January 29, 2015

Question Yourself.

Amongst all the madness we encounter on a daily basis, we must always find time to unwind or take care of ourselves and only ourselves for just a second. At least that’s what I tell myself…does it happen? More or less.
Like giving up your childhood and moving away from your family to train for the Olympics, the things we want so badly that we can feel its passion under our skin and in our bones, don’t seem to come easily. We all have experienced what that feels like—going to the gym everyday and not seeing a six pack in the mirror, doing the extra credit assignment and still not getting the “A,” going on a million auditions and not booking the part when you’ve spent hours breaking down the script….Yup, I’ve had some experience with that. We like to think we put our hearts into everything we do because it feels good and is damn reassuring when the moment is right and it all pays off! But what about those moments where things don’t go the way we wanted, or expected…what do we do then? People always say, “get back up again” or “don’t give up,” which is definitely true to an extent. But I’m doing this new thing where I try to give less energy and importance to those moments that don’t work out. Instead of allowing those moments to fuel our anger and frustration, we have to try to recognize what isn’t working and re-approach whatever we are doing to MAKE IT WORK! We are in control of our lives and we have the power to lead ourselves in a specific direction every single day. I can’t say that I have the answer or have necessarily figured it out, but Im trying to find the beauty in the mistakes and imperfections, and most of all I’m trying to learn from what brings me down, baffles me, and makes me question all my hard work, passion and heart. I think it’s healthy to question ourselves and our surroundings because we are the only person who can truly look out for “I.” So allow the frustration and dissatisfaction to fuel your spirit.

Much love to all of you,

I was in a “food for thought” kinda mood.


I don't even know why I'm smiling.

I don’t even know why I’m smiling.

1/2 terrified 1/2 so much fun.

1/2 terrified 1/2 so much fun.

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