May 30, 2015

“Gold” with a “Curly Twist”

Soft, bouncy, frizz free curls are right at your fingertips with Goldwell Curly Twist Dual Senses line. I hated my curly hair growing up and could never seem to get it to do what I wanted it to. On top of that having a dry scalp and sensitive skin made it even harder. Goldwell not only cleansed and conditioned the curls but soothed the itchy scalp as well.

Goldwell Curly Twist

Goldwell Curly Twist

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was telling me how she used to be an educator for Goldwell and having not been to familiar with the line I wanted to find out more. In the very first use of the Curly Twist line I noticed a difference. Hair was softer, curls were more bouncy and the beautiful shine with no greasy feel. The best part, all the excess product was gone. The shampoo, conditioner and the mask treatment became my lifesaver to get my curls back to normal.

Goldwell Curly Twist  2-phase leave in

Goldwell Curly Twist 2-phase leave in

I do not wash my hair everyday, and so on those days I use my 60 second mask treatment from Curly Twist. This helps strengthen and add lustrous bounce to the curls. I couldn’t believe it only needed 60 seconds to work! WOW! After I rinse it our and dry it I spray the 2-1 leave in 2-phase spray. This adds extra elasticity to the curl and helps aid in styling.

I cannot express enough about the entire Goldwell Curly Twist line. We would be here all night haha! Goldwell is sold in exclusive salons all around the world and to see where you too can get it, and for more info on the products check out

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