photo wall sticker using photos of family, friends or pets for your college bound student to stick on their dorm room wall. When your graduate is feeling homesick WeMontage allows them to have photos of all those that matter most close by to comfort them and it makes a great conversation piece at the same time. Prices range from $59.99 to $119.99

3. Kites & Ivy-What could be better than receiving an unexpected subscription care package at college? It’s a fun
surprise that every college girl will enjoy. Each box will include a variety of carefully selected bath and beauty products, accessories, and other fun essentials. Items could range from face and body lotions, hair products, nail polish, makeup, a headband, a scarf or a tumbler – and so much more! Our boxes are ALWAYS worth substantially more than the retail price! Whatever the surprise, you can be assured that we seek only the BEST for our boxes. Each care package is mailed out four times a year. Two times each semester according to each universities calendar so you can be sure your care package will be delivered at the right time. I think this is such a fun gift to give to graduates and Kites & Ivy makes it easy by offering several options to choose from such as sending a Single box for $32.99, a box Two times a year for $61.98 or a box Four times a year for $115.96.

4. Bamboo Spark by Wacom-Take notes, draw out your ideas and take them from paper, to the cloud, to bringing them to life. Your paper notebook has brought you this far. Now take your ideas even further. The Bamboo Spark is a smart folio with a smart ballpoint pen, and a spot for your favorite paper. It lets you write by hand, and saves your handwritten notes locally or within the cloud for editing, archiving and accessing anywhere. Next just press a button and that’s it! The Bamboo Spark is simple to use, and makes it easy to bridge your paper notes with the digital world. As an artist, designer and product developer I am so excited about the Bamboo Spark and this cutting edge technology. If you have an engineer, fashion or interior designer, product designer, graphic or fine artist and so much more this makes the perfect gift for the graduate on your list! Price $159.95

5. Moshi-Aerio Messenger Bag and Helios Lite Backpack are perfect for graduates! Moshi prides itself in creating innovative and extraordinary products to enhance the mobile lifestyle with an emphasis on aesthetics, durability and reusability. Whenever possible, they use recycled and/or naturally bio-degradable materials for packaging and boxing which I appreciate. What I love most about the Aerio messenger bag and the Helio lite backpack is that they are ergonomically designed so that they are lightweight and water-resistant. I also love the leatherette and aluminum accents, which to me has an air of simple sophistication. It’s all grown up and perfect for graduates as they enter into this new exciting phase in their lives. The Aerio holds up to a 15” laptop or tablet and the Helios Lite Backpack has a fully padded compartment for laptops or tablets up to 13”. $119.95 and $149.95.

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May 19, 2016

Snag Shay Mitchell’s Fun Tumbler for Under $20!


Shay Mitchell recently shared a photo on Snapchat showing off her quirky tumbler! The actress enjoyed her drink while using’s Love Potion Sip Sip Tumbler ($14;

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May 19, 2016

Best Dry Hair Spray

I am often on the go and don’t always time to fuss with my hair.  I use dry hair spray so that I do not have to wash my hair as often and I have discovered that “Dry Me ” by Wella works very vell. It lifts the hair at the roots giving it a freshly washed appearance! I really love it.FullSizeRender

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May 17, 2016

Kirsten Dunst at the Loving Premier – The 69th Cannes Film Festival


Makeup by Mary Wiles for Charlotte Tilbury Beauty 

The 69th Cannes Film Festival jury member and 90’s icon Kirsten Dunst proved herself as a timeless beauty on the red carpet tonight at the Loving Premier. This week has seen Kirsten experiment with her beauty looks buttonight she returned to her iconic retro style in a gown embroidered with Lily of the Valley flowers by Dior Couture and a complimentary beauty look by makeup artist Mary Wiles using Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. Wiles created a polished, modern take of retro red carpet glamour with a flawless softly contoured complexion, smoldering eye and a ruby red lip.

Below, Mary Wiles shares the steps to create Kirsten’s red carpet look:

