August 29, 2015

Buy for the Global Good


By Lisa Gal

How many times have you traveled to another country and thought, wow, these local artisans are so talented! I always feel good helping the women (and even children) in their little communities and villages by buying locally from them. I’ve traveled all over and brought back gifts and souvenirs from many countries, but there have been times when I wished I would have brought back more.  Global Goods Partners has taken it one step further by bringing the goods to you in the states from over 20 different countries. ThE bracelet is one of the products founders Catherine Lieber Shimony and Joan Shifrin import.  The purchase of 16 Bracelets = 1 year of education for rural Guatemalan girls with the resources they need to fulfill their dream of an education. Now the 2015 Emmy Nominees and guests of the Four Seasons Hotel can be part of the sustainable change by sporting their bracelets gifted to them in their Hollywood Swag Bags this award season. Educate. Empower. Change a life and shop now.


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