January 30, 2014

Style Week Northeast 2014 Melted the Snow in Providence

photo credit Anibal Melo


From Sunday to Saturday, Style Week Northeast 2014 melted the snow in Providence with many sizzling designs from local, talented fashion artists. This week long fashion show is one of the most inspiring and exciting events of the city held at The Providence Biltmore, a landmark hotel.  Throughout the week, the runway located on the 17th. floor, glowing under two big beautiful chandeliers brought fashionable New Englanders together to sight the fall 2014 collection.  I had the opportunity to witness a glimpse of surrender from these designers as they released their work to the little state of Rhode Island.  Colorful fabrics, modern shapes, big bows, street wear energy, sheer patterns, sparkles, and even a children’s clothing line rocked each night of the week!  Before the models embark on the runway, people gathered to mingling, chat and take selfies.  As the room darken, people headed to their seats and then there was silent.  The attitude of the crowd was anxious and curious.  Music started to echo with excitement and creativity was in the air!  All attention was shifted to the runway to embrace the collections of the designers who have spent months in preparation for their show.  I deeply respect and admire the passion, hard work, and creativity that goes into constructing each collection piece.  Each and every designer was simply amazing but one artist made me gasp!  Nick Pini designer of Pini, a rising star, originally from Norfolk, Massachusetts!  I absorbed his style, creativity, and elegance of each piece that walked down that runway and it reminded me of why I love fashion so much!  His clothes showcased a common theme of lightness, grace, strength, and simplistic.  Nick Pini has always been fascinated with art and femininity.  He started out drawing at a very young age but was not interested in fashion until he attended college.  His inspiration for his latest collection was tropical storms and palm trees blowing in the wind and the rain.  Nick explained, “In the conceptualizing process, I was influenced by the 90’s, my former obsession with the spice girls and the digital age and throughout the development of the pieces.”   “I really kept my color palette simple.”  As I interviewed Nick, I retained his sense of self that seemed crucial to his color palette collection.  “I kept things simplistic, I think it is relaxing to look at something beautiful and not be overwhelmed.” One model pranced a black dress with gold embellishments, the front was the shape of a shift dress but the back was truly a gold frame unveiling the beauty of the women’s curved back. “I design for women who love authentically handmade and unique pieces,” said Nick.  A classic, tasteful design gave one model a peek-a-boo effect with flared, lace pants.  The modern top was a relaxed and easy look, draping layers of fabric along the back to one side.  A look that could be worn during the day and simply slips into the night.   It was a spectacular, wearable collection.  Every model wearing Pini’s design showcased a piece of artwork.  Samples can be purchased at Flaunt Boutique in Smithfield.  Of course, I needed to ask Nick, what was his plans for the future….  He thanked me for all my fun questions and said, “I plan to open my own Pini stores one day!”  As I look into the crystal ball…..  I see a steady stream of shoppers waiting in a long line wrapped around the block to get into Pini’s store and then I see myself, first in line!

Another glamorous year of style, creativity, and elegance via fashion with the collaboration of local businesses and designers. www.pini.co


photo credit Anibal Melo




Laurie Carcieri

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