  1. Mary prepped Kirsten’s skin using Multi Miracle Glow first applied as a mask to moisturize the skin and stimulate micro-circulation and then removed with a warm towel. Wiles then applied a generous layer of Charlotte Tilbury’s signature Magic Cream to give the complexion a luminous glow to create a smooth, flawless base. Lip Magic was used to ensure lips were well hydrated.
  1. Next, Wiles applied Wonderglow to the cheekbones and temples to produce a flawless soft focus and an instant “spotlight” effect. Magic Foundation in shade 3 was blended out over Kirsten’s T-zone to ensure her complexion looked flawless and concealed any imperfections with The Retoucher in Shade 2. Mini Miracle Eye Wand in shade 1 was applied to brighten under the eyes.
  1. Wiles continued Kirsten’s facial framework by contouring using killer cheekbones using red carpet favorite, Filmstar Bronze and Glow.
  1. Wiles finished the glowing complexion with Cheek to Chic Blusher in Love is the Drug on the apples of Kirsten’s cheeks for a youthful flush of color, followed with a light dusting of Airbrush Flawless Finish in Shade 1 to ensure long wear.
  2. Kirsten wanted her eyes to dazzle in front of the cameras. To achieve this look Wiles used Eyes to Mesmerise in Bette applied with a finger. The Feline Flick was then applied along the lash line and out to elongate the shape of the eye. Colour Chameleon in Black Diamonds was added into the liner and extended outwards to build up a strong definition and smudged for a smoky eye effect.
  3. To achieve true red-carpet glamour, Wiles applied two coats of Charlotte’s new Legendary Lashes mascara for an instant false lash effect. Wiles confirmed that Kirsten likes her brows well defined and applied Brow Lift in Brooke S to fill in any gaps.
  1. To complete the look, Wiles applied the retro red toned Matte Revolution in Red Carpet Red, lined with Lip Cheat in Savage Rose to ensure her pout was perfect.
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May 17, 2016

Ariana Grande’s Must-Have Performance Accessory!


LOS ANGELES – May 16, 2016 – Ariana Grande was photographed wearing Henri Bendel at Wango Tango this weekend in LA! The songstress dazzled during her performance wearing the Luxe Asscher Statement Necklace ($238;

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May 16, 2016

Best Bang-spiration for Every Face Shape!

Thinking about changing up your hairstyle with some fun new bangs? This is an easy way to spice up your look without going through a chemical process or having a major cut.  Even if your signature style is a ponytail or a messy bun, bangs transform a casual look into a chic, modern and totally put-together one.

Bangs are flattering for any age and hair texture, but having fab fringe means finding the right style for your face shape, and for your lifestyle! Kattia Solano of Butterfly Studio Salon, gives tips on finding the most flattering bang for you.

Oval: This shape is perfect for basically any bang. Select a bang that compliments your current cut to frame your face perfectly.

Round: Rounder shapes are pretty symmetrical. Choppy, asymmetrical bangs or long, face-framing bangs with a center part will help to elongate the face, drawing the eye upwards and giving your face more vertical space.



SQUARE: Square shapes have a narrow forehead and jawline. Thick and tapered bangs that are whispy will add more visual width to your forehead which will soften your features and make your eyes pop.


HEART: Heart Shapes have a wider forehead in comparison to their chin. For this shape, long and tapered bangs with center part or side swept will bring balance.





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May 16, 2016

How Can Dog Daycares Look After your Pets and How to Choose the Right Daycare?


You are about to go on a trip and worried about your pet dog. You are confused whether to leave it with a neighbor or keep it in your home. You can alleviate your anxiety by keeping your pet under the vigilance of experts in a dog daycare. In this article, we are going to take a look at how a dog daycare can benefit you.

Advantages of a Dog Daycare

# Social contact

A dog daycare offers your pet the ability to interact with other canines. Like all animals dogs too want to be in proximity to their own species. Spending time with other dogs can stimulate communication and social interaction. Like humans, they too can decide whom to communicate with and how to interact.

# Careful supervision

Daycares employ well-trained canine experts who take proper care of dogs. Each and every expert is aware of the habits and needs of canines and can cater to their problems with confidence and dexterity. You can be rest assured that your dog will stay unleashed, yet secure under the supervision of dedicated caregivers. Most daycares are subjected to constant evaluation, so that your dog can spend time in a safe and fun-filled atmosphere.

# Regular exercise

If you are wondering who would take your dog for walks, you can stop worrying. The experts at the daycare will make sure that your pet has daily exercises and goes out for walks.

# Flexible timing

Dog daycares offer half-day and full day services. You can keep your dogs as long as you want depending on your work schedule.

Now, that you have decided to keep your dog in a daycare, you must choose one in your locality that has the following attributes.

# Number of staffs

A daycare should maintain a proportional ratio of staff to dogs. If left unattended for a minute, dogs might break into a fight. Standard dog care rules say that at least two trained personnel should be present in a daycare. More the number of caregivers, the better it is to handle the canines. A place with more than 15 dogs should have at least 2 experts within 10 steps from where the animals are playing.

# Trained personnel

A good dog daycare has trained workers who can understand the body language of canines and assess whether they are facing any problem or not. You should verify if the team has complete knowledge of the dogs’ body language. They should be able to safely interrupt fights without causing any harm to themselves. In case of an emergency, the veterinary doctors associated with the daycare promptly look into the issue and treat the canines. Trained daycare members will look into each and every action of the dogs. If you ever hear a caregiver say that the canines can sort out their problems on their own and will not fight amongst themselves, you should immediately opt for a different daycare where the workers take their responsibilities seriously.

