July 30, 2014

Dare to Be Creative with HOMEMADE Nail Polish



Did you ever walk into a store to buy a shade of nail polish and you never find the exact color you want? With a little creativity and a few inexpensive supplies you can create the nail color of your dreams. Allison Rose Spiekermann’s colorful book, “HOMEMADE Nail Polish” is the perfect choice for the nail polish lover looking for polish color adventures.

HOMEMADE Nail Polish allows you to dig deep into your imagination and create endless shades including cremes, shimmers, glitters and more. Maybe you will name one of your own “one of a kind” colors. Before you get started, there is an entire chapter devoted to Ingredients, what they are, what they do and where to buy them. Some of the ingredients in Homemade nail polish are items you will find in your makeup box like eyeshadow and nail polish remover.

Homemade Nail Polish will teach you about basic manicuring, nail polish application tips and tricks. If you want to know what “Jelly Sandwich” is, you will have to read the book. With lots of practice you will become a master at creating your very own  colors.

Homemade Nail Polish has an amazing section on Nail Art. You will be able to create fabulous stencils using scrapbooking punches, gel pens, make up sponges, nail polish strips and more. There are other secrets I won’t tell you about (you will have to read about them yourself). Most importantly, Homemade Nail Polish offers very important safely guidelines and tips on bottling, labeling, and naming your original creations.

Homemade Nail polish is fun and the colors and creative ideas you can achieve are endless.

You can find Homemade Nail polish at http://www.amazon.com/ Barnes and Noble and at ulyssespress.com/?books=homemade-nailpolish

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