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July 17, 2014

Laura Mercier Longwear Eye Pencils are here to Stay, on your eyes that is…

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 4.00.19 PMLaura Mercier’s line & define mini longwear creme eye pencil collection is amazing. They have become part of my make-up routine and with 5 trendy colors to choose from my eyes are always “poppin”. Laura Mercier Eye pencil collection comes with 5 Mini Longwear Crème Eye Pencils in classic, pure-jet shades of Violet, Espresso, Noir, Sage and Cobalt that allow me to contour, outline and define my eyes. I have a hard time deciding what color to wear because they are all incredible. The colors are vibrant, glide on easily, and stays on throughout the day, you won’t be disappointed.


One of the things I love about lauramercier website is that each product comes with a usage guide. I got a great “How-to” tips on how to use the eye pencils. The website gave me a great tip: “Use a “dot and wriggle” motion to fill up the entire lash line at the roots of lashes, in between each individual lash, creating the look of lush, thick lashes. Apply liner where your lashes naturally grow, all the way to outer corner, but leaving inner corners free. For a softer look, line only upper lid, or both upper and lower lids for maximum definition.”


Laura Mercier’s Longwear Eye Pencil Collection is Amazing! Find them at

Guest blog from Adrienne Raheb



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July 17, 2014

Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen at the 2014 ESPYs – Makeup by Lauren Andersen for Avon

For last night’s red carpet, Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen gave Jessica Alba a bronze goddess look inspired by her gold one shoulder dress, and gave Chrissy Teigen an edgy look to compliment her new hair color.

Jessica Alba at EPSY

Jessica Alba at EPSY’s

Here’s how to get Jessica’s look:
1.Lauren applied Koh Gen Do Foundation as a base before applying Tom Ford Beauty Shade and Illuminate.

2.Lauren then groomed Jessica’s brows with Votre Vu Brow Wax.

3.Next, Lauren used Avon Eye Dimensions Eye Shadow in Khaki Chic, using the medium shade on the lid and the darker shade on the corners of the eye.

4.To finish Jessica’s eyes, Lauren lined her eyes with Avon Kohl Eye Liner in True Black on the upper and lower lash lines and then added definition with a trace of Hourglass Calligraphy Liquid Liner. As the final dramatic touch, Lauren applied a coat of Avon Mega Effects Mascara in Black to her lashes.

5.To complete the look, Lauren applied Kevin Aucoin Beauty The Lip Gloss in Vesuvian.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen at EPSY’s

Here’s how to get Chrissy’s look:
1.Lauren groomed Chrissy’s brows with Votre Vu Brow Wax.

2.Next, Lauren lined the eyes with Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner in Blackest Black and smudged it out with Avon Eye Dimensions Eye Shadow in Sultry Smoke.

3.For a natural, sunkissed glow, Lauren applied Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation and added Lorac Baked Bronzer to her cheeks.

4.To complete the look, Lauren gave Chrissy a nude lip with Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick in Caramel Comfort.

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July 17, 2014


unnamed-13 - Version 2

With deep pink walls, natural concrete floors, chandeliers hanging in each room, and the latest cool fashions hanging on racks or placed on glass tables, a new boutique was born!  POMP is located beneath the Atlantic House Inn on 2 Beach Street on Short Sands, York Beach Maine.  Stocking everything from modern, trendy clothes for men, women, and juniors, to a cosmetic line and an organic, all natural skincare line.  POMP has it all!  It is a one stop shop where you are able to create a fun, trendy outfit for any day or evening.  In fact, you could very easily put together a full on ensemble in this one store.  POMP has a clean, upscale eclectic LA vibe to it.  I am so excited to see POMP refresh the Town of York with its inventory of flowing maxis skirts, stylish dresses, funky tank shirts, amazing jewelry, killer high heels shoes, cool boots and one of a kind accessories.


The owner, Diane, searches high and low for the most fabulous new trends to fill the boutique.  She hand picks the clothing line from LA and receives new merchandise 2-3 times a week.  Once the item is gone…. Diane does not restock the same item so when you see it – you need to purchase it quickly.  Diane is very helpful and knowledgable, guiding you to find the perfect outfit for a night on the town or a stroll on the beach.  She can help you pick the ideal accessory to spice up your present wardrobe or find the ultimate gift for that special someone.  Diane, her husband, Paul, and their two children, Bianca and Riana, are super friendly, genuinely nice, making you feel comfortable to shop without any pressure.