# Availability of outdoor facilities

Make sure that the daycare has the provisions to offer fresh atmosphere to the dogs. Like human beings dogs also need to breathe in fresh air. An open space can allow them to play and gambol around.

# Structure

Before you take your dog to a daycare, inspect its set-up. Dogs need to sleep and take rest. The daycare should have small rooms or cages for the dogs to rest. Also, it should comprise of separate resting areas for small and large dogs.

With the availability of daycares, you do not have to worry about your dogs when you are away from home. The next time you leave home for an urgent trip, you can keep your pet with trained dog care experts and stay in peace.

Author Bio – Elizabeth Norton is a canine specialist with  Her experience of over 10 years has made her a renowned name in the niche of dog care.

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May 16, 2016

Philosophy Oxenegating Eye Gel Really lives up to its name


I’ve been endlessly searching for the perfect eye cream especially now that I’m in my late 30s. Let me tell you that Philosophy really does live up to its “Take A Deep Breath” Oxygenating eye gel cream. The gel had a cooling effect, and it went on light and smooth. After the first application I saw instant results. It left my eyes looking well rested, refreshed and it even had a smoothing effect on the wrinkles that drive me crazy! My under eye dark circles were also immediately lighter and smoother. The bonus is that it even protects against environmental aggressors while the formula left my skin feeling refreshed and looking well-rested. This eye cream may be small but it sure proves that good things come in small packages!

View the collection at Philosophy here

Take a Deep Breath Movement with a co-branded inspiration digital video featuring U.S. soccer gold medalist Kelley O’Hara and YouTube star Nikki Phillippi


9a2ec186-5163-4fbc-8800-ff922e629ba1Vanessa & Natalia Altongy





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May 16, 2016

Expert Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer


Summer is almost here and before you know it, your kids will be running around having fun outdoors with their friends. And as any parent knows, when kids are having fun running wild and playing the day away, or caught up in the excitement of sports and social activities, they don’t necessarily pay attention to their surroundings and can easily get hurt or find themselves in unsafe situations.

The safety experts at background checking service BeenVerified want to help parents keep their kids safe this summer and enjoying it to their little hearts’ desire.

Justin Lavelle is the Communications Director at BeenVerified where he often writes about family safety. BeenVerified helps people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. It is a great tool to keep your kids and family safe, by giving you access to information about neighborhoods and people interacting with your child. BeenVerified is a leading source of online background checks and contact information. It allows individuals to find more information about people, phone numbers, email addresses, property records and criminal records in a way that’s fast, easy and affordable.

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe this Summer 

Parents and kids rejoice as Summer Break is just weeks away. No more lunches to pack, no more homework hustle at night, and less rushed mornings getting kids out of bed racing to beat the school bell. We can all breathe a united sigh of relief. With all the wonderful things summer offers, there’s also several things that parents need to be cautious of when it comes to their kids’ safety during the warm weather months. Whether your children attend a summer program, daycare, have a nanny, stay home alone during the day, or stay home with a parent, we’ve got a few tips to help keep your kids happy, healthy, and safe during this time of year and beyond:

