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October 24, 2013

Live in the SEATTLE area? NORDSTROM has a surprise for you!


















If you live in the Seattle area, Nordstrom’s newest event will include Fall’s latest trends, beauty bars, free consultations, sampling and a signature drink. Just stop by Nordstrom the evening of October 25th, pay $20 (redeemable towards a beauty purchase) and enjoy the Blush bash.

Join the fun October 25th (between 6pm and 9pm) at:

500 Pine Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 628-2111

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October 23, 2013

Alternative Hair Care

Our hair is an extremely important part of our beauty routine. We spend lots of time, money, and effort into grooming our hair. So it’s important to recognize that hair is like most things in life-recognize the potential consequences before the damage has been done. And with all the products we put into our hair, we can really do some serious damage to our hair fibers. Regular maintenance can take you far in terms of saving money and long term treatments. While there are certainly different tiers of shampoos (ranging from extra harsh to light), shampoos can be very harsh on our hair. Limit shampooing to three times a week-even if you have short, thin hair predisposed to getting greasy.  If you have naturally overactive oil glands, a great trick is to clean your hair with baking soda and vinegar which I do once a week.

First, mix two tablespoons of baking soda with half a cup of room temperature water.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.34.32 PM

After creating the mixture, begin rubbing it into your scalp and gently massaging the baking soda in while working your way down the hair. Rinse the baking soda out of your hair with warm water. Once thoroughly rinsed, apply a vinegar mixture to your hair.

Combine two tablespoons of white vinegar with four ounces of water and put into a store bought squeeze bottle.



Mix the water and vinegar will and squeeze the contents of the bottle throughout your hair, distributing evenly. After a minute, rinse out the vinegar with cold water.

It is very important to use cold water because the cold water locks in moisture and shine. Do not go overboard with this procedure. Substitute this once a week for on of your regular shampoo days to get the maximum benefit.



Another great alternative to getting shiny hair without shampooing is to crack an egg into a bowl and whisk until thoroughly mixed. Pour this mixture over damp hair and leave it in for a few minutes. Afterwards, use very cold water to rinse out the egg mixture. After all, you don’t want to be scrambling eggs!


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October 23, 2013

Need Fabulous Looking Hair?…You Have to Get Got2be

göt2b oil-licious styling oil

I love the Got2b brand! They have never disappointed me with any of their products. They work great on my hair and they are very affordable. I religiously use their shampoo and conditioner, so I decided I should try out some of their other hair products I decided on the Got2be Oil-licious Styling Oil and Got2b Dry Shampoo and they did not disappoint!

Oil-licious Styling Oil has all of the essential oils for hair– argan, white grape, and marula. A combo which is great because it tames my outrageous hair. I use the oil after I shower while my hair is still damp. It turns my big, frizzy hair into glossy, sleek, curls.

göt2b rocking'it dry shampoo

The Got2b rockin’ it encore fresh Dry Shampoo has been a lifesaver! I can’t believe I have lived so long without this product! I have tried other dry shampoos and many leave residue in your hair, but not Got2b’s rockin’ it encore fresh Dry Shampoo! I simply spray the mist into my hair and rub it into my scalp and my hair looks like it has just been washed. Plus it smells great. This is a miracle product for me! It saves me so much time. I am so glad I tried it! You will be too!

Choose you favorite Got2be product today at You can also find Got2Be hair Care products in most retail drug stores nationwide.

0-10Rachel Aiello, College Sophmore



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October 23, 2013

Gelmoment paves the way to Beautiful Nails

You can’t imagine how many bottles of nail polish we have in our home between my daughters and me. We love nail polish, especially Adrienne who always comes up with the most creative look and style. One type of nail polish we don’t have is gel polish so we decided to try an at home gel polish kit.  Jenna was our brave subject when it came time to try our new Gelmoment Gel Polish kit by Belvada.
All I can say is Gelmoment is so easy to use and in only a few steps, you will have strong beautiful nails. That’s right, no need for a base coat or a top coat with Gelmoment. After choosing your favorite Belvada Gel Nail Polish, simply apply a thin coat to your nails and set your nail (one at a time)  under the LED light.  Within a minute your nail will be dry and ready to roll.  As you can tell by our actual photos, just polish and set under the LED light. Before you know it, you will have beautiful nails. If my girls can do it, you can too!
Belvada Gel Nail Polishes are made without any solvents which means no odors, making them much healthier for your nails.

