February 24, 2015

High Fashion vs. College Glamour

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I am so excited and happy to have announced my spread for the March issue of Genlux Magazine. The shoot was absolutely incredible, inspired by the extraordinary Anna Shay. She styled me in one of a kind Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Suzie Turner and more. Stephen Kamifuji, the creative director and photo editor for Genlux magazine, was so warm, welcoming and hands on in implementing his artistic eye to the shoot. I want to also thank the amazing photographer Tracey Morris who had ever-flowing ideas and made the shoot such a fun experience. Also, a big thank you to Miss Rockwell for glamming me up and executing the hair and makeup looks! She was so sweet to work with, we even bonded over our shared Puerto Rican heritage—our ancestors are from the same city!

I am really excited for everyone to see this shoot, it’s one of my first high fashion shoots for a magazine so it is truly unlike anything I’ve done before!

So now back to the college life, it’s absolutely amazing but it definitely has its ups and downs. Nothing in life is a linear pattern, at least not for me, and it’s tough balancing my dual life. Trying to figure out what classes you need to take and succeeding in them for your major, discovering the people who are and who aren’t your true friends, dealing with boys of course and their inevitable presence…everything I experience alongside plenty of others is a journey and very imperfect but that’s what makes it exciting and fulfilling. My theme of the week—you never know what’s going on in someone’s life behind closed doors. Therefore, learn compassion and radiate positivity. There’s definitely a lot to be thankful for.

Back to college with my Sarina <3

Back to college with my Sarina <3

Stephen Kamifuji everyone!

Stephen Kamifuji everyone!



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