March 30, 2015

Live it, love it, create it

Your beauty is their passion! Hair & Nail Creations Salon in Wildwood, FL is all about giving their clients the the best of the best with no exceptions. Owner/ stylist Annette Campetela Fredericks opened her 18 years ago and has become one of the most visited salons in the area. With 6 chairs 3 nail techs and one eststichian walking into Hair & Nail Creations feels like your right at home.


While in the salon last week, everyone from the receptionist to Annette herself was all smiles, laughing and really making the whole place feel inviting. That to me is a salon that you can just tell cares. They care that their clients will walk out with a smile and they care about themselves as stylists to make sure that always happens. Continuing education, attending trade shows and even influening the stylists to watch how to videos in the back room. That shows that even the greats now that there is always something to impress on.


Even in the midst of wanting to be the best salon they can be, Hair & Nail Creations also opens their arms to support other salons. Having friends who own their own salons, Annette said something that shows just what a success she really is. She said she would rather be the person who helps others get to the top of the ladder than be famous for doing it. She has done that. Tsking one of her stylists from the backroom to the showroom who is now working as an editorial stylist & not asking for anything in return. (accept awesome hair lol) That to me is the true definition of success.

So next time you are in Wildwood FL or just to check out more on Annette and her team check out and follow them on FB!

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