 Think about the time and money you will save when you acquire your very own Gelmont  kit.


Purchase your Gelmoment Gel Polish Kit and choose your favorite gel polish at:

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October 22, 2013

Trade Secrets from Donahue Models & Talent

PlayingCorrespondent 1

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October 22, 2013

Jenny Balding, your go-to for everything hair care & styling!

With a 20+ year career in both the UK and NYC, Jenny’s salon and Fashion Week experience have shaped her into the expert stylist she is today – and she will be a great resource for all hair care & styling questions – both women & men!  Please let me know if you’re working on any upcoming articles that you would like to speak with Jenny about!
A tip from Jenny: The most common issue consumers have is styling their own hair.  It starts with making sure they are using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner because that will make a big difference straight away.  Then they will want to find a stylist that truly understands their hair and lifestyle to achieve the best result.  If a consumer doesn’t have the right haircut for their face shape and hair texture, this will make it very challenging to look after and style on their own.  If a consumer has the best haircut suited for their hair texture, it should be low or even no maintenance depending on how they like to wear they hair.  
The solution?  The right stylist!  Their

 stylist should listen to what they like and dislike about their hair first,  find out what their daily routine is, and what they do for a living so all these can be factored in (i.e. how much time they have to spend on their hair).  Then have discussion together about what would be best for them so they can have their hair tailored to who they are and not just a celebrity haircut.  Absolutely the consumer should bring inspiration pictures but these should be inspirational so they can really have a hairstyle customized for them.
Jenny Balding


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October 22, 2013

City Cosmetics Fall Beauty Blowout is Happening Now












City Cosmetics would like to offer our readers an exclusive special discounts for City Cosmetics Fall Beauty Blowout. Just  enter the coupon code “city10” to receive 10% OFF all purchases under $100 and coupon code “city20” to receive $20 OFF purchases over $100.

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October 22, 2013

YAROK Hair Kitchen Celebrates 3rd Anniversary
















Thursday, October 24, 2013
4:00pm – 8:00pm

Yarok Beauty Kitchen
39 West 19 Street suite 610 (btwn. 5th & 6th Avenues)
New York, NY 10011

Featuring a night of pampering from our beauty “menu” including:
– Hair beautifying touch ups by Yarok Kitchen, using its popular non-toxic products

– Hand massages & mini facials by Bogavia Beauty Collection, a premium collection inspired by the sparkling shores of the Adriatic

– Makeup touchups by W3LL PEOPLE, a super-natural makeup designed specifically for the modern woman who demands authenticity, simplicity, and quality

– Expert tips from Shab Hariri, New York Personal Stylist

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October 21, 2013

Makeup by Diana Kane

From the bridal party to everyday, Diana Kane Makeup Artistry is sure to please when it comes to finding your ideal makeup look!!! See her beautiful work below. ( you might even see some beautiful “fantasy” makeup as well). Be sure to check her out on Facebook at:

Diana Tice 1


PicsArt bride

diana trice3

Diana Trice 2










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October 21, 2013

ZENSATION® the sense of luxury Skincare and the 3-in-1 Skin Rejuvenating Device for a more youthful look!

ZENSATION® Introduction:

Vicki Fischer ~ Beauty Editor-It’s A Glam Thing

Taking care of your skin is a #1 priority. That being said, I’m going to begin by sharing a sampling of the ZENSATION line of products to care for your skin.

ZENSATION provides you with a thorough product line of skincare from Switzerland. These products couple perfectly with the ZENSATION 3-in-1 Skin Rejuvenating Device, by delivering ongoing care for your skin as you enjoy your PhotoTherapy treatments.

ZENSATION products are developed and created under “pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)” and sterile conditions.

An allergic response to ZENSATION skincare is not often experienced due to ingredients that are natural “Swiss Alpine plant extracts, fruit extracts, biotechnology complex and neuro stimulating molecules.”
Simply stated: “no harmful preservatives are used in ZENSATION’s skincare products!”

