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August 26, 2015

Linda Eisner offers Simple Tricks that Will Enhance Your Eyes

Here is a simple trick that looks great on everyone. It opens up the eyes to make them appear bright, fresh and larger. In my opinion, too many people wear dark colors on the upper lid. This adds weight and makes the eye look smaller and tired. By applying a light color along the upper lash line, the eye is not weighed down. We need to add a dark seductive color on the bottom lash line to shape and contour underneath the eye. Apply mascara and you will see how the light color shows through the mascara and opens up your eyes. Like magic, your eyes will appear bigger and brighter.

Pencil Me In offers a terrific selection of upper lid colors. For example, 24 Karat, Pink Lady, Denim, Sky, Mint, Platinum, Meteor, Purple Passion, and Snow are colors for enhancing the upper lid. In addition, we offer pencils with subtle glitter. They are called the “Sparks”; Champagne Sparks, Mint Sparks, Orchid Sparks, Pink Lady Sparks, Jet Sparks and Sky Sparks. Some darker colors that we suggest you use on the lower lash line are Amethyst, Black Velvet, Boysenberry, Brownie, Char-Kohl, Emerald City, Indigo, Lapis, Liberty Green, One Cent & Silky Suede. It is not necessary to match the same colors for upper and lower lids. Mix it up and/or match your clothing.

ABOUT: I’m Linda Eisner, the founder of Pencil Me In Cosmetics. I have over 30 years of experience designing, developing & creating cosmetics brands. If you are looking to create our own brand, I can help you. I created Pencil Me In natural eyeliner pencils for salons, spas, boutiques and healthy stores to be able to sell a quality product at a reasonable cost. We offer 2 display styles and 30 great colors to choose from. Our goal is to be partnering with establishments that understand the value of offering their clients quality and value. Consider selling Pencil Me In natural eyeliners in your store and suggesting it to your favorite local shop. Order online at
Natural Ingredient Eyeliner Pencils in 30 Fun Colors to Fit Every Style

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August 25, 2015

Sheryl Lee Ralph & Sheen magazine

The dynamic and vivacious SHERYL LEE RALPH graces the Cover of SHEEN MAGAZINE on the exclusive 2015 September/October edition, “TIMELESS BEAUTY” Issue.

The legendary actress, SHERYL LEE RALPH is the standard for what a classy, timeless woman embodies. Sheryl has been on the acting scene since she was a very young woman and later blossomed into the original Dreamgirl “Deena Jones” on Broadway. Many know Sheryl as “Dee,” our favorite step mother on Moesha, or as “Maggie Turner” on Nickelodeon’s Instant Mom. The multi talented actress lives by the acronym D.I.V.A– Divinely, Inspired, Victoriously, Alive.

SHEEN Magazine Cover featuring actress SHERYL LEE RALPH

SHEEN Magazine Cover featuring actress SHERYL LEE RALPH

Are you a D.I.V.A.?

Following Sheryl’s lead, Sheen traces the everlasting elegance of women over the years including Eartha Kitt, Pam Grier and more. Celebrity makeup artist, Renny Vasquez, who has “beat” the faces of Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union, gives his insight on fall makeup trends. With cool weather approaching, keeping your skin and lips hydrated is a must! They have the best lip exfoliates and beauty secrets you need in your beauty arsenal!

Also, Dr. Paul Nassif from Botched on E! explains the enticing world of extreme plastic surgery. Do you need “tress relief?” SHEEN answers your hair questions! Queen of Color and Cuts, Cynthia Meadows, gives us tips about keeping hair healthy in living color. Hairstylist Highlight, Gocha Hawkins, takes center stage on her new role on LA Hair.

Let’s dish!

Lifestyle blogger and journalist Tami Reed talks blogging and Stylist Ayanna J talks how social media landed her the job of her dreams. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon balances business and pleasure. Featured Mandate, Tank, tells us how he becomes the ultimate tempter on TV One’s Born Again Virgin. Wendy Raquel Robinson channels her inner Tasha Mack. Karen Clark Sheard speaks on her legacy while #ILoveMyPastor contest winner, Dr. Joseph L. Williams, shares his spiritual journey.

Read all about it! SHEEN MAGAZINE’s September/October “Timeless Beauty” issue on stands August 28, 2015.

