November 30, 2015

5 Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list

Julee Ireland Michelle Money

Julee Ireland, It’s a Glam Thing   & Michelle Money, Good Things Utah

Show: Good Things Utah

Date: 11-30-2015

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“Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List”

It’s a Glam Thing  Julee Ireland, Lifestyle and DIY Expert with Good Thing Utah’s Michelle Money  presents some holiday gift ideas and a “DIY on the Fly” gift idea…


1. Max Mirani Move Mobile Closet is the perfect gift for the Jet Setter in the family!

The Move Mobile Closet

The Move Mobile Closet

The Move Mobile Closet is a carry-on approved suitcase that serves as your complete mobile wardrobe. It has an adjustable shelf system that neatly stores shirts, pants, skirts and more. It has special pockets for undergarments, ties, and accessories with a separate toiletry, shoe and garment bag that zips-out and goes straight from your suitcase to your closet. The Move Mobile Closet is 2 carry-ons in one. The entire wardrobe system ingeniously zips-out to become a separate shoulder tote leaving the shell empty for packing spontaneous purchases. This patented feature nearly doubles the capacity of the suitcase in seconds and gives you two carry-ons in one. The eye catching suitcase comes in several sizes, styles and colors with a 4-stage telescopic handle and four 360° swivel wheels making the MOVE ultra-maneuverable in the narrowest of airplane aisles. The lightweight and durable shell is created using German-made 100% Pure Polycarbonate resins, the same material used to make bulletproof glass. The Move Mobile Closet truly brings new meaning to the words “living out of a suitcase,” and has quickly become a favorite accessory of business travelers, professionals, and celebrities. Price starts at $150 for briefcases and up.

2. Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer is the perfect gift for teens and photography enthusiast!

 Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer

Instax Share Smartphone Wireless Printer

Polaroid cameras are still all the rage and now you can create and print perfect Polaroid photos right from your smartphone! Just download the Instax Share app to your phone, load the Fuji Instax Film into your printer and you are ready to go. It works with an android or iPhone and offers added features to spruce up your photos such as filters, design templates and date time stamps. This mini printer is easy to use and allows you to print the perfect photo to capture and document all of life’s special moments. This little printer packs hours of enjoyment! Price range from $140 and up. Available at most major retailers and

3. Peter Pauper Press Coloring Books and Pencils

Peter Pauper Press Coloring Books and Pencils

Peter Pauper Press Coloring Books and Pencils


Who says coloring is just for kids? The latest trend to hit the store shelves is adult coloring books. Peter Pauper Press has introduced their “Not Just For Kids” line of coloring books. Studies reveal that coloring books are a great stress reliever and the perfect way to get away from our phones, tablets and computers to get back to basics! So pick up a crayon, colored pencil or marker and allow yourself to be transported back to the carefree, relaxed feeling of childhood play. Price range $7.99 and up. Available at most major retailers and

4. Hover Board is the latest trend and makes the Perfect Gift for the Entire Family!

Hover Board

Hover Board

The future of personal transportation has now arrived! The Hover Board has quickly become the latest craze for people of all ages. This eco-friendly electric vehicle is the newest mode of transportation that boasts up to 10 m.p.h. and can go up to 12 miles on a single charge depending on the brand an model that you purchase. If you can ride a bike, ski or skate then you can master the Hover Board. The Hover Board is something the whole family can enjoy together and it’s also the perfect way to ride around campus or town. Prices range from $150 and up. Available at most major retailers and

5. DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland – Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray is the perfect gift for your girlfriend!

DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland - Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray

DIY on the Fly by Julee Ireland – Multi-Use Tiered Jewelry and/or Serving Tray

It is easier than you think to make this beautiful handmade gift! You can use new or vintage items the choice is yours. Get creative and don’t be afraid to mix color, texture and shape. I love to use plates or candlesticks that I find at the dollar store, thrift stores, neighborhood garage sales or by sifting through my own cabinets. You can make something beautiful to give as a gift without spending a lot of money.

Supplies: Three plates (glass, china or plastic) or two plates and one small bowl in varied sizes, shapes and color that appeal to you. Two small candlesticks that coordinate with your plates or your plates and bowl. Heavy-duty

Step One: Start by putting your largest plate on the bottom and use your glue gun to glue one candlestick in the middle of your plate.

Step Two: Glue your middle size plate to the top of the candlestick. Now you should have two tiers to your jewelry/serving tray.

Step Three: Glue your second candlestick to the middle of your plate and then glue your small plate or bowl to the top of the candlestick to complete your third tier.

Step Four: (Optional) You can glue a small knob or a cut wooden dowel to the center of the top of your small plate or bowl to use as a ring holder or as a handle to easily rotate your multi-use tiered jewelry and or serving tray in a circle.







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