I was able to try a number of the ZENSATION skincare products, and found that they work very well, and provided a nice synergistic effect when used with the ZENSATION Skin Rejuvenating Device.

Here is a sampling of some of the products I used. I encourage you you to visit the ZENSATION website where you’ll be able to experience your personal very tranquil and relaxing trip through their informative, beautifully presented menu of all the ZENSATION offerings to care for your skin!

Whatever your skin type ZENSATION has developed products that will cater to your skincare requirements including, cleansers, toners, brightening products, a moisturizer with an SPF for day, a Nourishing Silky Night Cream for evening, products to improve Oily Skin, and an impressive variety of masks!

For more specific needs, ZENSATION even carries two products that you can customize, to address your specific skin.

The first is ZENSATION Glycolic Acid Essence 10% for exfoliation:
This is a regenerating Serum with Liposomes & Matrxyl® to improve dry skin and wrinkles.

Zensation® Glycolic Essence 10% for Exfolliation

Glycolic Essence 10%
for Exfolliation

The second is ZENSATION Super Tripetide Enhancer to increase your skin’s hydration.

Zensation Tripetide Enhancer 10% Increases the level of hydration

Zensation Tripetide Enhancer 10%
Increases the level of hydration & improves the appearance of fine lines!

You may use either of these products the following ways:
• As a massage
• As a personal blend with other ZENSATION® products
(Find complete directions on the ZENSATION® website)

Here are some of the ZENSATION products that I used and really liked:
ZENSATION Rose Hydrating Water Gel Cleanser:
A “Zensational” feel with a soft rose scent that really cleans your skin, and leaves it feeling so healthy!

ZENSATION Rose Hydrating  Water Gel Cleanser

Rose Hydrating
Water Gel Cleanser

ZENSATION Collagen Rose Facial Toner:
The aroma is captivating and the toner revitalizes your skin!

Zensation Collagen Rose Facial Toner

Collagen Rose Facial

ZENSATION Super Redefining & Firming Eye Cream: A “must have” to protect the delicate skin around your eye area!

ZENSATION Super Redefining  & Firming Eye Cream

ZENSATION® Super Redefining & Firming Eye Cream

ZENSATION Hydrating Moisture Cream SPF15 PA+ : The perfect way to start your day!

ZENSATION Hydrating Moisture Cream SPF15  PA+

Hydrating Moisture Cream

ZENSATION Nourishing Silky Night Cream:The final step that will care for your skin while you sleep!

ZENSATION Nourishing Silky Night Cream

Nourishing Silky Night

To see all of the ZENZATION products, their ingredients, and directions for use, go to:

Now I’d like to introduce the innovative 3- in-1 Skin Rejuvenating Device from ZENSATION® ! “This is a PhotoTherapy in-home LED Device for fine line periorbital wrinkles!

Image-161 2
The Zensation® 3-in-1 Device is easy to use. I find it relaxing, and from the first time I used the device, I liked the healthy look my skin had after the treatment.

There are directions and a video with your ZENSATION® Device. It has a lot of information, and offers various options for its use.

I was so happy to get all the details about this 3-in-1 Skin Rejuvenating Device via an interview with the Beverly Hills Skin Specialist, Judy A. Let’s head over to Beverly Hills and take a look at the absolutely breathtaking ZENSATION Beverly Hills Beauty shop!

ZENSATION  Beverly Hills Beauty Shop

ZENSATION Beverly Hills Beauty Shop

My interview with the extremely knowledgeable Beverly Hills ZENSATION Skin Specialist, Judy A.!

1.VICKI: Is there a certain way to prepare your skin before you start your treatment with the ZENSATION® 3-in-1 Device?

JUDY A.: Your skin might feel dry if you use the device without a moisturizing product. We therefore advise to apply a thin layer of ZENSATION gel products on your cleansed face before the treatments. The formulations of the gel contain beneficial ingredients that will enhance treatment’s effectiveness, thus giving you smoother, more toned skin, and diminishing fine lines. The gel will also help to move the device with smoother motions and glide better as you are massaging your face. One thing to remember…the treatment light will not turn on if the stainless steel does not maintain contact with your skin.

