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August 2, 2013

NEW – Joey Healy Brow Basics

Joey Healy

NEW – Joey Healy Brow Basics
A Great Value Eyebrow kit launching September 1st 2013

Joey Healy

Joey Healy

Joey Healy has forged his way through a crowded cosmetic industry to claim his spot as King of the eyebrows! His affable personality, great sense of style and keen eye for detail makes it clear to see how Joey Healy has risen through the ranks and become the “crème of the crop” in the beauty industry. Understanding eyebrows is his  business! He is passionate about his exclusive business on 5th ave and provides customers an intimate, serene and clean setting. After all Joey has as been responsible in creating perfect brows for a huge list of celebrity and corporate clients.

Fortunately for us Joey is launching his holiday gift pack Brow Basics on September 1st. He created brow basics for women who wanted to experience the celebrity treatment from the Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio in the comfort of their own home. 
Included in Brow Basics are four full-size, best-selling products that are quintessential for creating the perfect brow. These products include:

Elite Sculpting Tweezers

Elite Sculpting Tweezer

Crafted from pro-performance stainless steel the elongated, angled tips ensure complete accuracy and unmatched control. For protection and portability, the Elite Sculpting Tweezer is conveniently packaged in a clear cylindrical case.

Duo Brow Brush

Duo Brow Brush

A brow powder is only as good as the brush that it’s applied with! The Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection two-in-one Duo Brow Brush will be the first and last tool you will ever need. The angled portion is a mix of cruelty-free boar and badger hair, providing a stiff applicator for working in Luxe Brow Powder with the utmost control. The eyebrow spoolie brush provided on the opposite end ensures optimal distribution of the fill color and will sweep brows into place for a sophisticated finish.

Luxe Brow Powders

Luxe Brow Powders

Ideal for softly filling and enhancing eyebrows with natural definition, The Joey Healy Collection Luxe Brow Powders effortlessly sculpt brows by subtly emphasizing key points of the face. Available in four comprehensive shades,Its waterproof formula will ensure that brows stay beautifully refined throughout the day.


Corduroy- A cool ash taupe with no trace of red, it works with a diversity of eyebrow colors from blonde to brunette, adding that shadow of color necessary to make the eyebrows the true frame to a woman’s face.

Equestrian- Ideal for redheads and strawberry blondes, “Equestrian” is a rusty, earthy red that’s never brassy, just ravishing.

Tobacco-This deep shade of brown is perfect for dark haired women and unlike many powders out there, it never turns red and remains neutral throughout the day.

Raven- This perfect onyx shade with its cool tones is suitable for the darkest haired girls out there. No red here, just adjustable color from soft smoke to charcoal black.

Brow Structure Clear Set


Brow Structure Clear Set

The water resistant, transparent gel provides natural definition and sets brows for the day. The expert formula leaves eyebrows pliable, never crispy, and will not disturb your Luxe Brow Powder. The spiral brush lifts hairs into place while providing the right amount of healthy shine and grooming. This flake-free formula leaves no reside or flaking, just a lightweight, pliable hold that lasts all day.

Great Value and perfect Christmas Gift!

Brow Basics

With Joey Healy basics you receive a $116 value for just $75! As a added bonus you also receive a free instructional “how to guide, including tips and tricks form Joey Healy on sculpting the perfect brow at home.

Free instructional guide – priceless!

For more information visit:

Posted by:  Melinda Lombardi

Melinda Lombardi

Melinda Lombardi – – See more at:

Melinda Lombardi



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August 2, 2013

Protect Your Lips from the Sun with a little SUN BUM


How many times in your life have you repeatedly said, “ Where’s my chap stick?” They always seem to go missing on us before we even get to get to the bottom of the tube. This is one Chap Stick you’re not going to want to loose. Sun Bum lip balm is SPF 30 so your lips stay protected on those hot summer days. They come in a couple different flavors but the one I tried was Coconut. This one I would recommend, it has a fresh fruity taste the second you apply it. Sun Bum lip balm is SPF 30 also has Aloe Vera and vitamin E to keep your lips hydrated and safe from the dangerous rays. Not only does it hydrate and keep your lips protected but it also gives a nice shine to your lips after you apply it. Now you can look great and feel great after a long day at the beach knowing your lips won’t be burnt.  I have never heard of Sun Bum before but after just applying it once I really want to try the rest of the flavors!

-Christina Carlino, teen blogger and beach enthusiast

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August 1, 2013

Multifocal contact lenses may just be “your” answer for aging eyes!

If you’re over the age of 40, you may have noticed some subtle changes in the way you literally see things.

• Do you find it a bit more difficult to focus on close objects like your computer, books, cell phone, or menus when you go out?

