December 20, 2013

Katy Perry’s Newest Fragrance is Sexy and Smooth…it’s Killer Queen

Katy Perry

Looking for a different perfume to spice up your life?  Trying to impress that new cute guy you’ve been eyeing at school or work? Try the new Katy Perry Killer Queen! This is the third perfume Katy Perry has created out of her collection. I really feel like this perfume reflects her personality out of all three. This bottle is shaped like a diamond precisely and is placed on its side when standing alone. The colors are fierce and powerful just the Katy’s voice. As for the most important part the smell is absolutely beautiful. Katy Perry Killer QueenIf you’re looking for something smooth and sexy as soon as you spray it on, this perfume is for you. You know when you are trying on different perfumes and you spray some on that tiny rectangular paper at the mall, and you have to blow it around a few times to get the smell to actually be appealing? With Killer Queen you don’t even have to do that with. That is how real the smell is. You do not want to put this down, and once you put a few sprays on your wrists or neck you will certainly have that sexy appeal as if you were the only women in the room!

Katy Perry Killer Queen is available in a holiday gift set with includes a 3.4oz Eau de Parfum, a 2.5oz Royal Body Lotion, a 2.5oz Royal Shower Gel, and a 0.5oz Eau de Parfum.

 Find this fabulous fragrance at Macys and

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