2.VICKI: Regarding the protocol for use of the device, the training book gives Day 1 to Day 24 alternating Infrared and Red Light 20 Minute treatments, and the Video suggests twice a week for four weeks. Will either of these achieve the same results?

JUDY A: They will both produce similar results, but each light therapy treatment is essential to get these results.

The infrared has slightly stronger wavelength (830nm) than the red light, which is more focused to reduce periorbital wrinkles.

The red light (633nm) helps skin redness, age spots and inflammation.

This is why we recommend alternating using both light therapies!

In addition, you may also use the sonic vibration mode to keep your skin supple.

Abbreviated RE-CAP:
• Decreases skin redness and inflammation
• Normalizes dermal oil production
• Reduces Pore Size
• Diminishes fine line wrinkles

(Remarks: Infrared is invisible to the eyes, you will be able to see two orange-colored indicators that are visible in the lens area, which provide Infrared light when the Infrared treatment mode has been selected.)
• Improves elastin and collagen
• Improves skin firmness and elasticity
• Enhances skin tone and texture

3.VICKI: During the 20 minute session do you work on one area of the face, eg: eyes, jaw, nasal labial folds by the mouth, or forehead, or… can you divide your 20 minutes on different areas in one session?

JUDY A.: The 20-minute treatment is best for all over the face massage. The 5 mode treatments explain the best procedures. You can also do spot treatments, within the 20-minutes. On problem areas you may hold the device up to 5 minutes and then continue to massage all over until you finish your 20 minutes.

4.VICKI: Would two times per week be the Maximum you should ever use the device?
JUDY A.:If you are doing the 20-minute treatments, twice a week is optimal. You also can choose the other options listed on the modes.

5.VICKI: In the video it appeared the model, during General Massage, used the device without lifting it from her face but lightly moving it around her whole face. It seemed to be in the Red Treatment Mode. Can you massage in the Infrared Mode, as well?

JUDY A.: Yes, you can massage on both treatment modes, you can also do spot treatments on both.

6.VICKI: I know you should not use the device around the thyroid area, but can you use it “just” below the jawline where looser skin might be an issue?

JUDY A.: It is safe to use under the jawline and around the sides of the neck. Just avoid the thyroid area.

7. VICKI: Is this a device that you can use daily as a general massage, once you have done your initial protocol? If so, what is the maximum time it should be used per session?

JUDY A.: The treatment modes 2 and 4 have a daily massage protocol to follow. You can achieve optimal results using it everyday for 5 minutes.

8. VICKI: Can you use the device on your hands for wrinkle treatment?

JUDY A.: Yes, you can use it on your hands and follow same mode treatments.

VICKI: Judy, it was so nice of you to take the time to answer some of these technical questions about the ZENSATION 3-in-1 Device. I know your schedule is so busy in Beverly Hills. It was so easy to understand, and I like all of the options that are available with this device! Thank you so much. It was almost like having a private consultation with you in Beverly Hills!

Now here’s the fun part of this feature! The Before and After pictures:

Before using ZENSATION 3-in-1 Rejuvination Device! Crows feet by eye area...

Before using ZENSATION 3-in-1 Rejuvination Device!
Crows feet by eye area…

After:  ZENSATION 3-in-1Rejuvination Device! Crows Feet are diminished...

After using ZENSATION 3-in-1 Rejuvination Device!
Crows Feet are diminished…

Picture - Before using ZENSATION® 3-in-1 Skin Rejuvination Device - Eye area lines and darkness!

Before using ZENSATION® 3-in-1 Skin Rejuvination Device Picture- Eye area lines and darkness!

After using ZENSATION® 3-in-1 Rejuvination Skin Device!  Eye improvement is amazing!

After using ZENSATION® 3-in-1 Rejuvination Skin Device!
Eye improvement is amazing!

ZENSATION  Sense of Luxury....

Sense of Luxury….

For more infromation about Zensation® go to:

Sense of Luxury

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from ZENSATION-information & brochures,A ZENSATION DVD,,and other provided PR information. Any personal commentary was from my personal use of the ZENSATION 3-in-1 device and product samples provided by ZENSATION. Many thanks to Judy A. for her interview in this article.)

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