• Have you found the need to wear reading glasses to focus on fine print?

• Is it harder for you to see things in dim lit areas?

• Have you experienced more eyestrain than you used to?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions you may be observing the very normal, and natural changes in your eyes as they age. The name of the condition given to these aging-eye issues is called presbyopia.

You are not alone! Over 111 million people in the USA have presbyopia, yet only 10% of the population are aware of this condition!

Reading glasses seem to be a popular option, but most people feel that the “readers” make them look older.

Some people choose to just “work around” their focusing problem by holding objects at a distance in order to compensate for their inability to see things “clearly” at a close range like they used to.

Market Scope actually did a global report on presbyopia. They noted that “1.7 billion people already have presbyopia, and by 2020 over 2.1 billion will have this condition!” That’s quite an increase!

To find out if you have presbyopia, schedule an appointment with your eye care professional. They will be able to evaluate the status of your eye health and determine if you have presbyopia.

Below is a great “infographic” from Alcon. “Alcon,is the global leader in eye care, and provides products that enhance quality of life by helping people see better!

 Multifocal contact lenses  provide clear vision at all distances!

Multifocal contact lenses provide clear vision at all distances!

Presbyopia, according to research, does have an emotional effect on an adult’s life. After 40, a lot of people stop wearing contacts due to comfort issues, and often avoid reading glasses because they make them feel older. I did both of the above. Also, those changes in vision are the “first sign of aging” that you just can’t hide.

The new multifocal lenses weren’t an option for me when my eyes started to change, so I had to go with the multifocal glasses to see things clearly at all distances. In my business, I tried to achieve more of a fashion accessory “look” with the glasses, but it does take a while for the brain to adjust and adapt to the new vision correction prescriptions. (even the multifocal lenses)

I’m very excited that multifocal lenses are now an option. I certainly will give them a try for the convenience and ability to not always have to wear my glasses!

I had an opportunity to ask Dr. Roy Kline, O.D. FAAO some questions about the multifocal lenses. Dr. Kline is a practicing eye care professional in Glen Falls, New York, and very knowledgeable about presbyopia! He answered the following questions that I know will clarify some of the questions you may have about the multifocal contact lens.

VICKI: Will eyes with astigmatisms be able to wear these revolutionary multifocal contact lenses?

DR. KLINE: “Yes. AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal contact lenses are unique in their design in how they correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia – the aging of the eye and inability to sustain focus up close. If a patient has a mild to moderate degree of astigmatism, this unique design often allows patients to see very well. If a patient has a higher degree of astigmatism, this lens may not provide the quality of vision they would be looking for. The patient’s eye doctor would be able to determine if he or she was a good candidate by their glasses prescription however a diagnostic fitting is a very useful procedure in determining how well this lens performs with patients that have astigmatism.

VICKI: How are these lenses dispensed and worn? Are they disposable, taken out each evening, and can a patient sleep with them in, or are they removed each evening.

DR. KLINE: Multifocal contact lenses are a monthly disposable contact lenses. It is recommended that they be removed each evening prior to a patient going to bed.

VICKI: Can a patient with “Dry Eye” wear the multifocal lenses?

DR. KLINE: This issue with dry is a complex issue. As we get older the incidence of dry eyes becomes more prevalent. Before performing a diagnostic lens evaluation on the eye, a careful case history and ocular assessment is made to determine if they patient has dry eye. If we determine a patient has dry eyes, I will oftentimes treat that patient with ocular lubricants, medications or other methods to improve their dry eyes. When I am done with their treatments, I will then perform a contact lens fitting evaluation to determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for a multifocal contact lens. With is plasma surface design, the AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal lens in my opinion provides the most wettable surface along with deposit resistance of any multifocal lens, which make it ideal to help combat dry eye issues.

VICKI: Dr. Kline, your knowledge and easy to understand answers regarding the multifocal contact lens is much appreciated, and I thank you for your informative contribution to this article.

Since we’ve been talking about these fabulous multifocal contact lenses and now have the opportunity to “refresh our look” and enjoy a whole new “visual” appearance without glasses, who better than Rebekah George, national beauty, fashion, and healthy lifestyle expert to answer some questions regarding ideas we might like to use to update our total image!

I asked Rebekah the following:
VICKI: The multifocal lenses are so amazing, especially when a person has always had to “hide” behind their glasses. What are some makeup tips for bringing out your eyes since they now can “really” be the focus of attention on your face?

