September 30, 2014

Yo! (brush)

I love the YOBRUSH!
When I first saw the Yobrush by Marco Norma, I didn’t know what to think. It’s so unusual​ yet so practical. It fits on your phone just like any other case, but on the back there are bristles to help with any tangled mess you have in your hair. It’s great because it leaves room for more space in your bag, because you don’t have to carry a brush around. I put the case on my phone when I went to school, and everyone raved about it. All of my friends said it looked so cool!
image3 - Version 2
The case is great because it’s so unique looking. I don’t​ use my​ case everyday​. ​I only use when I go out somewhere special. I think it’s a great accessory because it’s fashionable and practical. Right now you can get them on for 14.99 in a bunch of colors!! Check it out to start a new trend with your friends!
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