Besides the trendy clothes, POMP carries Shea Terra Organics which is an all natural, organic skin care and anti-aging and healing product line.  Shea Terra Organics sources the most potent, organic, and wild harvested ingredients from across Africa to purify, cleanse, nourish, and moisture your skin.  Also, POMP is the only retailer in Maine to carry Scott Barnes Cosmetic line.  To master an undeniable radiance look, like the celebs, be sure to pick up your Scott Barnes Cosmetic products at POMP!


Calling all men…. POMP stocks a clothing line called JKL (Just Keep LIvin) by Matthew McConaughey.  It is a rugged and masculine casual wear collection.  A portion of every sale is donated directly to the “just keep livin Foundation”, a nonprofit organization founded by Matthew, which starts and supports after-school fitness and wellness programs in areas that need them the most.  The JKL graphic T’s are hot!



If you want to turn heads on every block or make an chic impression…. the dresses are unique and sexy, the shorts are colorful and adorable, the costume jewelry is fun and chunky, the hats are bold and whimsical!  POMP is the boutique for you without maxing out your credit card.  The prices are affordable and the section is fabulous and flirty!  I expected it to be like other fancy boutiques that sell items for over $100.00, but I was so pleasantly surprised and impressed to find the fashions and accessories were reasonable price to accommodate any budget!!!  POMP is definitely worth a gander during your York Town stroll.  If you don’t , you will be missing out on amazing attire and fierce statement pieces to liven up your wardrobe at unbelievable prices.   It is literally a treasure chest of one of a kind dresses, tops, shorts, pants, skirts, scarves, hats, jewelry, handbags and shoes.  I think I have died and gone to heaven!
Like POMP on Facebook!

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July 16, 2014

Yu-Be Cream is the Ultimate for Achieving Soft and Silky Skin


You will have the ultimate skin softening experience with Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream. Yu-Be offers some amazing skincare products including Foaming Skin Polish, Lip Balm Heel and Elbow Repair Kit. I am loving Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream which is Japan’s best-selling skincare product. This amazing cream is formulated with vitamin E, vitamin B2 and Camphor. Try massaging some of Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream onto your elbows, shins (that’s where I need it the most) and hands. Yu-be Moisturizing Skin Cream is sure to soothe dry, chapped and damaged skin anywhere on your body.

As stated by Yu-Be it was “Invented in 1957, its all-natural, non-petroleum formula makes it ideal for all skin types, protecting against harmful conditions like extreme cold, wind and heat that can irritate and damage the skin. Yu-Be is so effective against these harsh conditions that it’s even trusted by world-class mountain climbers. It even protects against conditions like diaper rash and frost bite.”

The ingredients in Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream that give your skin the ultimate in softmess is the combination of Glycerin and all-natural ingredients like Vitamin E and B2. Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream is the perfect solution for dry skin anywhere on your body, face, lips, arms, legs, feet, really anywhere. Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream has a fabulous camphor scent that is quite exhilerating and disappears quickly into your skin without leaving a greasy residue.


Celebrity nail artist for the likes of Katy Perry, Pink, Rachael Ray and Allison Williams, Pattie Yankee’s go-to hand and cuticle moisturizer is Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream. “I love how hydrating it is,” says Pattie, “not only does it instantly replenish moisture, it is silky and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin.” Yu-Be’s Moisturizing Cream is a concentrated glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with vitamin E and B2, sodium hyaluronate and camphor. Yu-Be’s ultra-healing capabilities are largely due to is high glycerin content which helps skin attract and retain moisture.

In order to keep cuticles in check, Pattie also recommends the following:

1. After showering, using your fingers, push cuticles back when they are still wet. This will train them to stay back.

2. Apply a high glycerin based cream, like Yu-Be’s, to hands and cuticles throughout the day, especially after showering and before bed.

3. Never cut cuticles as this will cause the skin to grow back thicker and harder – cuticles also seal in moisture and block germs out of the body. Cuticle cutting is actually illegal in salons in some states, including New York as it is considered a medical procedure.

Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream is available iat



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July 14, 2014

Seaweed Oil Will Leave Your Skin In Satin Heaven

No spa experience is complete without nice, aromatic oils to help lock in the moisture and add all the hydration back to the skin. Many oils seem to make your skin feel greasy and at times, look “aged”. With another great product from Repechage, you can guarantee that your skin will drink in the beauty from the sea.

