April 28, 2016

Give Mom a fabulous and healthy fragrance for Mother’s Day


I love all things Vanilla. I just adore the scent and it is one of the few scents my husband doesn’t mind smelling.  That is one of the main reasons I gravitate toward Vanilla. I also love the brand Lavanila. They offer a vast array of healthy skincare and perfumes and each fragrance is infused with the fragrance of Vanilla. I have tried many fragrances from the Lavanila line and Vanilla Blackberry has gone to the top of my list of favorites. Perfumes from Lavanila will also make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Imagine the delicate sweet aroma of ripe blackberry, juicy raspberry, velvet iris, and warm Madagascar vanilla. Most likely you can’t imagine it so you will have to try it for yourself. You wont’ be disappointed if you like fruity, florally fragrances and with, of course, a touch of vanilla.

You won’t be able to resist some of their intoxicating scents like Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Summer, and Vanilla Passionfruit to name a few.

Lavanila fragrances are crafted by natural perfumers and are all-natural fragrances. Lavanila fragrances offer you the world’s first healthy fragrance, and as stated by Lavanila, “organic sugar cane alcohol is infused with skin saving antioxidants for a modern twist on the classic art of perfumery.”  Lavanila fragrances contain no phthalates, propylene glycol or aldyhydes. Lavanila prides itself on its formulas containing no harsh chemicals that can damage and irritate the skin and senses. They use only  organic sugar cane alcohol with exotic essential oils and botanicals for 100% healthy fragrances.

Try Lavanila fragrances in a rollerball (shown below), they are available in 8 fragrances. I have 3 of them and I love each one.

Remember Lavanila this Mother’s Day. Lavanila is all things VANILLA!!!!





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