SHEEN MAGAZINE is The Ultimate Beauty Guide and can be purchased nationally at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Books-A-Million, and Barnes & Noble. Visit Sheen online at and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @sheenmagazine.

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August 25, 2015

Zappos puts the U in Uniform


Zappo - Back to School, boy, girl

Zappos – Back to School

Just because your kids’ school requires them to wear a uniform, it doesn’t mean their personalities shouldn’t still have a chance to shine.
While many schools dictate the essentials (i.e. polos, khakis, white shoes, etc.), accessories and embellishments allow your kids to put the “you” in “uniform” and bridge the gap between conformity and individuality.
To that end, Zappos works with top brands to sell uniform apparel and footwear that offer quality, durability and the ability to be customized.
So, how can a uniform be customized*? Here are some ideas from Zappos’ team of back-to-school fashion stylists to help get your creative juices flowing:
  1. Get carried away with your backpack! Backpacks are an essential part of any school ensemble, whether your kids wear uniforms or not. Pins, accessories, fabric paint, key chain characters, and other colorful touches can help personalize one of the many backpacks on
  2. Take a big step toward individuality by putting your best foot forward. If your school requires white shoes, take a pair of plain Keds, Vans or Converse and customize to your heart’s desire. Whether it’s through tie-dye, Sharpie art or acrylic paint, DIY-ing is a great way to spend quality time together before the kids head back to class.
  3. Speaking of shoes, if you think there’s only one standard way to tie shoelaces, think again! A quick online search yields dozens of step-by-step tutorials on creative ways to tie shoes. Choose from artful lacing styles like “The Starburst,” “The Basketcase” and “The Double Trouble.”
  4. Need a simple and cheap way for your kids to stay stylish under their school uniforms? Look no further than funky socks! Instead of opting for a traditional pair of dark gray or black socks, try embracing a little color and a whole lot of pattern for their feet.
  5. As fall approaches, it’s important for your kids to stay warm … and look cool. has a huge selection of jackets and coats in bright colors and cool patterns from top designers. And although they provide the perfect opportunity to show off their personalities, it’s not just about style — our line ofouterwear is as durable as it is fashionable to stand up against even the harshest of winters.
  6. When it rains, your kid’s personality can still shine. Umbrellas are a perfect way to show that a few showers don’t dampen your creativity. We have you covered (literally!) in the rain with designs likeBatman, Hello Kitty, and popular lines of umbrellas from Hatley Kids and Vera Bradley.
  7. School supplies like pencil cases, lunch bags, and binders are also perfect for customization. Before your kids get back to the books, have them get crafty with fun DIY projects that can make any ordinary school supply seem extraordinary.
  8. For girls, headbands, hair clips, ribbons, bracelets, necklaces and belts are just a few other options to show off their creativity. They may want to stick with a couple favorites, or wear a different combination every day. Just figure out what works within the dress code and then go for it.
  9. For boys, after school activities mean freedom from the classroom and the school uniform. Buy them some bold and bright athletic wear from Under Armour, Nike, or Adidas, and see their inner superstar shine through.
  10. For a final touch, why not add a fun and functional timepiece to the mix? It’s the perfect pop of personality on your kid’s wrist. Whether they prefer a more classic analog look or a bright and colorful digital watch, at least you’ll know they’ll always be fashionably on time for class.
*Be sure to check with your school to be sure what can be altered and what can’t.


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August 25, 2015

Park Avenue Fashion Week!!!

Fashion, fashion and (you guessed it) MORE FASHION!!!!! I can never seem to get away from the excitement of designers, models, runways and more. And with Park Avenue Fashion Week in just 53 days, I can hardly sit still. This 7 day event will take place October 11-17 with an Emerging Designers Contest, and will celebrate the Winter Park fashion retail and design community. Saturday the 17th will be the runway event under a beautiful 20,00- sq. ft. tent, you will not want to miss this. This epic event is presented by Harriet Lake.

Tickets are on sale now at! Come join for fashion, meet & greets, trunk show, VIP events & SO MUCH MORE!!! See you there and stay tuned for more leading up to the event.

Park Avenue Fashion Week logo

Park Avenue Fashion Week logo

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August 24, 2015

Five reasons men are waxing today

Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar

Move Over Ladies, Five Reasons Men Are Waxing Today (and What They are Waxing)

According to IBISWorld, an independent research firm, the waxing and nail salon market in American is an $11 billion per year segment. It’s also growing at nearly eight percent each year. One reason for the growth is that men are tapping into the art of waxing and coming out smoother than ever. Some call it ‘manscaping,’ while others call it following the celebrity trends. Either way, the art of men getting waxed is here, and it’s here to stay.

