December 31, 2013

Mai Couture’s travel compact makeup kit is your “must have” New Year resolution for 2014!

Take a look at this stunning petite gold wallet:

Mai Couture ~ Compact travel makeup kit.

Mai Couture ~ Compact travel makeup kit.

I bet you’re wondering what type of makeup kit could
be light as a feather, fit in the palm of your hand, be carried in your pocket, fit in your evening bag, and absolutely go “everywhere” with you!

Mai Couture papier is ingenious!
Mai Coutour papier Gold Travel Case + Glo-geous Trio

This brilliant concept for a quick and easy application or touch up of your blush, bronzer and highlighter is achieved with the Mai Couture papiers.

Inside your gold “travel case” you’ll find a 3-in-one pack of 20 blush papers, 20 bronzing papers, and 20 highlighter papers. How convenient! The color is on the paper! Remove a sheet of the color you’d like to use, pat it lightly on the area you choose to achieve your desired look, and you’re good to go!

Personally, and as a makeup artist, I love these “magical” papers for touch ups. I also appreciate the fact that you have total control of how and where you wish to add some color, bronzing and highlighting…. all without a brush!

I know you’d like to see the 3 shades that are in the case, watch them being applied, get more information, and be able to place your order for this “Glo-geous” color/highligher trio!

Go to the link below and at the bottom of the page you’ll see a video icon that says, WATCH! Just click the icon and enjoy!!

Now’s the perfect time to make your New Year resolution to “keep it simple” and have a “Glo-geous” look anytime and anywhere! !

Mai Couture Papier at gets a 5 star review for it’s time saving convenience and great portability!

All the best to everyone in 2014 !!

(Quoted or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact sheet,, and the video- Any personal commentary was my own opinion from using the provided Mai Couture product.)

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