May 26, 2015

VIP-Exclusive fashion comes to Tampa

In just a short time, I will have the honor of attending the VIP-Exclusives Fashion Show at the Tampa Convention Center on July 25. The show will feature some top designers such as Lacie Cupani and Cupani Fashion, David President, MEROCKI, Jacqueline Saldana, Jackie Hutcherson, Nailuj Villarroel, & Aleksandra Salo just to name a few. Also, featured guest judge will Mr. Reginald Roundtree, news anchor and reporter at 10 News! Stay tuned for more updates on the show featuring pictures and more.

But hey are you going to be in Tampa and want to attend? Check out and see where you can get your tickets! Going to be a fun night of fashion & entertainment.

VIP Exclusives logo

VIP Exclusives logo

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