February 25, 2015



The best known version of the line “HELLO, LOVER”  comes from an episode of “Sex and the City”.  Carrie Bradshaw utters “Hello, Lover” while gushing over a pair of expensive, amazing shoes through a store window.  If you are like Carrie and me, shoes are more than an outer covering to protect our feet.   Shoes are equate to love and passion.  Jane Gershon Weitzman and her husband, shoe designer Stuart Weitzman opened many retail stores selling his designer shoes.  Jane had an addiction searching for creative artists who made shoes out of unexpected materials which she displayed in her husband’s store windows.  The magically window displays became a destination for curious crowds longing for the sight of the next extraordinary shoe creation.  The excitement of the customers lead to media coverage which encouraged Jane to select more than 150 fantasy art shoes and present them in a book form.   Art & Sole is the result of many years of hard work, traveling around the world to find talented artists to make fantasy shoes for Stuart Weitzman’s store windows.



The photos are impressively sharp that you have a sense of feel of the construction of the shoes.  From flowers to perforated steel, you will be amazed at the ability and craftsmanship to form a shoe with a vast range of materials.  At the back of the book, each inventive artist gets a short bio with their contact information.  Art & Sole is the perfect gift for a shoe admirer, fashionista, art lover and/or people who are studying design.  I showcase my 200 page Art & Sole book on my coffee table for my family and friends to enjoy.  The construction of the book itself is coffee table chic.  Lipstick red, fabric binds the hardcover of the book with a crystal shoe embossed in detail placed on the front cover while the book’s edges are gold, fancy faced.  We cannot forget the satin red ribbon making it a classy treasure.  Fabulous photography of a woman’s dream accessory displayed in a museum style piece, you will enjoy from time to time.    You will be head over heels for the book “Art & Sole”.  Can be purchased at www.stuartweitzman.com/products/artnsole for $25.00

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