February 17, 2016

Incorporate Love Into Your Home Year-round

Love_Heart_Valentines_Day_Julee_Ireland_TelevisionFebruary 14 is the day that we celebrate love but I believe that love should be celebrated every day.  I recently had the pleasure of sharing these four simple tips to incorporate love into your home and life year-round on the Studio 10 Tampa show with Stephanie Webb and Toby Hall and I wanted to share them with all of you. Yes, that’s Toby Hall as in the former Major Baseball League pro baseball player for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. He was the co-host for the day and it was quite fitting as his Anniversary was on February 14! We had a lot of fun. Be sure to watch the video clip on our blog and I hope these tips bring lots of love into your home.


1. The entry to your home is your first impression and it’s the perfect place to set the tone for Love. People tend to glance to the right as they enter a home so it’s a great place to display a beautiful table with an open bowl or a family or couples portrait on the wall holding hands, sharing a kiss or family hug. Remember, if you enter a home with a feeling of Love, you will exit with Love.
2. Out of our five senses, the strongest is our sense of smell. Scents remind us of people, places, and life experiences that we love. A scent has the ability to transcend us to another time and place. Placing candles or essential oil room fragrance throughout your home in various scents that fit the mood that you wish to evoke in each room, is a great way to connect your sense of smell to your heart and home. You can easily create feelings of happiness, harmony, tranquility and Love. Lemon and Orange is uplifting, Lavender is calming and is known to relive stress, Eucalyptus promotes balance, and Vanilla or Ylang Ylang is alluring and romantic. My candle pick besides my own soy candles at www.juleeireland.com is a line I discovered at Cosmoprof called Naturally Bare. These are Reiki Infused Organic Soy Candles with a line of body products. I love that they are all natural, affordable and I love the clean sophisticated look of the line!  www.naturally-bare.com
3. There’s no better way to bring instant love into any room in your home than through a vase of fresh, fragrant, colorful flowers. Choose a vase that fits the look and feel of your room and use a variety of seasonal stems that match your accent color in your room to brighten your space year around. When it comes to roses my favorite company is Spring in the Air Luxury Roses.  What could be better than two dozen Roses fresh from the grower in Colombia sent straight to your doorstep? I order the roses monthly and because they are fresh they last two to three times longer than flowers that you purchase through a supplier such as a florist or grocery store.  They are the most beautiful roses ever! I promise you will love them. www.springintheair.com It’s a Glam Thing exclusive. Use coupon code WOW at checkout for 15% off your order!
4. Surround yourself with Love at home by displaying meaningful art, photos, books, or words to remind you daily of the things that matter most in your life. Make your home a gallery filled with Love. Wayfair is my go to place for everything for the home. They have great prices and something for everyone’s taste.  The wall art I featured on the show is from Wayfair.  www.wayfair.com

I hope these tips and a few of my favorite brands help you to celebrate love year-round. xoxo

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