October 30, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Am Obsessed With DDF Clarifying Hydrator


As some of you might be aware, I have a bunch of incredible interns who work for me (at my other job, not at blogging!)…and from time to time they come up with product recommendations that should get ‘out there’.  Christy Savery, who is a Bentley College business student, talked about a product so much that I asked her if we could write about it. She’s 22 years old, and she has – you know – like – actually still got oil on her skin (unlike me who hasn’t had oily skin since, like, I don’t know, my last pregnancy (and my youngest is 11). So without having to do the math on my age, you get it!
Anyway, the product that Christy wanted me to pass on to you is called DDF Clarifying Hydrator. Here are the reasons why, as she says, ‘I am obsessed with DDF!”

  1. Minimizes the look of sebum build up— sebum:  microscopic glands in the skin that secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, to lubricate and waterproof the skin—this makes it a great product for people with acne-prone skin

  2. Controls the oily shine

  3. Keeps my skin looking clear all day long

  4. Makes my skin feel extremely soft

  5. They had it at Marshall’s for only 15, originally $42

  6. Clears up my skin and makes my pores look smaller

  7. It doesn’t feel like it sits on my skin, really hydrates

  8. Great under foundation or cochlear because it’s not thick consistency

  9. Gentle to the skin

  10. Includes ingredients like: aloe vera, marigold and ginger extract, witch hazel and glycerin.

If you are on the younger side, and you struggle with oily skin on a regular basis, you should go and find this fabulous product. Christy happened upon it in a Marshall’s – so her next challenge will be to find it at a reasonable price.  And if you have grown kids or teenagers, it might be a nice little gift to give them!


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