  • Really Know Your Neighborhood — You may already be firmly planted in a wonderful, caring neighborhood where you know all your neighbors or maybe you’re newer to an area and are still getting to know your neighbors. Like Mr. Rogers said, “Who are the people in your neighborhood?” They may be more than the people you meet each day. Take a closer look at the neighbors surrounding your area by doing a little Google research and performing a background check to confirm there are no sex offenders or other violators to be concerned about. It will provide you with a huge piece of mind. Take it a step further and organize a neighborhood watch group. Work together as a team to help jointly keep your kids safe. Also make a point of not allowing your kids to answer the door when you’re not home unless they’re older teens and limit it to only people they know well. During the summer months there’s a record number of door-to-door salesman pushing everything from lawn care services to cleaning products. Ask them to never tell a stranger they’re home alone without parents or allow them into the house for any reason.
  • Parental Controls on the Internet — Parental controls are a very important step for parents to keep their kids safe while online. Even if you’re home with your kids and in another room, one simple video on YouTube can pop up and expose your kids to something way beyond on their years. One minute they’re watching Minecraft videos and the next video that pops up is adult content. Apps allow you to not only block inappropriate content, it lets you choose the rating such as G, PG, etc. You can also block certain sites and set timers so you don’t come home to find your kids have been on their iPads for 8 hours straight. Consider changing the password each day so you’re in control of what happens if your guidelines aren’t followed for electronics use. It’s also important to have serious, heart-to-heart talks with your kids about the importance of sharing their information online. Be explicit and let them know the dangers of strangers trying to find out their info and trying to entice them to meet under a fake persona. Make sure they know the real life dangers out there and that you’re not trying to control their personal.
  • A Different Kind of Stranger Danger — Kids today have been brought up with the term “stranger danger,” but to most kids it might just mean someone they don’t know knocking on your door or someone at the grocery store they shouldn’t speak to. Unfortunately in today’s society, it’s important to really talk to your kids about the dangers of strangers and those that are not strangers but are a danger. The challenge is speaking to them about these realities without scaring them or making them fearful of all people. Obviously you should speak to them about strangers hanging around playgrounds, public pools, and soccer/baseball fields. People that look suspicious and have no real reason to be at this spot. Tell them exactly what to do in this case such as telling their coach or other adult they trust. They should also know what to do in the event someone they do know or have met before acts in a behavior that doesn’t feel right. Be upfront and tell them to trust their instincts if an adult asks inappropriate questions or does something that makes them feel uncomfortable (touching, talking about sex, etc.)—even if they know this person or “should” trust them. Explain this could be a coach, volunteer, or even a parent driving them to practices. There’s a fine line between sharing too little and too much information, but it’s crucial they know how to handle these situations if they arise. Make them feel comfortable telling another adult or to call or tell you immediately. As a parent, it’s a good idea to check out the people your child will be in contact with beforehand by doing a simple background check (using a service such as It’s a good idea to check out coaches, car pool parents, and neighbors or community members who may interact with your kids.
  • Set-up Guidelines for Sports & Activities — Make a point of arriving and picking up on time. Never drop off your kids too early or late without an adult present. Require your kids to remain at the field, school, event, or in a designated area with an adult until you arrive for pickup. If you’re not sure an adult will be present, contact another parent attending and ask for their help. Always try to have a back-up person appointed in the event you’re stuck in traffic, caught in a meeting, or just running late. You can forge this agreement with a fellow parent you trust. You can be the “go to” person for their child and them for yours. Provide your child with their phone number as well. Request your kids never “start off” for home on their own. If your child isn’t going to attend, let the appropriate people know.
  • Rules & Parent Check-Ins — Make a simple rule with your caregivers (if possible) or kids to have daily check-ins at specific times so you know your kids are safe and you can be at work without constant worry. Be clear about your household rules and rules outside the home and what the consequences are for not following the rules. It might make sense to buy a basic, non-smart phone or reloadable cellphone for your tweens and teens for the summer if they’ll be busy and away from you during the day. This makes check-ins easy and you’re able to reach your kids when you need to or if there’s an emergency and they need you. Having expectations for your kids during the day can be a positive thing as well, like having a set of daily chores that are expected of them (such as feeding pets, making bed and picking up room, reading for 30 minutes, etc.).
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May 16, 2016

8th Annual Pink Pump Affair Tea and Fashion Show benefiting Special Needs Network

Sunday afternoon, May 15th saw a few hundred fashionable ladies come out to the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles for the 8th Annual Pink Pump Affair Tea and Fashion Show benefiting Special Needs Network.  Special Needs Network President, television personality Areva Martin greeted celebrity guests on the Pink Carpet as everyone sipped champagne, delighted in chocolate covered strawberries and bid on silent auction items as they waited in anticipation for the festivities to begin.

Guests were treated to high tea, complete with courses that included fruits, an exquisite array of finger sandwiches and elegant desserts.  Not a sound was heard while all eyes were on the Dena Burton fashion show as everyone watched gorgeous gowns and colorful pant and top ensembles light up the catwalk.  Event supporters then bid for weekend getaways, gourmet wine parties, concert packages and other amazing experiences during the high-energy live auction portion of the program.

This year’s event was themed “The World Is Our Oyster” and honored women of distinction who have dedicated their life’s work to helping children.  Honorees included boxer Laila Ali, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Keuhl, women’s health specialist Dr. Gail N. Jackson and anchorwoman Gabriela Teissier on behalf of Univision Television 34.  The Mistress of Ceremony was popular anchorwoman Pat Harvey from CBS2 Los Angeles.  Other notable guests included actresses Shari Belafonte, Anna Maria Horsford and Kelsey Scott along with New Orleans Saints football player James Anderson, model-actress Eugenia Kuzmina and Dancing With The Stars’ Edyta Sliwinska.

The afternoon’s celebration ended with guests lining up to further indulge themselves in a candy bar where filling their bags with sweets and candies was encouraged.  Of course a Tinsel Town event would not be complete without
everyone going home with yet another gift bag loaded with trinkets and treasures.

Special Needs Network is a Los Angeles based non-profit dedicated to providing education, advocacy, legislation and resources for those families with children on the autism spectrum and for those children with other special needs.  For more information on Special Needs Network go to

Here are some of the lovely guests:

Areva Martin (SNN President, TV Host & Legal Correspondent) & Edyta Slwinska (Dancing With The Stars)

areva martin

 Laila Ali (Honoree, Professional Boxer)
 Laila Ali


Shari Belafonte (General Hospital)

Shari Belafonte (General Hospital)


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