REBEKAH: “First of all, more does not equal better. Sometimes more makeup can actually hide your eyes and make them look smaller. You want to practice makeup tips that help brighten and make them pop. Here’s the simplest way you can go about it: Always start with a smooth canvas and apply a shadow primer to your lids. This will even out skin tone and help your makeup stick. Then be sure to apply concealer two shades darker than your skin tone underneath your eyes to hide dark circles. Smear concealer onto the hollows of your nose too – this is an area where dark circles can reflect. Brighten up your lids by sweeping on a shimmery cream shadow on your lower lid and a smear of a white or pearl color shadow underneath your arch. Always line lids to make them pop. But don’t go all the way around – this can actually close lids in. Just go about 3/4 starting at the outermost corners of lids. Look for a liner in a blue, green, or even purple shadow to add color and make eyes pop. Flick on a few coats of dark black mascara for a finishing touch.”

VICKI: I’ve been seeing a lot of short hair on the models when covering the Beauty Shows. I know our readers would love to know what is trending right now with hair colors and hair lengths?

REBEKAH: For styles, expect to see a lot of low ponys and messy twists for fall. Hair will be going shorter and straighter compared to the usual long, beachy waves. As we move into fall, we will see a lot of rich caramel colors. I like to call this “Bronde” sort of a combo of blonde and brunette.

VICKI: Is summer a good time to try something new?

REBEKAH: “It’s always a good time to try something new. But summer is a great time to get adventurous with your look. I think it’s an ideal season to experiment with your hair. Put down your blowdryer and play with different styling products like an anti-frizz serum, scrunch into your hair and twirl large sections with your fingers. Work with the elements – the humidity, sea water – and see how your hair turns out naturally.”

VICKI: With the multifocal lenses we’ll be able to have fun with sunglasses again! What type of “shades” are really popular right now for that super “glam” look?

REBEKAH: “Sunglasses are a great finishing accessory to your look. Cat eye sunglasses and bright colored sunglasses are big for summer. I think nothing trumps the look of big Hollywood-glam sunglasses in black. Slick your hair back and throw them on and anyone can look like an A-lister.”

VICKI: Rebekah, thank you so much for sharing your expertise, and taking the time to keep us on the “cutting edge” of what’s happening in the current world of fashion and beauty!”

What fun to wear multifocal contact lenses and have so many new options with your eye makeup, hair styles, and a variety of those chic Hollywood-glam sunglasses!
Bye Bye “clip on sunglasses”, and “hello” multifocal contact

AIR OPTIX ® AQUA Multifocal Contact Lenses

AQUA Multifocal Contact Lenses

AIR OPTIX® AQUA multifocal contact lenses are “The leading multifocal contact lenses available.”There is an option “for all stages of presbyopia, and the best choice, if you don’t want to wear glasses full time, is the mulitfocal contact lens.

If you would like more information about presbyopia, or are interested in receiving a “free trial” of AIR OPTIX® AQUA multifocal contact lenses, please visit:

(•Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR Press Release.
•”Alcon provided the information in the press release as of this date and does not undertake any obligation to update it in the future.”
• Any personal commentary was my opinion.
• My interview questions were submitted to Dr. Roy Kline, and Rebekah George, and their quoted answers appeared in this article.)

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August 1, 2013

Miracles Do Happen


I never thought miracles could be captured in a bottle until a few months ago. Before proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion, I had given up on trying to control this crazy lion’s mane I call hair. It was unmanageable, dull, crunchy and lacked any shine. I hated my hair. When I started using the proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion, I gained a love for my hair again!

Carolina now

This wonderful product is lightweight and leaves your hair smoothed, conditioned and frizz free. Not only is the proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion great to define your curls, but is great for all girls and guys hair types too!!! (Yes, guys have frizz too!!!). Since this product will not weigh your hair down, hair that is fine or straight will not feel like you put glue in your hair. Just run a few drops through your hair when it is wet, blow dry or let air dry and see for yourself the difference in just ONE use.

proTENAJ was created here in the sunshine state and has changed the way many people look at their hair. Even our very own beauty and lifestyle expert Enya Flack agrees. Being a professional actress, Enya is always on and off the camera, so great hair is a must for her. She tried the proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion before its debut on the “ Carolina Now Morning Show” and said she loves this product.


Sold only in your salon, proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion is made with certified organic ingredients holding true to their commitment to the environment. Even if you have sensitive skin, proTENAJ products will not break out your skin or make you start itching. When I was on the “big white couch” at the TENAJ Beauty Group , I told Erica that with my sensitive skin I have been afraid to use many products because of my sensitivity towards them. With proTENAJ products I have no worries and now have red carpet worthy hair.

If you want to know more about proTENAJ styleINFLECTION Miracle Leave-In Potion and other products be sure to visit their website at and subscribe to their YouTube channel for weekly interviews and how-to videos at

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