Repechage Seaweed Nutri Oil

Repechage Seaweed Nutri Oil

I have never been big on oils because of the fact my skin is already oily and tends to break out. When I first used Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Oil, right after my Vita Cura Seaweed Bubble Bath, I just put it in a small spot to see how my skin would react. After leaving it on for a few hours my skin was still smooth, and the scent was still intact. And another bonus my skin did not break out but I aslo only used a few drops. With this product you dont have to use a lot. Less is more! Even though my biggest concern was how my skin would react still my first reaction was the scent. It is a nice soft aroma that doesnt make you feel like you doused yourself in a fragrance. Also, the smoothness of the oil on the skin is like putting a veil over it. Smooth, adds shine and gives off a satin feel.

The Repechage Vita Cura Triple Action Nutri Oil is full of vitamins and essential oils all contributing their own factor in aid to the skin. It has Carrot Oil to that helps rebuild the skin barrier, Mafura Oil to help restore the skin’s elasticity and Linoleic & Linolenic acids to help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, just to name a few. This oil will never give off a greasy feel and will make you feel brand new. Now I do know that many people like to lather up in baby oil, or other kinds of oil when going to the beach. I want to say please DO NOT use Repechage Nutri Oil, or any oil, as a sun protectant. There are NO SPF’s in oils and sun damage can cause skin cancer and will give the affects of premature aging.

This Nutri Oil from Repepchage will make you feel renewed and refreshed, without feeling slippery. This a definite must do after any shower or bubble bath. For more info on the product and other Repechage products be sure to visit

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July 14, 2014

La Dolce Vita for your skin from SKIN & CO Roma

Ah…. La Dolce Vita! That’s Italian for “the good life!”, and a perfect way for me to take you back in time and share a bit about the history behind what is now Skin & CO Roma‘s delightful line of products for your face and body. It will give you a great perspective of how the dedication, traditional recipes, and organic Mediterranean ingredients have produced “beauty and anti-aging” products that have truly withstood the test of time!!

Let’s start at the beginning, a century ago, when the Balestra’s, Giuseppina and her husband, Sabatino opened their first Italian Emporium in Italy. Giuseppina’s treasured blended botanical oils became quite a hit! Coinciding with the La Dolce Vita” years of beauty and allure in “Tinsel Town” Hollywood, the movie stars, while filming in Rome, would gather at the the Sabatino establishment to sample Giuseppina’s enticing creations! They became enthralled with the aroma, feel, and “miraculous”results that they experienced!

Confirmed by scientists some “sixty” years later, Giuseppina’s “natural”, seasonal ingredients within her formulations proved to have not only “anti-oxidants”, but potent “anti-aging” properties!

Now, in the 21st century, the 3rd generation of Balestra’s have carried on the their “grandparents vision of providing the freshest, most indulgent products, while preserving and respecting the ancient lands they come from!” As a result, globally we all have the chance to experience some of “La Dolce Vita” right in our own homes via SKIN & CO Roma. !

This story was quite endearing to me, and hopefully you’ll now fully appreciate the legacy of these products as I tell you about the two SKIN & CO Roma products that I used.

Sicilian Light Brightening and Toning Skin care for your face.

SKIN & CO Roma – Sicilian Light Brightening and Toning Skin care for your face.

Sicilian Light Serum is from SKIN & CO Roma’s new Sicilian Light Brightening™ Collection for your face. It’s a very light weight lotion that gave my skin a moist feeling and really helped my dehydrated skin feel comfortable all day. The aroma is delicate, and very appealing!

The instructions recommended that you use Sicilian Light Serum on clean skin, allow it to absorb, apply your moisturizer, and use it twice daily. The price is $47.00, and includes:
“Natural Sicilian Orange Essence”
“Hibiscus, Vitamin C derivative and Sodium Hyaluronate that are great for “dry, uneven, and slack skin”.
“Vitamin A, E, and F that “penetrate to the cellular level of your skin to help restore a firmer tissue”

Also included in their Sicilian Light Brightening face Collection:
• Sicilian Light Vitamin C Brightening Face Cream ($55)
• Sicilian Light Gommage Dark Spots Brightening Face Exfoliator ($29)
• Sicilian Light Foam Brightening Cleansing Foam ($29)

SKIN & CO Roma has also launched a, Sicilian Orange Brightening and Toning Collection for your Body,
• Sicilian Orange Conditioning Body Gel(Full Size ($18) & Travel Sized ($7.00)
• Sicilian Orange Conditioning Body Lotion (Full $29 & Travel Size ($10.00)

The second product I tried was from SKIN & CO Roma’s Truffle Therapy™ Anti-Aging Collection.

