January 31, 2014

Forever Young Advanced Micro-Vibration Spa Treatment by Zensation Beaute is here!!

Zensation’s newest “Modern Technology” device for skin rejuvenation is here! Forever Young Advanced Mirco-Vibration Spa Treatment is a small portable hand held tool that you can use to revitalize your Eyes, Lips and Face every day in the privacy of your own home!

Forever Young Advanced Micro Vibration Spa Treatment & Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel

Forever Young Advanced Micro Vibration Spa Treatment & Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel

Forever Young Advanced Micro-Vibration Spa Treatment imparts a mild warming vibration that is so comforting to the face, and helps not only subdue those fine lines around your eye area, the nasal labial folds by your nose and mouth, but will also plump and smooth the lip area as well!

This device can help with puffiness in the eye area, and be your best friend if you happen to get to bed too late and get up early in the morning with tired eyes!!

The warming vibration massage will work in tandem with the active ingredients in your skin care products, which is a real benefit for your skin.

This video will show you how easy it is to use the Forever Young Micro-Vibration Spa Treatment!

Here’s some more information about the Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel that you’ll be using with your Forever Young Micro-Vibration device.

Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel Benefits include:

“Caffeine that helps reduce the appearance of puffiness”

• “Aura-28 Peptide that helps support the look of skin elasticity”

• “Rock Crystal Extract that brings extra benefits to the cosmetic formulas as a luxurious, elegant addition”

• “Rhodochrosite Extract to help fight visible signs of aging”

• “Hydration to protect against the visual signs of aging”

• “Consummate care for that delicate eye area”

As I mentioned in the video, always be sure to apply Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel before treating any area!

I like the gel consistency of Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel. It glides on your skin with a satin feel, and for me gives an instant hydrated look wherever I apply it. I’ve actually used the Forever Young Advanced Micro-Vibration device on my hands. Even my husband could instantly tell the hand that had been treated from the one that had not!!!

When I use the Micro-Vibration Spa Treatment device in the morning it’s a nice “wakeup call” for my face, and I achieve a healthy glow to my skin. On the other hand, when I use the Micro-Vibration Spa Treatment device in the evening, its warming massage is very relaxing , and I know my face has received a nice “anti-aging” treatment before I go to sleep!

For more information about Zensation, their Luxury Line of Skincare Products, or to purchase your own Zensation Forever Young Advanced Micro-Vibration Device visit:

SHOPHQ : http://www.shophq.com/SearchM/Default.aspx?page=LIST&free_text=zensation%20beaute

ZENSATION BEAUTE: http://www.zensationbeaute.com

(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from provided PR- Product information Fact Sheets. Any personal commentary was my own opinion from using the Micro-Vibration Device and and Crystal Inspiration Eye Jewel provided by Zensation. Much gratitude, and special thanks to Beverly Hills Zensation Skin Specialist, JudyA.for her support and Zensation expertise, and National Cinematographer- Robb R. Fischer who produced, directed, filmed, and edited the Forever Young Micro-Vibration video in this article.)

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