“Men today are getting waxed for a variety of reasons,” explains Katherine Goldman, celebrity waxologist and owner of the Stript Wax Bar. “It’s been a growing trend for several years and it’s just becoming increasingly more popular. The more men that learn about their waxing options, the more that opt to have it done.”

Here are five reasons why men are opting for being waxed today:

  1. Aesthetics. Most men who get waxed do so because many people like the way it looks. Waxing offers a smooth and clean look that the men themselves prefer. Many men and women alike feel that men look sexier when they have been waxed.
  2. Feel. There are some men who have a lot more hair on their body than others. There are many men who seek waxing services to try to minimize that, which helps them to feel better and be more confident. The waxing helps to make them look great, as well as feel confident.
  3. Preferences. Some men get waxed because there are women who prefer the non-hairy look. If they have a wife, girlfriend, or significant other who prefers the waxed look, then there is a good chance they will opt to have it done regularly.
  4. Careers and interests. There are many men who are waxed because they need to be for work purposes or they are bodybuilders, who want to showcase the hard work they have been doing. There are many male actors, athletes, performers, entertainers, and bodybuilders, who wax on a regular basis.
  5. To understand. There are men who try waxing so that they can gain a better understanding of the process that the women in their life go through. It gives them a new perspective on what is involved in looking great and keeping up on it.

“We help men look sexier every day and we love that we can take part in doing that,” added Goldman. “There are waxing options for every man and every situation. It’s an art that is here to stay.”

One of the most popular waxing treatments that men are getting at Stript Wax Bar today is called the BROzillian, where they have their genital area waxed. Additional options include waxing the brow, nose, ears, chest, arms, back, and stomach. Men can opt for the full BROzillian, or the mini-BROzillian. Stript Wax Bar also offers signature soaps, including one for men called the Bro-Bar, which is all natural and can be used for washing everything in the shower, including the hair and body.

Stript Wax Bar has locations throughout California, including in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Lafayette, Oakland, Pacifica, and San Jose. They specialize in offering top-of-the line waxing services for men and women, using the highest quality hard wax from Europe. In addition to waxing all areas of the body, they offer facials, spray tans, brow shaping, and make-up application. For more information, visit the website at:

About Stript Wax Bar

Stript Wax Bar is a salon dedicated to the art of waxing. They are devoted to delivering high-quality waxing services using the highest quality products in a comfortable and clean environment. With numerous unique services in various locations across California for both men and women, Stript Wax Bar has established themselves as an innovative and trending company. For more information, visit the website at:



IBISWorld. Personal waxing & nail salons in the U.S. Market Research Report.













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August 21, 2015


Los Angeles, CA – Steve Nguyen & Associates (“SNA”) will host their annual Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite 2015 presented by Roxx Vodka in honor of the Pre-MTV Video Music Awards on August 28th & 29th. The exclusive luxury suite will be held at the Kensington Ballroom of The London West Hollywood, from 11:00am – 6:00pm. SNA’s US and Global Team has hand selected the top leading brands and lifestyle products in apparel, accessories, cosmetics, high-end skincare, electronics, spirits, and food & beverages. The Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite will offer guests the opportunity to walk away with gifts and premium packages while providing on-site indulgences such as a beauty spa and treatments. Attendees will get to enjoy the experience of sensational food and signature cocktails from the TASTINGS 2015 International Review of Spirits, Gold Award winning spirits brand, Roxx Vodka. Tastings gave Roxx Vodka a score of 92 Points, reviewing it as “Exceptional”.

The London West Hollywood logo

The London West Hollywood logo

When Steve Nguyen, Founder of Steve Nguyen & Associates, launched his companies he set out to make a difference in the world. At this year’s suite, SNA will donate proceeds to a non-profit organization, It Gets Better Project. Additionally, the charity will be able to auction off a complete Steve Nguyen & Associates Legacy Lounge celebrity gift bag and the unique opportunity to connect with various celebrities in attendance.