SKIN & CO Roma's Truffle Therapy™ Anti-Aging Cream

SKIN & CO Roma -Truffle Therapy™ Cream Anti-Aging Cream

I’d apply the Truffle Therapy Cream after my Sicilian Light Serum. The scent was just amazing, and it glided very easily over the serum. They worked very well together, and my complexion took on a rosy tone, eliminating my skin’s dull lack-luster appearance. I actually could have gone without a makeup base!!

After using the Sicilian Light Serum from the new “Brightening Collection” along with the Truffle Therapy Anti-Aging Cream, I could see how the SKIN & CO Roma products with their unique “Italian Ingredients” would provide a preventative approach that would assist in improving the skins’ tone and texture!

These products are available at Henri Bendel.

You may also visit and purchase items at the SKIN & CO Roma Website:

Your timing couldn’t be better with their new Sicilian Light Brightening Collection for your face, and Sicilian Orange Brightening and Toning Collection for your body!!
What a great time to indulge yourself from head-to-toe with hereditary ingredients to help keep a youthful and vibrant skin, as well as enjoy a bit of “La Dolce Vita”…

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from furnished PR-Fact Sheets. Personal commentary was my own opinion from using the products that were provided to me.)

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July 13, 2014

AMBI Skincare Announces the Winner Of It’s First-Ever Model Search!

AMBI® Skincare, a trusted name in cleansers and moisturizers for skin of color, has named Charnee Long as the Grand Prize Winner of its first-ever nationwide AMBI® Model Search. Twenty-one year old Charnee of Mineral, VA, was one of 10 finalists selected from a pool of more than 6,099 entrants.

“We are delighted with the selection of Charnee as the winner,” stated Tricia Green, Senior Brand Manager at Valeant Pharmaceuticals. “She was selected by a combination of viewers who voted in the online contest, and a panel of judges in the beauty and skincare fields. All applicants were evaluated based on appearance and how well they represent the look of the AMBI brand.”

AMBI model

As the Grand Prize Winner, Charnee will be featured in a national print campaign, receiving a three day/two night trip to New York City for a professional photo shoot. In addition, she will receive a $2,000 prize. “Charnee stood out as a bold, spirited woman. She is proud of her culture and history,” continues Green, “and we trust that she will serve as an inspiration to others.”

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July 13, 2014

Relax In Seaweed From Repechage

Growing up I always loved bubble baths but I could never take one because the ingredients caused me to have an allergic reaction. So unfortunately I had to endure a life without them. Nowadays products are made less intense, with more natural and organic ingredients. Ever since I started using Repechage New Vita Cura Triple Action Foaming Seaweed Bubble Bath, I can now enjoy the bubble baths I missed as a kid.

After my day at Premiere Orlando I headed over to St. Petersburg for Studio 10 the next day. After walking around Premiere all day my legs, back and arms were crying out for help. I got to see Repechage again and they told me about their new line of skincare called Vita Cura Body made with such ingredients as seaweed (directly from the depths of the Brittany Cost of France), 12 vitamins (including B12) , 18 amino acids and trace elements. At my hotel in St. Petersburg I wasted no time trying out my new bubble bath. My sensitive skin was in heaven, mainly because this amaing bubble bath did not make it break out and make me itch. The aroma, feel and just the overall experience was like having a spa get away right in the privacy of my own room. And less expensive. After my bath not only did I feel extremely relaxed and refreshed but my skin felt soft and healthy. And just a few days ago when I was a little stressed I took advantage of the bubble bath again and, just like the first time, I felt renewed and restored.

Repechage Foaming Seaweed Bubble Bath

Repechage Foaming Seaweed Bubble Bath

The first impression I got from the Vita Cura Body line was the use of color and designs on the packaging. I have always said that the first thing the consumer notices is the packaging. If something is packaged in bright vibrant colors it will instantly attract attention. Repechage, being known for their use of seaweed, packaging always seems like you are looking right into the bottom of the ocean.

