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January 30, 2016

Expose Yourself and Get Noticed


By Lisa Gal

Born on accident, Expose Yourself PR has been off and running for the past 4 years. Let them customize a plan for you and your business. Whether it be branding and identity or content creation, they are ready to listen. No social media presence? No problem, Expose Yourself PR can help. Let them help you get in front of the people that mean the most. They secured our Screen Actors Guild Hollywood Swag Bag a feature in The National Examiner!

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January 29, 2016

Get your Daily Boost


By Lisa Gal

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, so why not boost your daily intake with mykind Organics Vitamin C Organic sprays! Made from organic whole foods, it supports your immune system while promoting skin and tissue health. Ever heard of Alma Berry? Well neither had I, but fortunately for us Garden of Life has and they found that it is one of the richest forms of vitamin C which is why they included it in their organic spray. Available in two delicious liquid spray organic flavors—orange-tangerine and cherry-tangerine. This weekend they will be included in the Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent.

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January 28, 2016

DIY Chocolate Coconut Sugar Hand Scrub from Celebrity Manicurist and Owner of As U Wish Nail Salon, Skyy Hadley


This sweet and tasty scrub is perfect to revive dry hands and feet! The cocoa in this scrub is rich in antioxidants which are very beneficial to your skin. Skin is very absorbent and will draw the antioxidants from the cocoa, helping to battle free radical damage that makes it look dehydrated and dull.

1 cup loosely packed brown sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil (in solid form)
1/3 cup almond oil
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
a few drops of coconut extract or essential oil

Add all ingredients together in a large bowl and mix until combined. Make sure to mix enough so there are no chunks remaining. To use the scrub, simply rub it all over your hands and feet and let sit for about 5 minutes. Rinse it off using warm water and follow up with a hydrating moisturizer.

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January 28, 2016

SeaSnax, a Healthier Alternative to Chips


By Lisa Gal

SeaSnax is roasted seaweed at it’s finest. They begin with “sustainably-grown organic seaweed and roast it to perfection with just a touch of organic extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.” With only 25 calories per serving, what have you got to lose, except your cravings? A favorite of Hollywood celebrities, SeaSnax will be gifted in the Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent. If you don’t like seaweed, it’s because you haven’t tried SeaSnax! Find them at your local Whole Foods Market or click here for more locations.

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January 28, 2016

A Candle on a Mission


By Lisa Gal

By Lisa Gal

Made with a Mission is the brainchild of entrepreneur Laura Cameron. Housed in beautiful recycled glass not only is Cameron helping to save the environment, but 49% of her sales go to the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado. Just like the second chance the recycled beer and wine bottles are given that had been once tossed aside, the people at the mission are also given that same opportunity, a second chance. Cameron leases a workshop on the missions campus where she holds workshops, but she also hires clients from the Springs Rescue Mission as a place for them to learn and help with their rehabilitation. Now that’s a purchase you can feel good about. Made with a Missions seasonal Spring candle with Black Currant and Spearmint (Barber Shop with Bergamot and Spicy Vanilla pictured) will be gifted in the Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent this red carpet weeken

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January 27, 2016

Take the Dieter Quiz: True or False

True or False: Skipping a meal helps you lose weight

Have you ever heard this? Girl, I’m going to skip breakfast and lunch, so I can drop a few pounds before the party tonight, then when I get there, get my grub on. Now, tell me do you really think that will work? FALSE, as a matter of fact you are doing more harm than good to your body. Skipping meals puts your body in starvation mode. It will hold on to everything you have stored, because it thinks this could be it’s last meal. Your brain turns to mush and you can’t focus, plus you get hangry. Yeah, you heard me, hangry is real (hungry and anger). You know as well as I do that you are most definitely going to that party and going overboard on the eating. Trust me I know. When your blood sugar drops, you are just not yourself. You lash out and become very mean. Beyond being mean, you self-sabotage by over-eating when you finally get your hands on food. Binge eating happens and then you end up GAINING weight, which was your reason for skipping meals in the first place, was to lose weight. So don’t skip meals, eat sensibly, without having heavy meals but put something in your body so you can function. You must feed your body in order to lose weight, I know it sounds crazy, but it is true.

True or False: Your genetics determine your weight

Come on guys say it with me ”Everybody in my family is big boned!” Hmm, have you ever seen a big-boned skeleton? I haven’t but, I have tried to use this one myself! But it is false! Your genetics make up 70% of your size, 10% diet and 10% fitness. We, as a family tend to be about the same size because we eat the same way. We generally have the same eating habits. Let’s break the cycle. It really isn’t as hard as you think. Something you can do today to make a change, eat one healthy meal today, go ahead make your next meal balanced, appropriate portions and full of leafy vegetables.

Clock True or False: Eating after 8pm makes you gain weight?

Here is another one we have all heard “I don’t eat after 8pm, I don’t want to gain weight.” This is so FALSE. Unless you go to bed at 8 you should still give your body fuel. If you are awake your body is still functioning. You should eat every 3 to 4 hours no matter the time. I am not saying eat a big mac and fries late at night but eat something like nuts, fruit, and even popcorn. You want something light and satisfying so that your metabolism keeps working. The only time you don’t eat is when you are asleep, hence breakfast! You wake up and eat, breaking that fast! You have to eat to lose weight (remember myth #2, no starving the body).

