July 26, 2014

The Villages Salon Professional Academy: Where It All Began

With this blog I will be going in a different direction. This is not a product review but a school review! My beauty school, The Salon Professional Academy in The Villages, FL, to be exact the place where this all started. I was asked to be a guest judge at The Decades of Fashion Scholarship Fashion Show on Thursday July 24. The minute I stepped back into my school I felt like I was home. 4 years ago I spent my days in there learning and yearning for more. It was there I became passionate about all things beauty and here it is 4 years later I am taking my passion to the next level, at It’s A Glam Thing, with my blogging, YouTube reviews and T.V. appearances. Even though I didn’t believe my educators at the time, licensed hairstylists can really do more than just have a license and stand behind the chair.

Students and their models

Students and their models

While at the show I got to judge the students on their presentation of the decades they were given. Starting in the 1940s to the present day, each student was graded on hair, makeup, clothes, and even the stage prop their models held while showcasing the decade. Even though they were all good, many really blew me away. Many times I had to remind myself they were students because many of the looks looked like they had been done by someone with 20 years in the industry. The three winners were Antoinette Bradley who won 1st place with her “USO Girl” of the 1940s, Dessiree Figueroa in 2nd place with her 1980s “Cyndi Lauper”, and Sabrina Langston in 3rd place with her “Disco Diva” of the 1970s. These three girls were awarded with scholarships towards their tuition. My two other fellow judges were stylist and Salon Jaylee Southern Trace owner Lindsey Glen who also is the proTENAJ Artistic Director, TECH Artist for Kerastase, stylist, host on FOX Good Day Orlando and TSPA alumni Erin Mills.

1st Place-1940s Student-Antoinette Bradley

1st Place-1940s
Student-Antoinette Bradley

2nd Place- 1980s Student-Dessiree Figueroa

2nd Place- 1980s
Student-Dessiree Figueroa

3rd Place- 1970s Student- Sabrina Langston

3rd Place- 1970s
Student- Sabrina Langston

After the show Erin and I were asked to speak to the students about our journey through the industry such as our ups and downs and to just be a positive reinforcement for the students. I really enjoyed getting to tell the students how my first year in the industry was definitely an eye opener. I told my story of the day I met Lisa Cocuzza and that changed my life all from standing behind the chair. When I said that my career in blogging and T.V. started just from being behind the chair I could tell that inspired many of them. It also showed them that you don’t just have to stand behind the chair everyday in this industry. There are so many avenues you can take. I also realized that being a positive reinforcement for many of them is another thing I am very passionate about.
I know this may sound crazy but being back inside the walls of TSPA I found the Annie that for a while there, faded away. She’s back and is not leaving again. So are you ready for a career in this awesome industry? Do you want to become someone who people love and adore every single day? Then you need The Villages Salon Professional Academy. They will help you become a top 20 and once you do that you will always be grateful. Be sure to visit them at www.thevillagestspa.com and start your career now!

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