November 29, 2013

Perfect & Gentle Cleansing with PURPOSE



My oldest daughter is always on the hunt for facial cleansers formulated for sensitive skin. When she saw that I had a few PURPOSE  cleansing products, mainly PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Wash and PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Bar, she was intrigued. After reading the product information and ingredients she was interested in trying them. My daughter Jenna has been using PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Wash for several weeks now and is enjoying the results.

These are her thoughts on the PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing products that she is using; “I have very sensitive eyes. A lot of cleansers make my eyes itchy and red but PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Wash did not. It was  not perfumey and I don’t like cleansers that have very heavy scents to them. PURPOSE did not have a heavy scent which I liked. It was very easy to rinse off and It didn’t dry out my skin. I have very acne prone skin and it calmed down my break outs and helped prevent new ones”. “The PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Bar is very convenient and I keep it in the shower. It has a light scent and  leaves my skin fresh and soft.”

PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Products are formulated to help calm down sensitive skin. Sometimes, assorted skincare like masques, scrubs, and certain cleansers can start to make your skin sensitive and irritated. PURPOSE recommends eliminating all skincare products when your skin starts to become sensitive. You should do this for  at least 2 weeks while using PURPOSE Products. PURPOSE will gently remove dirt and residue without drying out your skin. Once your skin has calmed down and/or acne and other irritations have disappeared, you can resume your skincare regime with your other skincare products. PURPOSE skin care products are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores).

My daughter is amazed at how her skin looks and is using several more of the PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing Products. PURPOSE Gentle Cleansing products can be purchased at CVS as well as other drugstores nationwide.

Learn more about PURPOSE and their amazing skincare products at

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