True or False: Going vegetarian to lose weight

I think I am so, over this, let me repeat so OVER people doing this! It is FALSE you are not going to lose weight just because you are going vegetarian. Elephants are vegetarian and they are not skinny. However, the lions are meat eaters and they are lean, fast and powerful. Just because you are given up meat doesn’t mean that your food doesn’t have calories. It is true if you stop eating meat and are eating plant based food, eating more fruits and vegetables, which tend to be less calories and really filling, you can lose weight. But if your idea of being a vegetarian is eating larger portions of high calories food like French fries, creamy pasty and of course that wonderful veggie pizza then you are most likely going to gain weight. The key is to eat a balanced meal, proper portions even with meat! Me myself I love being a Lioness!

True or False: Eating all you want because I exercise

I saved the best for last! Because this was surely me! It is False. I was that chick who was at the gym every morning at 5:30am when they opened, did my cardio, hit the weights and ate EVERYTHING I wanted. Oh yeah, I was a size 24. I would totally tell myself, I can eat this, I work out! Well so not true! Losing weight is very simple, it’s all about the numbers, calories in vs. calories out! Math is not my favorite subject but hey, I figured it out. In order to lose weight, I had to burn more calories than I consume, simple!

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January 27, 2016

un – VEIL your glowing skin with Sunset Light



I love skincare products that perform more than one duty. Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light, created by celebrity makeup artist Sebastien Tardif, is one of those products. I took Veil Sunset Light, (Primer, Serum and Mixing Base all in one) with me on vacation and it was a hit with my two daughters and me. We each liked a particular element of this unique formula.

My oldest daughter used Sunset Veil as a “Serum”. She doesn’t wear much makeup and has oily skin. She liked the light weight formula that is water-based. It made her skin feel great, like she applied a sheer cover over her skin making it look radiant. There was no oily skin to deal with after using Sunset Light.

My second daughter, a serious make-up wearer wanted Sunset Light for its “Primer” feature. She loved how it felt after she applied it and her make-up stayed on all day. This is a great feature because I had the camera out constantly taking photos of the girls and their skin looked great throughout the day.

I, on the other hand, loved the “Mixing Base” aspect of Sunset Light. I combined it with my foundation and applied it to my face and had great results. My foundation spread evenly and looked flawless. You can also add Sunset Light to your concealer and creams assuring you an even spread of your product with great hydration. Sunset Light also states that this serum has light-reflective optics giving the appearance of healthy, glowing skin.

Sunset Veil contains a unique blend of extracts and peptides which result in Brighter, Plump, and smooth skin. Sunset Light also has anti-aging properties which my older daughter especially likes.

You can find this fabulous 3 in 1 formula at

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January 27, 2016

Shorten your Cold Naturally

ColdEezeNatural ColdEze

By Lisa Gal

Shorten your cold naturally? Seems impossible right, but Cold-Eeze has figured it out. With 2X Zincum Gluconicum the new QuickMelts and Cold Remedy Lozenges are the way to go for faster relief. Available at in natural Honey Lemon flavor and all natural Mixed Berry flavor and soon to be gifted to Hollywood Swag Bags Four Seasons SAG Award gifting for the SAG Awards nominees and talent. Do get left in the cold.

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January 27, 2016

Get your Cell Phone ADOPTED


By Lisa Gal

Leather cell phone case? Yes please! ADOPTED is cutting edge when it comes to cell phone and MacBook protection. With collections from Barney’s to Target you’re sure to find what fits your style (and budget). ADOPTED was named twice on the top 10 best iPhone 6 cases for gifting this year by Vogue. Usher is already loving his python case he sported in selfies on Instagram. Leonardo DeCaprio, Cate Blanchett and Johnny Depp will soon get to show off theirs too when they receive one in their Four Seasons Hotel Gift Bag to honor SAG Award Nominees and talent.

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January 26, 2016

Vulnerability at its Finest

Hello Hello,

New music to come, new music to come….yes. But beyond that, releasing new music or sharing anything at all whether you are having a conversation with your best friend and divulging a secret, giving a speech to your graduating class, or releasing a new song that was written by you, doing any of these things is not easy. Being open and vulnerable is probably one of the most difficult things to do in this world and everyone knows how it feels to be waiting and anticipating a response. I love writing music because it makes me happy and is immensely fun. If you are enjoying yourself, go for it. Who cares about what the reaction or response of everyone else will be because you can’t control that anyway. We must live life doing things for others of course because we all care about other people. But we also must live life and do things for ourselves. Am I nervous to release a new song and anticipating whether people will love it, like it, hate it, (the list goes on)…. of course. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it anyway and shouldn’t share it with the world. So share what you love with the world….

ALSO, big thank you and shootout to my amazing co-writer and producer David Pramik. He was a wonderful artist to work with and he taught me so much about the process of creating music. We had a blast in the studio and becoming friends, I am lucky to know him! Check out his music on sound

Love you all, thanks for reading and waiting for my music 🙂





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