So when you are in dire need of a stress free, spa getaway in the privacy of your own home, try Repechage’s Vita Cura Triple Action Foaming Seaweed Bubble Bath and experience the beauty from the sea.
For more info see

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July 11, 2014



Teadora Skincare

Teadora Skincare


Swimming pools and ocean water, along with the sun can damage and dry out your hair and your scalp. The damage can lead to fading color, split ends, and brittle, dry texture hair. Ugh! Of course we all want shiny, vibrant, luscious hair during the summer months to keep your hair on top of its game. Teadora Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner has an unique blend of Brazilian ingredients from the rainforest that adds shine and softness to any type of  hair. The shampoo lathers up luxuriously and the fragrance is beautifully invigorating. Teadora uses no Parabens, Synthetic Fragrances, Silicone, Gluten, Phthalate, Sulfates, or other harsh chemicals. This makes my hair and my scalp feel good outside and my body feel good inside! Teadora takes raw, natural, organic ingredients given to us by Mother Earth, harvested in a sustainable way and created the nourishing shampoo and nourishing conditioner to heal your hair so it looks amazing! Spending my summers on the beach and in the sun, made my hair brittle, dull, and dry. After using Teadora Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner, I definitely saw a difference.  My hair looks healthier, softer and manageable. I noticed my spit-ends were repairing instantly after each wash.



Teadora Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner contains the Rainforest Youth Elixir which is rich in antioxidants and vitamin-rich Buriti, Acai and Cupuacu combined, for stronger, shinier, moisture-infused hair. In every wash, the natural ingredients and the organic blends provide intense hydration, shine, and softness with the unique quality of protecting your hair against UV rays to help prevent split ends. Teadora Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner is available in two 100% natural signature fragrances: Rainforest AT DAWN / Vibrant and lively, woodsy, yet floral aroma that will awaken your senses and stimulate you to start your day. Rainforest AT DUSK /  Flowery, smooth aroma with a hint of fruit that soothes and relaxes your senses after a long day.  All Teadora products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free – no animal testing.  Made in the USA.  All ingredients are fair trade sourced, sustainably harvested, carbon reduction focused, recyclable and is biodegradable. The Nourshing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner are available in 12 oz. bottles and retail for $35.00.

Do not wait, purchase Teadora products at — hear the calls of the colorful, exotic birds, smell the night blooming flowers …. the rainforest awaits you!  Teadora shows their appreciation and love for the world with using all natural and organic products made with novel rainforest ingredients.  Their products let you experience the bounty and magic of the Amazon while helping to improve the lives of the communities where we live and do business.  Teadora helps to fund a philanthropic exchange between the U.S. and Brazil called “Earth for you. You or Earth”, to promote rainforest conservation education, and leadership development.  I feel proud to be using such an incredible product from an incredible caring company!


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July 10, 2014

Tammy Fender’s Cellulite & Stretchmark Smoothing Solution, is a Summer “Must-Have”


If you’ve never heard of Tammy Fender, you will now. Tammy Fender is the creator of Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare. She has created an exquisite collection of 100% botanical organic formulas, each custom blended with natural Certified Organic herbal infusions as well as Certified Organic plant oils, beneficial vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.


Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender

In her own words she states, “I encourage my clients to be aware of what they put into their bodies as well as what they put onto their bodies, as our skin is a living organ. This consciousness recognizes that everything put onto the skin absorbs to a cellular level, creating true inner beauty and outer radiance.”

Tammy Fender Cellulite and Stretch Mark Smoothing Solution is a “must  have” especially during the summer months. This unique product is a lightweight foam that helps treat and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite.


Tammy Fender

Tammy Fender Cellulite and Stretch Mark Smoothing Solution  is formulated with “organic kelp and horse chestnut, it replenishes moisture and boosts collagen production to tone and plump, diminishing the appearance of stretch marks. Gota kola and lemongrass extracts target cellulite as they stimulate circulation and improve elasticity, tightening your skin to deliver a smooth, revitalized look.”  Tammy Fender is Holistic Skincare at its finest! I have been using this product and I love it!

Tammy Fender Cellulite and Stretch Mark Smoothing Solution spreads easily and dries quickly as you are left with a pleasant herbal smell. Use freely morning and night focusing on your own troubled spots. Gently massage in the foam. This will allow the extraordinary plant extracts to absorb into your skin. Your skin will feel cool and refreshed. It’s never too late to reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

View more of Tammy Fender’s Holistic Skincare products at


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