“It has been a dream of mine to make a difference,” says Steve Nguyen, Chairman and CEO of Steve Nguyen & Associates, “and now my absolute pleasure to be donating $5,000 in event space and thousands of dollars in products and services to this life-changing charity to auction. I love a party with a purpose!”

Celebrities who visit SNA’s Legacy Lounge Iconic Suite will also have the opportunity to go home with an exclusive gift bag filled with the newest tech gadgets, ahead of market fashion accessories, health and fitness products, spirit(s) bottles, skincare lines, cosmetics, and other leading products.

SNA hosts three Legacy Lounge events annually in anticipation of major award shows in both film and music. Through our effective event-driven brand promotion, product placement and celebrity gifting event, the Legacy Lounge has successfully helped launch new brands, rehabilitate old products, and kept healthy brands ahead of the competition. The Legacy Lounge is a unique opportunity to network and forge personal connections with key talent and media to increase the brand awareness of a product and the company.

Steve Nguyen & Associates (SNA) is an integrated 360° public relations, marketing, branded entertainment, prints & advertising, talent endorsements & seeding, and events & sponsorships media firm based in Beverly Hills, California. At its heart, SNA represents talent, major brands and film & television properties ranging from music artists, pro-athletes and motion picture film & television actors; to brands across fashion, beauty, skincare, fitness, retail, health, technology, and food & beverage. SNA develops comprehensive creative solutions to overcome complex marketing challenges by integrating trusted and proven methods with adaptive, emerging techniques: innovative entertainment hooks, special event planning, robust media planning, live performances, experiential messaging and lifestyle public relations. Connect with Steve Nguyen & Associates on Twitter @SNA_PR, Instagram @SNA_PR, Facebook For more information on Steve Nguyen & Associates visit

Founded in 2010 by Dan Savage and Terry Miller, the It Gets Better Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses all forms of media and engagement to reach LGBT youth worldwide in order to provide critical support and hope that life indeed gets better. Through the organization’s messages of hope, international resources and guidance, collaboration and mouthpiece in the media, the It Gets Better Project strives to continuously make life better for LGBT youth. To date, more than 60,000 inspirational videos have been uploaded in support of It Gets Better and the LGBT community, including support from President Obama and 500,000 others who have actively taken the pledge to spread It Gets Better’s messages of hope and speak up against intolerance. The Project has expanded its support of LGBT youth on both a national and global scale, serving as a resource on policy and legal matters. The It Gets Better Project is resolute in its mission to make the lives of LGBT youth, simply put, better. Connect with the It Gets Better Project: @ItGetsBetter,,

Roxx Vodka is the world’s finest ultra premium vodka. Roxx had chosen Poland to produce their vodka because of its tradition of more than five centuries of master distillers. Roxx then took their unrivaled recipe and sought after the most fertile, ecological regions of southern Poland to harvest their four special grains: wheat, barley, rye and triticale. The converging of mountain ranges of the southern regions of Poland is also where Roxx’s water source is derived. A filtration of reverse osmosis then subtracts any impurities the fresh spring water may contain. Roxx’s state of the art distillery then carefully forms each bottle of premium vodka.

Follow Roxx Vodka on Twitter @RoxxVodka, become a Roxx Vodka fan on Facebook (, follow Roxx Vodka on Instagram ( For more Roxx Vodka visit

The London West Hollywood, a 226 open floor-plan suite hotel located at 1020 N. San Vicente Boulevard boasts the ideal location between the Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills and captures the essence of both its namesake cities – worldly, sophisticated and with an incomparable energy. For more information on The London West Hollywood visit

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August 20, 2015

Stunning and Vibrant Nail Polishs from Jessica Robertson



A&E’s Duck Dynasty star, Jessica Robertson has recently introduced the Jessica Robertson Collection. This unique collection contains an array of beauty products including cosmetics, personal care along with the Jessica Robertson Collection Nail Polish. With shades like Princess Orchid, Mint To Be, Bubbles, Miss Popular, Hearts Desire, Pink Splat, Iridescent Purple and Tonal Blue (shown below), who wouldn’t love this collection?



These chic and fashionable colors have a high gloss shine and are extremely chip resistant. The streak-free formula also allows for easy application. It only took two coats to achieve this look, and I received many compliments on this color. I also like the Nail polish bottles. The pretty chrome cover certainly adds a bit of elegance to the bottles. The Jessica Robertson Collection has a Spring/Summer Color line and a Fall/Winter line, so there is a color for every occasion and every season.

