October 28, 2014

Love Your Fragrance With Onika by Nicki Minaj

If you love soft, delightful fragrances you will love Nicki Minaj’s new fragrance Onika. I have always loved any fragrance that is not overpowering but has enough scent to last all day. Onika is just that. With notes of Pear, star fruit, mandarin, water lily, orchid, osmanthus, sugar cane, white musk, and cedar wood, Onika is like walking through a garden. The first little spritz really opens your senses and goes a long way.

Named after herself, Nicki Minaj (born with the name Onika) released her new fragrance in July. Just like she was with her other fragrances, she was involved with the overall production right down to the design and promoting of the product. When I hear that about an artist it really shows us, the consumer, they really believe in what they do and sell. If you have loved Nicki’s other fragrances you will love this WAY more! I honestly think it is her best fragrance so far. It lasts all day and is great for women of all ages.

Onika by Nicki Minaj

Onika by Nicki Minaj

Now onto the packaging. Unlike any other fragrance bottle I have ever seen, Nicki Minaj really thinks outside the box when designing her bottles. Onika’s bottle main color scheme is black with a little gold accent. It is a bust of Nicki herself donning a black wig, black halter top and a gold plated face. It is definitely an eye catcher.

So if you are in need of finding your right fragrance and are unsure of where to start, look no further. Stop by your local fragrance counter and ask to sample Onika by Nicki Minaj. I have a strong feeling you will be walking out of the store with your very own bottle. You can find Onika at your local Macys, Belk, Dillard’s or any other fragrance store!

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