August 30, 2015

Coconut to Go!


By Lisa Gal

I love coconut oil. It has so many uses, smells so great and is actually good for you! The bummer I find (usually) is that it comes in a jar. Not very convenient or very easy to get out for personal use (especially once it is warmer than room temperature). My problems are now solved, Coco Luxe in a tube for all my personal care needs! This 100% organic unrefined extra virgin coconut oil can help with hair growth, ease sunburns, freshen breath, rid diaper rash, moisturize lips, remove make-up, easier shaving, great facial wash, acne treatment and all over moisturizer to name just a few. Keep the jar in the kitchen and take the tube with you everywhere you go! The 2015 Emmy nominees staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills will be gifted the 3.4 oz Coco Luxe tube in their Hollywood Swag Bags, we know they are going to love it.

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