February 28, 2015

Passion + love = you

Everyday we face something that keeps us from fulfilling a task. It could be getting sick, car breaking down or a blogger with no computer (story of my life right now). But no matter what it is we can always find a way to accomplish what we are wanting to do.

When your passionate about something everything else seems like it’s nothing. I have always been passionate about writing. Ever since third grade I knew i wanted to be a writer. All through high school I was in drama, loved to sing and was still always writing. It was my way of expressing myself. And not only that but I love creating things.

I have a friend who is very well known for his love of mermaids & his designs of mermaids tails. Anytime you saw him he was working on some new tail or swimming. He said that swimming as a merman he becomes transformed. I always looked up to the fact that he was not afraid to say ” yes I am a man who loves mermaids”.



But see you can be passionate about anything. Only thing is when you love something it’s great but perseverance is the key. Work hard at what you love don’t let others dull your shine. That’s my biggest thing to my readers. Don’t ever be afraid to be you or feel inadequate because of your passion. Don’t apologize for being you, because you is beautiful. You never need to compare yourself to anyone or impress. If people don’t like it then it’s not worth it.

Take your passion and make it happen! Knock down every door, jump over the bumps in the road & keep going! Be strong, be real , be you & now you are loved! Hope you all have a great day! 🙂

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