You will find the Jessica Robertson Nail Collection at

Guest post by Adrienne Raheb

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August 20, 2015

A Leg workout you can do at home -No More Excuses!!!

Leg work out picture

When it comes to exercise, we come up with all kind of excuse of why we can’t exercise. “The kids need to be entertained”, “The gym is too far”, “The gym cost too much” “I just don’t have time.”

Well let me help you overcome these obstacles. School is about to start. You can work out from home. You don’t need to purchase any special equipment. 1 hour a day is only 4% of your day, you can do this!

Click on the link below for a great leg workout you can do from home with a chair and a broom. Are you ready? Let’s do this, go ahead grab that chair and a broom and I will work out with you. [youtube]

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August 19, 2015

Quickest Beauty Fix in Town is at Boom Boom Brow Bar


August, 2015 (New York, NY) – Anyone who has 10 minutes and $25 can just walk right in to Boom Boom Brow Bar and walk out with GORG brows – it’s the quickest beauty fix in town.

Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar, wants EVERYONE to have thick gorgeous eyebrows, so she made it convenient and affordable with instant results (gotta love it!)! Unruly, curly, stubborn brows that won’t behave? In rehab because of uncontrollable plucking? Loose that arch or have a hole? No prob, Boom Boom can fix anything!

Another reason to love Boom Boom Brow Bar, aside from the fabulous and talented brow experts, is brows are done sitting up and out in the open, because it’s better to judge brow shape – plus it’s super fast. “When you lay down, it changes the way the muscles and skin lay, so you get a better result if you shape brows upright,” says Boom Boom. They also use Flash Wax, a low temperature lipo-soluable (cream) wax, because it does not have to be heated at a high temperature, so it’s gentle on everyone, even on sensitive skin! Not to mention, they offer FREE lip with brow wax during happy hour (week days 4-5).

“Getting your brows to look gorgeous should be fun!” adds Boom Boom.

Malynda Vigliotti (aka Boom Boom) is obsessed with brows – 130,000+ served at Boom Boom Brow Bar in NYC! Everyone should have thick gorgeous eyebrows; after all, they are the most important feature on the face and THE best accessory EVA! Boom Boom knows there’s no such thing as natural beauty, but she does believe a perfectly done brow is an instant eyelift – no Botox necessary! She makes waxing fun and affordable for everyone, just walk-in! For more fabulousness, check out what’s cooking on Facebook: and Twitter:

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August 19, 2015

CeraVe is here to protect your baby’s delicate skin



My family uses suncare products all year long. I have all types, such as sprays, creams, sticks and lip balms that will protect just about every part of your body from the sun’s harmful rays. I remembered last year, we had family members over for a swim day, and they had forgotten their sunscreen. I was prepared for the adults but didn’t have any sunscreen that was specially formulated for young children. They were, however, happy to use what I had available to them. This year, I am prepared with CeraVe baby Sunscreen Lotion,  Face Lotion and CeraVe baby Moisturizing Cream. Now, when my family comes over for I swim, I can say “CeraVe is here to protect your baby’s delicate skin.”  What I am finding is that they are using my CeraVe baby products instead of their own and they are loving it.

CeraVe baby is new on the market, and I chose CeraVe because I like their adult sunscreens. CeraVe baby Face Lotion SPF50 is perfect for baby’s face and won’t run into your baby’s eyes. This sunscreen’s special features include being water resistant up to 80 minutes, it’s lightweight, oil-free and has InVisibleZinc formulation which when rubbed on your baby’s skin, provides a clear dry finish. CeraVe baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF45 provides some the same features as the face lotion is also hypoallergenic and is accepted by the National Eczema Association.


Last but certainly not least is CeraVe baby Moisturizing Cream. This is perfect for after a day at the beach, after bathing or anytime you want to hydrate your baby’s skin. Just about anytime is the right time for a little moisturizing and pampering for your little one.

CeraVe baby contains just the right proportions of ceramides that are very safe for your baby’s skin. CeraVe baby contains NO Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates or Fragrance. Most importantly, CeraVe baby is designed to deflect the sun’s harmful rays.

To see all the products CeraVe has to offer please visit CeraVe baby can be found at CVS/pharmacy, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Meiger, Target, Babies R Us and Ulta.


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