March 31, 2015

Celebrity Manicurist Skyy Hadley helps you get your feet bright and ready for Sandal Season!

Tips for a "Sandal Ready" pedicure from: SKYY HADLEY

Tips for a “Sandal Ready” pedicure from:

Has the thought of spring and summer been on your mind, lately?

Well, it’s not quite time to whip out the summer slides just yet, but there is no harm in prepping our toes, so they are nice and pretty when the time does come! Plus, it is kind of embarrassing trying on new sandals at the shoe store, and everyone noticing your not-so-done pedicure.

Get ready for sandal season with Skyy Hadley’s tips on how to moisturize, hydrate and perfect your feet for the warmer months ahead!

Skyy Hadley’s pointers to achieve “Sandal Ready” feet:

Remove your polish and let your toenails breathe for a good few days. If toenails look discolored, squeeze some lemon into your foot lotion or rub lemon wedge directly onto the nail to brighten them.

• Mix a few cups of warm whole milk in a bowl with vanilla essential oil followed by an exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin. Avoid using pumice stones since they trap bacteria and use a diamond file instead for those extra rough spots.

• Apply a shea butter lotion or non-greasy cream to lock in moisture; use Vaseline or light vegetable oil on the heels to prevent cracking.

• Begin painting! Apply a cuticle oil to the base of your toenails (or even when they are already polished), focusing on the cuticle area to hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, helping the polish last longer.

Give your feet a little “love” with these wonderful tips from Skyy. Not only will you feel terrific, but your feet will look great in all those new sandals as you enjoy the upcoming warm weather seasons!

Thank you, Skyy for, once again, sharing your expertise with us. Skyy Hadley is a celebrity manicurist and pedicurist at her As U Wish Nail Spa.

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(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet. Many thanks to Skyy Hadley and As U Wish Nail Spa for helping us keep our feet and nails looking and feeling beautiful.)

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